Sunday, April 6, 2014

If Channels Become Apps, Is TV Doomed?

Never before has the catch phrase "there's an app for that" applied so broadly as to include nearly every major television channel available. From the familiar options from Time Warner (NYSE: TWX  ) -- including HBO, TNT, and TBS -- to both the channels owned by Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA  ) and Comcast itself, most of your favorite channels are now available on mobile devices as apps. Perhaps the purest form of this trend is Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX  ) , which looks increasingly like a channel as it produces more of its own shows. As this phenomenon continues, your ability to pick and choose which channels you really want will only increase.

Furthermore, with the increasing capabilities of 4G, the subscription model for streaming content could come under fire as well, opening up a whole new frontier for advertisers. In the following video, contributor Doug Ehrman discusses the future of TV as more and more content becomes available in streaming format right to our mobile devices.

The tumultuous performance of Netflix shares since the summer of 2011 has caused headaches for many devoted shareholders. While the company's first-mover status is often viewed as a competitive advantage, the opportunities in streaming media have brought some new, deep-pocketed rivals looking for their piece of a growing pie. Can Netflix fend off this burgeoning competition, and will its international growth aspirations really pay off? These are must-know issues for investors, which is why The Motley Fool has released a premium report on Netflix. Inside, you'll learn about the key opportunities and risks facing the company, as well as reasons to buy or sell the stock. The report includes a full year of updates to cover critical new developments, so make sure to click here and claim a copy today.

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