Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why 1471 Hedge Funds Failed Last Year

Hedge funds failed en masse in 2008, when nearly 1,500 closed their doors. Many of these closures were due to the complexity of the funds themselves. When a bad market hit, they couldn't help but get caught in the downward spiral.

But what can investors learn? The best thing you can do for your portfolio is to keep it simple. In today's issue, I'll tell you the three reasons a simple portfolio will improve your returns and help you avoid the fate of too many hedge funds.

Keep It Simple

My phone is an old Nokia about the size of a brick.

It doesn't take pictures, tell me the weather or connect to the Internet. That's the way I like it.

In a world that has grown increasingly complex, I feel like a throwback to a different era. I like things to be as simple as possible — and that includes my investing.

The Damage Done By Complexity

As a chemical engineer at IBM in my former life, I used to deal with complex problems...and in, day out. That's when I started to understand just how damaging too much complexity can be — no matter where it pops up.

Nowhere is this more obvious than today's market.

For example, home mortgages were packaged and repackaged into mortgage-backed securities time and again until even the banks that invested so heavily in them weren't sure just what they contained. The result was our government having to bail out the financials.

Meanwhile, complicated derivatives led to sky-high leverage around the investment community — bringing hedge funds to their knees.

Bernie Madoff even hid behind a curtain of complicated scheming to commit fraud on an unprecedented scale. But no one could really tell what was going on because of its complexity.

Is it any wonder that I like to keep things simple in my day-to-day life, but also my investment portfolio?

The Most Important Place to Keep It Simple — Your Portfolio

Judging from the investment landscape, many investors equate complexity and secrecy with smart investing decisions. How else can you explain the rise of hedge funds over the past several years?

These funds have very little regulation, usually use complex derivatives and futures contracts and are generally tight-lipped about their investing decisions. To me, that doesn't sound like it is in the best interest of investors.

In fact, in 2008 1,471 hedge funds shut down, according to Bloomberg. That is fully 15% of all the funds in the industry. In the first quarter of 2009, investors pulled $103 billion from hedge funds.

So much for outsmarting the stocks market of 2010.

My investing style is just a little bit different. Like I said, I keep things simple.

In fact, you could sum it up in one sentence: "Find one stock a month that will beat the market."

The Straightforward Way to Healthy Returns

There are several reasons I like this "Keep it Simple" approach, and think all investors should follow it —

1. It allows investors to be experts on their holdings.

You've heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none." To me that describes a lot of investors. Portfolios with dozens — even hundreds — of securities run an extreme risk of having more than you can handle. But keeping a very focused portfolio allows any investor the time to go in-depth into a handful of select companies, making them experts on their operations.

2. It lets your winners work and cuts the losers.

We all have at least a couple of top stocks to buy in our portfolios that we don't really like. For whatever reason it's tough to let go of some holdings — even if we're not hot on their prospects right now. But if you limit your portfolio size to just 10 or 12 holdings and use a "pig at the trough" game plan (if you add a new pick to an already full portfolio, you have to get rid of one current holding) you'll solve this problem.

As a result, the dogs that you've always wanted to get rid of will stop wreaking havoc on your portfolio, and your holdings will consist only of those top stocks to buy for 2010 you like the most. As Warren Buffett says, "It's crazy to put money into your 20th choice rather than your 1st choice."

3. You can't beat the market if you are the market.

A funny thing happens as you add more and more picks to your holdings — your returns suffer. Experts will always tout the benefits of diversification. And I agree with them...but only if you want to track the market. I'm more interested in beating the market, especially considering the S&P was off -36% in the last year.

The more holdings you own, the closer you are going to come to matching the market's moves. That makes sense — you can't beat the market if your portfolio is the market. If you want to beat the Street, you need to pick your very best investment ideas and use them to power your portfolio.

Investing Simple is Second Nature

The "Keep it Simple" approach is one that I've been practicing day in and day out for all my life. That's why it comes as second nature to my investing. It's also one of the reasons I was selected to head up StreetAuthority's Stock of the Month newsletter.

Each month I practice what I preach — I pick only one pick that I think is poised to beat the market. And I don't stop there. I'm actually putting $50,000 of StreetAuthority's cash to work in these picks with my real-money portfolio.

In my June issue I profile a best stock for 2010 that I think is right on target. Thanks to fear that a Democratic majority in Congress is going to restrict gun rights — and as such the nation is seeing a boom in ammo sales. So much of a boom that there are shortages around the country. But this ammo company stock hasn't kept pace with its gun-producing peers — despite announcing a +20% increase in earnings per share, still working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get supply to market, and just paying its 330th consecutive dividend.

I think investors are going to catch their mistake and start piling into the best stock to buy — but I plan to put my money there first.

Profit from the Million Dollar Blueprint

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So Who Am I Anyway? And Why Am I Being So Darn Generous?
My name is Christopher Ruddy.
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How Do You Become a Millionaire? First . . . Get a Million Dollars!
The game plan for this million dollars isn't complicated.  Actually, it's quite simple.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to invest it into what I believe is going to be a feverish 12 to18 month bull market.
Over the last year the S&P 500 has dropped by as much as 54% . . . the Nasdaq by 51% . . . and the Dow Jones by 50%. 
And some global markets have collapsed to catastrophic levels of 70% or more!
Now, my financial brain trust's economic indicators suggest a feverish rebound in these markets. The reasons are quite simple.  I'll lay them out for you in their successive order.
Step 1: Massive market downturns have caused a mass exodus of investor money out of the markets and into so called "safer" avenues. Many of these safe places are cash, T-bills, CDs, money markets, and even gold.
Step 2: With most of the liquid cash on the sidelines ― it totals over $5 trillion now ― top stocks to buy basically have hit their bottom . . . as most of the "sellers" have cashed out. (Of course, we will always see ups and downs on breaking news and current events, but I believe the worst is behind us FOR NOW)
Step 3: The government panics and tries to "prime" the economic pump by massive spending ― over the past 12 months we have witnessed the greatest federal spending spree in all of history, in all of WORLD history. And from this . . . massive debt is created. Regardless of your political beliefs, this is an indisputable fact.
Step 4: Foreign countries aren't lending to us as freely as they used to. Even China is fed up and canceling its "credit card" by almost stopping its habit of buying our debt.
Step 5: This causes the government to have to "print" money to pay its obligations. Though today money is now created "digitally" and transferred from the Federal Reserve to the U.S. Treasury. It seems almost like magic, but it's a black magic.
Step 6: For a while, the money government is pouring into the economy begins to work. People start spending again  . . .  and all those investors who are in cash like CDs and money markets paying less than 1% become desperate . . .  many people need income and just can't afford to live off their "safe investments."
Step 7: Positive economic news ― a mirage created by massive government spending ― makes investors think they can come out of hiding. First they start investing in bonds, dividend stocks, blue chips. We are already beginning to see this trend.
Step 8: The market begins rising. Slowly at first, then it roars. The good old days are back. It's a bull! This is what market veterans call a sucker's rally. These sucker rallies can be incredible ― sometimes a 100% rebound of the market's loss plus some.
Step 9: Then WHAM! . . . inflation strikes from all of that spending and money creation. Investors realize they've been had . . .
And once Step 7 happens (which I believe will start very soon) . . . you can expect to start to see certain sectors take off. We know for example the Dow is up off its low as investors have decided to take the risk and invest in blue chip stocks for 2010.
We've already begun to see the S&P begin to rise. But, it's just getting started. I can hear hoof beats of a possible stampede.
Creating the perfect opportunity for what I'm confident will be massive profits if you know how to find the right stocks to get into . . . there are 12,000 of them after all, and every one of them is not going to prosper.
My Chief Financial Analyst (who you'll meet in a minute) is going to implement his Stock Timing Axis strategy exclusively for subscribers to Your Million Dollar Secret Code to find the maximum profit plays . . . taking advantage of any market surge, to give me fortuitous recommendations for the million dollar portfolio, and you will get unfettered access to those same picks!
I'm so confident that these stock plays are going to skyrocket that I'm willing to put such an incredible sum of my own money on the line. 
If these so-called "financial gurus" on TV and in some of your favorite publications are so proud of their phony-stock prophecies . . . why don't they invest in them? Even more importantly, why don't your stock brokers or money managers invest in the same top stocks for 2010 they recommend for you?
The answer to that question is quite simple.
They are . . .
Jacks of One Trade Masters of Nothing . . .
And that one trade they are good at is ego-stroking, making you feel good ― as you listen to their nonsense and pay their fees.
I love when I hear so-called investing experts boast about their huge gains in 2008 when the market was in a downfall. 
That's great and all . . . but what were these financial wizards doing during a bull market?  Probably losing people tons of money.
But what did they do in 2007?  How about the bull run up until 2006? 
You'll probably hear silence and crickets in the background . . . maybe tumbleweeds will blow across in front of them while they figure out how to answer that question.
Sure, they'll get on TV and boast and fluff their feathers like they are the prize peacocks.  They may even try bragging to you about only losing 5% last year when the S&P lost as much as 54%.
So you paid them to lose you less money?  Does that make even one iota of sense to you?
If you are reading this letter with a goal of losing less than the Dow, S&P, or Nasdaq . . . I suggest we part ways now.  I'm only looking for winners to join me. 
If you want to make a serious amount of money in the next 12-18 months you'll want to be following the path of the ACTUAL million dollars I'm investing in what I'm confident are safe, and soon to be thriving stock picks. Click here to lock in your spot!
This isn't Monopoly Money I'm Playing With . . . Although When You Decide to Pass the Point of  "GO" You Could Collect a Boatload!
I assure you this is no trick . . . I have no ulterior motives. 
In fact after I introduce you to the man I'm putting in charge of growing this wealth, and I take a little while to explain how he is going to go about doing it . . .
I'll then show you how to get access to the same kinds of gains as me without having to put up a serious sum of money.
Actually, I'll show you how you don't even have to invest a penny in these amazing top stocks of 2010 to still see the same percentage gains.
And besides dedicating a 7-figure sum of my own money . . . as a form of showing you my level of commitment to this initiative . . .
I'm going to reveal another weapon I'm going to let you use.  This one will virtually ensure you have greater success than me from this million dollars.
It'll seem almost absurd that I'm doing it at first, but I believe it's necessary, so we can bring down all walls of suspicion you may have. 
But first . . .
Let's Meet the Man . . .Who's Going to Pilot Your Million Dollar Secret Code On a Path to Reviving Your Wealth!
His name is David Frazier, and if you've never heard of him, that means I must be doing a good job of keeping him under wraps.
You see, I intentionally keep him out of the mainstream media . . .
Sure I could dress him up in a suit and prance him around on CNBC . . .have him give out a bunch of half-researched picks for a quick sound byte . . . I 100% have the connections to do it.
But I don't want his reputation tarnished by putting him on a network so incapable of predicting the economic calamites that have befallen our country.
Where were these "TV Personalities" when Americans needed to be warned about the housing and financial market collapses?
The exact same catastrophes David and I were warning investors about in 2005 and 2007, respectively . . . well before the events unfolded.
They were too busy getting primped with makeup in green rooms for an ego-boosting TV appearance . . . when they should've been discovering dangers to your investments and warning you about them.
Besides, if David is prepping and practicing for a TV interview . . . he's not doing the necessary analysis on the markets . . . and he's not making me money.  And that would now mean he's not making you money.
What good is that to you? 
Until now, he's served as a private investment weapon for me and a few lucky investors who have been following his recommendations.
If you are already one of them . . . smart move.  If not . . . here's your chance to put him to work.
So let's just agree to keep him our little secret.
David's career has spanned the world of finance and the markets. 
He was critical to the success of a large mutual fund . . .
He's worked closely alongside William O'Neil . . . one of the world's greatest stock pickers . . . and the publisher of Investor's Business Daily.
He's been a business Analyst for Dun and Bradstreet . . .
A consultant for an investment banking firm handling large mergers and acquisitions for start up companies . . .
And for the last few years he's overseen the most prudent and profitable financial services at Newsmax including the ETF Strategist and the Financial Intelligence Report.
With scientific precision he's accurately predicted exactly where our market was headed, bringing his subscribers safety and one big gain after another.
In fact, last year the Stock Timing Axis' beat 99.7% of the 5,218 equity mutual funds rated by Morningstar.*
So while most were helpless as the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 took a nosedive . . . and your broker was telling you to keep clinging to those poison "buy and hold" top stocks for 2010. . . David was making his subscribers (and me) serious money.
But when a bull market rears its head, he's ready to make even greater gains . . .
You Already Know . . .
About the 1,721% rise in Intuitive Surgical . . . 472% rise in Baidu . . . 323% rise in Taser in 4 months . . . 300% rise in XM Satellite Radio over 4 months . . . and a 290% rise in TIVO in around 10 months. All of these top stocks 2010 soared to almost unheard of levels.
They'd be the equivalent of hitting homeruns in baseball.
But David is also hitting for a safe average with winners like:
An 87.5% gain in Outdoor Channel Holdings in less than 3 months!
A 75% gain in Faro Technologies in less than 4 months!
A 70.3% gain in Vodavi Technology!
A 69% gain in Pixelworks in less than 5 months!
A 58.2% gain in InVision Technologies in less than 3 months!
A 55.3% gain in U.S. Laboratories in less than 5 months!
A simple $5,000 investment in these plays would yield you a total paycheck of . . . $50,765 from these "hitting for batting average" top stocks to buy.
These are the types of gains most only dream of. And others risk their money on risky investments like options or futures to get. But you'll get an opportunity to make this kind of money on simple stock recommendations.
And you aren't exactly buying and holding these companies . . . but you aren't day trading either.
The Stock Timing Axis is nimble and adjusts to the environment. It's quick when it needs to be . . . it's longer term when the indicators say that's where the bigger profits are.
That's how Wall Street titans make their money. They mix in the so-called home runs, with the safer picks.  And they yield huge results.
This is what David will be aiming for with his Stock Timing Axis formula.
And now he's going to implement this bold and profitable investment philosophy into my million-dollar stake.
Wouldn't you like a piece of this action?
This is How You Could Make a Million Dollars From My Million Dollars . . .
Starting on May 21st, David Frazier is going to release his Stock Timing Axis on my million dollars. 
This complex formula consists of 5 parts . . . I apologize in advance if I go into almost too much detail in this section, but I have a lot of money on the line here and any smart businessman believes in being comprehensive.
And if you are going to follow this strategy . . . you should know exactly what comprises it.
Step 1:
David begins with Macro Forecasting Analysis . . . he uses a custom formula he has created that combines 13 technical and sentiment indicators with 100 financial and economic indicators. Weighing this formula with current political and demographic trends provides the greatest possibility for success.  
It's that good.
David's Macro Forecasting analyzes where our market is heading over the next 6, 12, and 18 months and what sectors are primed to take advantage of financial upturns.
After the Macro Forecasting Analysis is complete, David implements Sector Rotation Analysis. 
Step 2:
In this step, David looks for sectors that are on the rise.  Has the healthcare or technology sector been beaten down, but slowly gaining strength?  If so, and it matches what his Macro Forecasting Analysis formula indicates . . . David keeps moving through his Stock Timing Axis steps.
Step 3:
David performs company analysis.  Since he's identified a hot sector, he uses this step to find a company on the brink of surging.  David is looking for a company with only a few competitors and a relatively new product or service with growing demand. 
In fact, David only looks at companies that have been public more than 2 years and less than 10.  Less than 2 years is too little time to get a good idea of a company's financial wherewithal.  Over 10 years public, and in most cases, the days of its biggest growth are behind it.
The company must have low debt levels and a good deal of cash on hand.  This helps a company fend off a down economy and even buy up competitors on a market upswing.
Step 4:
So now that a potential company has been located, David moves on to Stock Analysis.
When doing stock analysis, David looks at institutional buying.  Institutions drive stock price.  But David doesn't get in when 300 institutions own a stock.  All of the growth is gone at that point . . . all you can do is lose money.
Instead David looks for a stock that has been trending upwards with regard to big institutions buying into it.  If one month there are 2 institutions buying it . . . the next 3 . . . the next 5 . . . this is a green light that the stock is going to grow in demand very very soon.
To verify this, David employs an investment ratio that is generally kept under lock and key.
The PE Ratio is For Lazy . . .and Unsuccessful Investors!
Sure it's a staple of your average investor . . . but how have "average investors" made out lately?
You can't judge a stock's true value with a Price/Earnings ratio. It's why the staple of the fourth step of David's Stock Timing Axis is the PEG ratio. It takes your generic PE ratio and supercharges it by factoring in growth (the "G"). 
A stock that looks scary from a PE ratio standpoint can look like an absolute can't miss when you actually factor in its growth. This is the ratio the real money makers use. And that's why you don't hear about it on TV. 
It's the Secret Code the "inner circle of wealth" doesn't want you knowing about. 
And even with all of these steps, David is still not done with his analysis.
Step 5:
The final step of the Stock Timing Axis is finding the right moment to strike (timing).
This is the step that's the difference between a 20% winner and a 120% one. David uses a custom formula that helps determine when the price volume action is at the exact moment for maximum gains with minimized risk.
And after all these steps have all lined up just perfectly . . . a stock is worth of a portion of this million dollars.
It seems exhausting doesn't it? But it's absolutely necessary. 
It allows David to focus on the safest top stocks to buy with the most profit potential.
And I just painted the broad strokes to you. To get into great detail would take all day. Your broker doesn't have time to do this kind of research. He's too busy on the phone selling the top stocks his company orders him to.
At any given time, out of the 12,000 top stocks to buy that are traded . . . the first four steps of this formula will root out 11,965 of them.
This leaves about 35 stocks in David's line of site (those 35 of course are changing on day to day basis).
Once a stock lines up perfectly in Step five . . . his Stock Timing Axis alerts him that it's time to get in and he'll tell me to invest.
David Frazier's incredible picks, will be the same ones that I will invest my own money into ― the ones that make up Your Million Dollar Secret Code.  And the same picks from which you can profit wildly!
Which is why I'm formally inviting you right now to join me as a charter member in this potentially lucrative initiative.
Reserve Your Charter Membership Here!
You Are Probably Asking Right Now . . ."What's the Catch?"
There isn't one. 
It's very simple.  I'm putting up a million dollars of my own personal wealth into a real portfolio ― Your Million Dollar Secret Code. 
And as David Frazier implements his Stock Timing Axis he will enable me to grow my wealth by leaps and bounds.
David believes he can bring a 50%-70% plus return over the next 12 months to this million dollars and you can get access to the exact same recommendations and will make the exact same return I do.
For every 15 stock recommendations David makes in the next year, he believes he'll have:
3 Losers ― No getting around that.
9 Stocks with the potential for a 45% return in about 6 months.
2 Stocks with the opportunity to double in the next year.
1 Stock David's research shows could at least triple in value over the next 18 months.
And I will invest $1 million dollars ― of my own money ― into these recommendations.
And you are invited to join me in this profit taking by joining Your Million Dollar Secret Code. 
It goes without saying that no investment is completely void of risk, but I believe with David's Stock Timing Axis strategy, you can drastically reduce your exposure.
If I wasn't so sure of that, I wouldn't be putting this 7-figure sum "on the line."
And I'm going to make access to this strategy very cost effective for you regardless of your budget, I promise.
This is How I'll Be Avoiding Unnecessary Risk With These Million Dollar Plays . . .
The problem the average investor has, is an emotional commitment to investments.
They don't want to lose money . . .nobody wants to lose money. And for this reason many people hold on to top stocks too long, hoping for that "rise from the ashes" moment when a company recovers completely. 
Fortunes are lost that way.
We won't be rationalizing stock losses . . . we won't be bringing any emotion to these picks. 
The days of "buy and hold" are over ― You won't be cherishing top stocks to buy like they are Picassos you'd hang on your wall. Even Warren Buffett admits it simply doesn't work anymore.
We are taking no prisoners . . . we are making no friends. And we are setting strict stop losses . . . if a stock hits a -16% mark . . . it's gone . . . David is selling it. On to the next play.
This will help us minimize risk but leave us open for maximum gains. 
Speaking of maximum gains . . . I mentioned earlier that I had a method to basically ensure you get access to these stock recommendations at a better price than I will.
And I think when I reveal this . . . you'll see there really is no way I have any tricks up my sleeve.
Here's the Real Deal . . .I'm Opening Up My Investment Portfolio to You 48 Hours Before I Act . . .
It's exactly what it sounds like.
So say David recommends you buy a stock at 2p.m. on a Tuesday . . . you can get that stock right then. I, on the other hand, will wait until exactly 2p.m. that Thursday to get the exact same stock.
That's how confident I am in these stock picks . . . I absolutely realize that most likely when I can actually purchase the stock it will have risen from the price that you can get it at . . . but the overall profit potential is so big, there will be enough gains for me too.
This 48-hour caveat for you is exactly why I'm limiting membership. I can't have too many people in Your Million Dollar Secret Code . . . otherwise I couldn't get into these plays at a reasonable price. So I suggest if you are interested in this proposition that you don't delay in signing-up today.
So let's talk dollars and see if it makes sense . . .
We are now at the part of our business relationship where we start to talk about your contribution. 
And I plan on being overly reasonable because I want this to be a win-win offer.
In fact, I believe I'll make enough from David's recommendations growing my portfolio that your expense for this service does not need to be significant.
So how many recommendations can you expect a year?
David Frazier won't just be "trading to trade." That's an excellent way for you to go broke quick.
He's not finding top stocks to buy for this million dollars just so he could make a wall portrait of trade tickets for me to look at all day.
But it's safe to say David will make around 36 stock recommendations over the course of the year.
So say David delivers you about 36 platinum stock plays in the next year. The exact same recommendations I'll be investing in with my 7-figure personal wealth.  
If David brings you a 50-70% return in the next year on your money . . . would you be willing to pay $139 a pick? For an annual cost of $5,000.
If you have a million dollars to devote to this venture . . . absolutely . . . that's only a drop in the bucket.
If you have serious wealth to invest, you'd be paying well over that amount in fees alone, to a broker or money manager. Many mutual funds charge you about 2% of your investment . . . a hedge fund charges not only that 2% fee, but 20% of profits as well.
So by managing your own money with David's recommendations you are already saving yourself a ton ― while you take back control of your financial destiny at the same time.
But I didn't create Your Million Dollar Code just to make the rich even richer. 
I want all common-sense minded Americans, who want to take back control of their piece of the American Dream that Wall Street and Washington DC have robbed you of over the last couple of years to profit from this movement. 
So you can join my inner circle for a fraction of that $5,000 figure.
Before we delve further into the membership fee, I want to discuss exactly what you'll be getting when you sign up for Your Million Dollar Secret Code.


 1) About 36 Massive Profit/Minimum Risk Plays ― These will be a mix of stocks that David Frazier's Stock Timing Axis predicts will make huge gains anywhere from 2-12 months after he initially recommends them.  A couple here and there may even be 18-month holds.  Even though David believes we are going to enter a serious bull run, if an opportunity arises to play the downside of a stock, he will make that play as well. You will be given suggestions on exactly what to buy, at what price, and how much.  David Frazier will provide you with all of the research and analysis behind each recommendation. And you will get a 48-hour head start on me, before I can buy the exact same stock recommendations.
You will be given simple-to-follow instructions as well as all of the research behind David's recommendation. (That's a $5,000 value.)
 2) Trade Alerts ―The moment David believes one of his recommendations reaches the right moment to sell for maximum gains or when that occasion comes that a position goes against us, you will immediately be emailed with specific instructions.
(That's a $995 value)
 3) Phone Alerts ― I've authorized the option to have David Frazier's trade alerts sent to your phone.  Time is money and I want to make sure you are given each recommendation in the quickest possible fashion.  This will augment your email alerts.
(That's a $199 value)
 4) Password Protected Web Site ―When you sign up, you will be given immediate access to Your Million Dollar Secret Code's security encrypted website.  It's here where David will give you member's-only Videos, Podcasts, and Articles that you will find nowhere else. This is a very powerful library of investment resources. (That's a $295 Value)
 5) Weekly Commentary ―Each week David Frazier will send you a wrap up of how the portfolio is doing and offer his gyroscope on the current market.  This weekly state of the portfolio address is critical to keep tracking of your wealth. (That's a $99 Value)
 6) 24/7 Flash Alerts ―The markets never sleep.  An event that occurs in Singapore may affect your investments here and David Frazier will always keep you "in the know" about these events with these emails. (That's a $99 Value)

. . .and you aren't going to pay even a fraction of that.  I've ruled out asking you to pay a $5,000 membership fee for these picks already.
So what is this going to cost YOU?
When taking into account everything you are receiving above, is $55 a recommendation a fair price? That would bring your charter membership fee to only $1,995.
And if I ever open up this opportunity to investors again . . . that's exactly what I'm going to be charging. But since you are being given the opportunity to become a charter member, you are getting an even sweeter deal than that.
But before we get into the final price . . . I have 3 gifts for you.

 Platinum Gift #1: A One-Year Complimentary Membership to Financial Intelligence Report ― Over the years while the major indexes were plummeting, my flagship financial newsletter was bringing investors a 30% return. In each monthly edition, you will be emailed smart and sensible investments to protect your money.  A $99 Value . . .
Yours FREE!
 Platinum Gift #2: The Tao of Warren Buffett:  This critical book will help guide you to billionaire wealth and enlightened business management. You'll learn Buffett's key Taoism: "Why do smart Americans take their investment advice from a guy who takes the subway to Wall Street?" An $18 Value . . . Yours FREE!
 Platinum Gift #3: Money Mischief by Milton Friedman: This book was absolutely prophetic.  Written almost two decades ago it details exactly what Barack Obama is doing to inflate the currency and the dangers that lay ahead.  A $14 Value . . . Yours FREE!
These 3 additional gifts bring your total Charter Membership package to Your Million Dollar Secret Code to $6,818 . . .
And I'm going to take an additional $700 off the regular membership rate.
So you will only be asked to contribute $1,295 to join the inner circle of Your Million Dollar Secret Code.  That's roughly a measly $36 per recommendation.
You will get single stock recommendations from David Frazier that should pay off many multiples of the total membership fee.  So it is quite a deal.
About 1/772nd the Risk . . . The Exact Same Reward!
I'm putting $1,000,000 into these recommendations as well as the investment analysis muscle of David Frazier (and I can assure you he is nowhere near cheap) . . . I'm only asking for you to put in $1,295 to get access to get his picks. 
If our portfolio makes'll have an opportunity to make 25% . . . if it makes 100% . . . you'll have an opportunity to make 100%.  Pretty simple.
Did I Say 1/772nd the Risk? I Meant Your Subscription Literally Carries ZERO Risk!

Because I know in today's economy, each dime you have should be heavily scrutinized before you spend it, I'm including a 60 day 100% refund guarantee. Test-drive David Frazier's recommendations first . . . let us earn your trust!
So you can actually get a 2-month free peek at my investments. You can trade them and then on day 59, get 100% of your money in our project back.  But I'll take it a step further.
You don't even have to put one dime into our recommendations for the first month (even first two months if that's what you are more comfortable with). 
By not investing any money in the recommendations at first, you are eliminating all risk from the equation until you are comfortable. 
This means at the end of two months you don't have to make any trades . . .  just watch us . . . and if you're not satisfied you get 100% of your money back no questions asked.
Remember, most brokerage houses or online investment service will allow you to do what's called "paper trading."  Most are familiar with this.  "Paper trading" simply means using play money to make actual trades. 
After all of the shady practices of Wall Street, you should do no less than make David and I earn your trust.  
For two months you can make "virtual gains" on David Frazier's trades without investing one penny.
If on Day 59 of "Paper Trading" you don't think there is enough profit potential for you . . . let me know . . . a 100% refund is yours. 
The Third Guarantee is a Bit Original . . .
I call it the "Index Buster" Guarantee.  As I've mentioned in this email . . . and I'm sure you were probably well aware of it already, the S&P 500 dropped as much as 54% in the last year.
David Frazier's Stock Timing Axis is predicting this index is set to explode upwards in the next year. And I've already shown how David Frazier knows how to foresee a market movement.
Well if Your Million Dollar Secret Code does not outperform the S&P 500 during your first year of membership . . . call me up.  You'll get another year on the house.  Another 365 days of max profit plays . . . for FREE!
Just so I'm blatantly clear . . . if the S&P 500 rises by 54% in the next year, but David only makes you 53.9% . . . you will get another year for FREE! 
So just for a good laugh . . . call up your broker or money manager right after you sign-up today. 
Ask a very simple question . . . "Will you only charge me $36 a recommendation . . . invest your own money in said recommendations . . . but give me a 48 hour head start before you do . . . then give me a 100% risk free guarantee . . .and actually work for free for me for a year if you are wrong?"
You won't need a stopwatch to clock how fast you'll hear a dial tone . . . but that is exactly what you are being offered today with Your Million Dollar Secret Code.
So let's do a quick wrap of everything you are getting.
1) About 36 Massive Profit/Minimum Risk Plays (a $5,000 value)
2) Trade Alerts ($995 value)
3) Phone Alerts ($199 value)
4) Password Protected Website ($295 Value)
5) Weekly Commentary ($99 Value)
6) 24/7 Flash Alerts ($99 Value)
7) One Year Membership to Financial Intelligence Report ($99 Value)
8) The Tao of Warren Buffett ($18 Value)
9) Milton Friedman's Money Mischief ($14 Value)
A $6,818 value . . . yours for only $1,295.  If you have any further questions, I've provided a very informative terms of service.
But There's One Last "But" . . .
I'm closing membership applications promptly at 11:59 PM on May 20th.
Once this portfolio goes live on May 21st, I only want those who had the initiative to take action today to profit.  
On Thursday, May 21st, David Frazier will immediately send you two picks that he's tracking now with an opportunity to double in profits in the next year. 
Do you want to begin to rebuild your wealth?  Or would you prefer to say on the sidelines?
If you are a ready to get serious about making money in the next year, make sure to reserve your spot in Your Million Dollar Secret Code. Together we'll recover every penny you've lost while reviving and supercharging your investment portfolio.

Selected Top Penny Stocks For 2010

Penny stocks can be some of the most lucrative investments on the market. But you need a plan in order to succeed…

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My groundbreaking CXS portfolio is stuffed right now with top penny stocks that are poised for huge moves! Here's a sample of the kinds of top stocks I'm talking about:

In December 2008, I recommended to my readers a firm that is leading the way in a cutting-edge Internet technology. This company has just 80 employees and its technology is being used by major companies, governments, and universities. Its clients are projected to one day include some of the most powerful Internet providers in the world.

Wall Street analysts are finally starting to take notice of this revolutionary company — but guess what — they're already too late!

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Please read this report very, very carefully. I'm going to show you how we've selected lucrative top stocks of 2010, what experts are saying about top penny stocks, the time to buy them, how much you might consider investing, how to see my strategy work "on paper" before you invest a cent and much, much more only I can tell you.

Look at the Mind-Blowing Profits These Top Small-Cap Stocks Have Handed Investors.

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From 7 Cents to $9.60 a Share. The Amazing Story of the Millionaire-Maker Stock That Turned $500 Into $68,571.43

Few people had ever heard of a company called Integrated BioPharma Inc. (INB:AMEX). It literally went from 7 cents a share to $9.60. This turns every $500 into $68,571, $1,000 into $137,142, and $5,000 into $685,714. These astonishing profits were available to anyone lucky enough to have picked up the stock at 7 cents a share. Very few people knew about it, because Wall Street would rather keep top stocks to buy like these a secret so the insiders can grab all the profits.

A Story Stock That You Get in and out of Quickly

INB is what we call a "story stock." That means it's NOT a long-term investment. What you want to do is get in as early as possible and watch the company like a hawk. That's because investors become too enthusiastic about the company's story and begin bidding the price up, up, up — far beyond what it's really worth when you look at its income statement and balance sheet.

These unique situations have the potential to produce enormous gains. The real secret is to get out before the public changes its perception that the stock could be profitable. While this pick is not part of the Penny Stock Fortunes portfolio, it does show how much money you can make with small-cap top stocks to buy. 

If you can capture the moneymaking power of scientifically selected top penny stocks for 2010, you can make a lot of money and change the way you live. You can start earning money the ways wealthy insiders do. They don't work for their riches. They pick up the phone and buy top stocks for 2010 that they know are explosively profitable. Just imagine...

You could be driving a new SUV. If you'd invested $5,000 in Dyadic Intl. Inc. (DIL:AMEX) at the right time, you could have a cool $17,857. Sit back, relax, turn on the air conditioner and enjoy your trip. And forget about monthly car payments for a while! You made a hefty down payment and have plenty left over.

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How I Find Penny Stocks That Can Be Incredibly Huge Gainers: 7 Steps That Could Turn $200 Into $1 Million

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STEP 1: $200 in Superconductor Technologies Inc. turns into $1132 — a $932 profit.

The CXS Risk Avoidance Strategy advises you to remove your original $200. Using money you've gained, you have now eliminated the risk of losing the investment you started with. From now on, everything you gain is pure profit. You're playing with house money.

STEP 2: $932 in Fuwei Films Co. quickly multiplies to $2,890.

STEP 3: $2,890 is plugged into Akeena Solar, where it becomes $6,838.

STEP 4: Idenix Pharmaceuticals, a perfect Money-Multiplier, takes your $6,838 and grows it to $13,677.

STEP 5: Finish Line Inc. turns your $13,677 into $34,587.

STEP 6: The $34,587 quickly becomes $374,588 with Mexco Energy.

STEP 7: And you will break a million when Micromet Inc. grows your $374,588 into $1,018,048.60

Imagine Turning $200 Into Over $1 Million in 7 Steps

Well, that's not going to happen unless we are both extremely lucky — but you can see the POWER of how money multiplies when you invest in one really good stock, take the profits from that investment and put it into another one, and then another one, and then another one. Economists call this the power of compounding. And because my strategy gets your investment out as you make profits, you'll be able to play the game using "house money."

My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy looks for top stocks to buy with BIG potential. We have identified certain things about the best stocks for 2010 — things like earnings history, price/earnings ratios, price/sales ratios (all amounting to "good company/great potential") — that give us the best possible chance to hit these BIG, BIG numbers. Let's take a look at this theoretical "fantasy" profit chain.

One Successful Profit Chain Can Make You a Millionaire

The CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy combines the power of the world's oldest, best-kept moneymaking secret and the most profitable section of the stock market to build your fortune.

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Hedging Your Bets: Take Cash Out as Often as You Want!

Remember, at any time, you can remove more of your cash that you've earned if you want to "play it safe." Best of all, the gains are based on ACTUAL performances of ACTUAL companies. And the profit you see in this report is for demonstration purposes only, so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. They are based on a hypothetical trading pattern with precise timing for the same kinds of top stocks for 2010 the CXS Strategy targets. Who else can say the same? No one I know. It's no secret, you could make even more!

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Penny Stocks Have the Potential to Pile Up Profits MUCH Faster Than the Dusty Blue Chips. They're Relatively Small Companies, Poised to Hit the Jackpot With Breakthrough Products That Often Multiply Sales By Up to 4,500%. Examples:

AutoImmune Inc. (AIMM:Pink Sheets), sales rose 4,533%!

Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI:NASDAQ), sales rose 3,457%!

Metal Storm Ltd. (MTSX:NASDAQ), sales rose 2,894%!

NetWolves Corp. (WOLV:OTCBB), sales rose 2,688%!

Aerogen Inc. (AEGN:OTCBB), sales rose 2,294%!

APA Optics Inc.(APAT:NASDAQ), sales rose 2,062%!

Avigen Inc. (AVGN:NASDAQ), sales rose 887.5%!

When you join us, you become a member of our inner circle and you'll discover exactly what we're recommending and why. There's NO work in this strategy for you.

I Studied Past Successes — Like Merck, Where $1,000 Grew to $53,330 — and I Discovered Hidden Signs of Their Rise!

It's no miracle that certain companies made investors fortunes. I am convinced that you can see tiny, early telltale signs of their future success.

After my computer screens out all but the top 2%, I personally pore over the remaining companies and analyze mountains of information. These are the essential factors I use to determine profitability:

1. Top-Line Growth: Many great, undiscovered penny stocks probably won't be making steady profits yet, but they should still be growing revenues like wildfire. Ideally, better margins and profits should follow as the business strengthens.

The more a company grows its revenue, the closer I watch it. And when it comes to top stocks of 2010 that trade for less than $4 and $5 a share, it's not totally uncommon to see 25%, 35% or even 50% revenue growth over the course of a year.

2. Profit Fortress: It's always a good idea to find unique companies that posses some type of "unfair advantage" over the competition. Any business that churns out an ordinary product will eventually lose out to a company that can do it better, faster and cheaper. The most successful companies operate businesses that may have some type of government protection or products and services that aren't easily duplicated.

3. Black Cloud Factor: Sometimes, one or two problems that are weighing down a company's stock can help you scoop up shares cheaply. Other times, it's uncertainty about the outcome of a lawsuit or regulatory issue that weighs the share price down. However, if the company's underlying business is solid, the share price should go up once Wall Street's uncertainty is resolved.

4. Profit Catapult: A profit catapult is a future event that will drive a company's growth. Everyone hears about future prospects for many of the blue chip companies, but many times, investors ignore potential good news for top penny stocks.

A profit catapult for a small biotechnology company could be an action date by the FDA to approve a new drug. An approval of a company's first drug is a major step on its way to becoming profitable — and its first step toward making shareholders big profits.

5. Business Shock Factor: The business shock is simply how revolutionary a company's product or service could be. The great businesses of our time will possess "disruptive technologies" that could potentially change the marketplace as we know it.

This new technology will be patented or very difficult for other businesses to duplicate, giving our technologically advanced penny stock yet another unfair advantage.

That's exactly how I select the best candidates for your portfolio. Here's the best part: You don't have to do anything. The CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy gives a score to each of these categories and then adds them together. 10 is the highest rating. You simply look at the CXS rating next to the stock and you have an instant snapshot of the company. You can tell what your odds are of making a fast profit. It's that simple.

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One Dollar Turns Into $5,104 When Invested in Small Stocks! Scores of Experts Reveal That Small Stocks Can Be the Most Profitable

Tired of Tiny Gains? Sick of Losses? Had Enough With the Stock Market? Fed up With So-So Performance? Every Dollar Invested in Smaller Companies Turned Into $5,104 — Beating the Higher-Priced Stocks

Some call them the greatest secret on Wall Street. Scientifically chosen small top stocks to buy for 2010 can return enormous profits. And best of all, you don't have to invest a lot to get started. Let's say that you're buying a $1 stock. For $500, you (obviously) purchase 500 shares. So every point it goes up, you're making $500. The same $500 buys only a few shares of a giant blue chip. Listen to what the pros say...

$1 TURNS INTO $5,104

"For over 75 years, no investment has consistently produced higher long-term returns than the top stocks of small companies. A dollar invested in small caps in 1926 would be worth $5,104 [70 years later], versus $1,741 invested in large caps." — Elizabeth Ungar, Ph.D., Investing in Small-Cap Stocks


"A 10-year study of the most profitable top stocks on the New York Stock Exchange revealed that the most profitable top stocks to buy were the cheapest ones that traded under $5 a share. In other words, little companies. The best gains are from top stocks for 2010 that are cheap." — Richard Evans, Finding Winners Among Depressed and Low-Priced Stocks


"The fact that low priced top stocks provide the best gains year after year is a fundamental market truism that investors will see demonstrated time and time again... it is a fact that is proven beyond doubt by several Journal of Finance studies..." — Richard Evans, Finding Winners Among Depressed and Low-Priced Stocks

You Could Have Doubled Your Money in Just Weeks With These Quick Wins!

Here's one of the greatest secrets of top penny stocks: the fantastic instant cash that can be made from them. They can go up so fast that they leave the blue chips in the dust. Can stocks really rise fast? Look at these actual examples.

Sirius Satellite Radio was trading for 65 cents on April 4, 2003. By June 5, it was up to $2.17. That's a 233% gain in two months and a day!

China Development Group Corp. was trading for a lowly $2.18 on Jan. 20, 2006. By Feb. 2, it had shot up to $12.15. That's a 457% increase in a matter of weeks!

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They could blow the doors off the barn... fill up bank accounts with more cash than would fit in 10 large suitcases, with enough left over to pay off your mortgage and credit card bills. These four stocks are so important I've written a report on them entitled Four Penny Stocks Set to Explode. And I'll e-mail it to you so you can climb aboard with the rest of us. Please request yours now. Here's a briefing on a few of them! (Keep reading and you'll learn about the other two super-stocks in this FREE report!)

One of these firms has a head start on technology that helps businesses, governments, and universities connect to the Internet. And now, the giant firms that provide Internet access to tens of millions of homes are about to jump aboard too. This is one of those companies you'll be hearing about on TV in another year or two — after the big money's already been made. You have a chance to grab that big money for yourself!

Another company in the report is a tiny health insurer that's steadily growing its revenues in a tough economy. And its five-year growth rate is more than double the industry average. In an industry dominated by big boys like Blue Cross and Humana, no one's noticing the profit stream this little dynamo is building. Get in before the crowd starts to notice, and the profit potential is amazing!

Any one of these presents a perfect opportunity for you to build your own CXS profit string starting today. And these are just some of the penny stock opportunities that you'll get more details on in your first issue of Penny Stock Fortunes. I want to send it to you right away so you won't miss out on your chance for amazingly huge winnings.

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We All Know the Rich Have Their Private Clubs, Secret Deals and Buddy-Buddy Friendships. But What About the Rest of Us? That's Where the CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy Comes In. Start With a Small Sum — and You Could Get Rich!

So how does the CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy really work? It's a three-step process. First, my CXS Strategy looks for top stocks trading under $15 with a market cap of $100 million or greater and an average daily trading volume of at least 100,000 shares. This eliminates the overpriced top stocks to buy that have already had their run-up — leaving me with the cheap, liquid small-cap top stocks to buy for 2010.

Next, my CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy looks for companies growing their net income and sales from the last quarter. The best way to ensure you make a profit is to invest in companies that are profitable and growing. But of the 9,745 top stocks on the market, only 10 or 15 meet all these requirements.

I Reject Hundreds of Stocks Before I Find the One I Love!

Once the CXS Strategy narrows the field from 9,745 to about 15, it's time to hone in on the single best stock. I apply my CXS criteria — and only the best stocks for 2010 make it past me! This ensures that the companies remaining are not only making a profit, but they're actually undervalued, with room to grow.

Usually, only a handful of companies meet all the CXS requirements. And to get the absolute best company each month, I personally review all the remaining contenders. I go through annual and quarterly reports, read news clippings, call the companies and compare them with their competitors. The company that looks the best is the one that makes it into the newsletter each month.

My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy Can Make It EASY to Rake in Dream Gains by Following This One Simple Step...

Stop Thinking You Can't Get Rich in the Penny Stock Market. Insiders Are Making SO Much It's Disgusting!

Most average people dream about achieving financial independence in the penny stock market, but have no idea how to do it. And I don't blame them. Unless you're willing to devote years of study to it, it's very difficult. But they then go on to make the mistake of believing it's "impossible." Many give up on their dreams. Don't make that mistake. This is where we come in. We do all the hard work for you. You get the chance to profit from OUR experience of finding winners.

Listen to Our Guidance! Buy and Sell on Our Recommendation. It's That Simple. You Don't Have to Figure It Out. We Do All the Work! Like Early Radar, the CXS Strategy Helps Us Spot the Stocks That Are Truly Undervalued. You'll Be First in Line to Cash In!

Sometimes I think you need a Ph.D. in math to figure out what these financial publishers and analysts are talking about when it comes to investing. All this double talk is deliberate. If the stock goes up, they're the first to say, "I told you so!" And if it bombs, they're sure to say that it wasn't their "first choice." Let's stop the nonsense.

If You Can Pick up Your Phone and Say "BUY," You Can Make a Fortune With the CXS Strategy

Our CXS Strategy couldn't be easier or clearer. I promise you that a 15-year-old could follow what we say — because we're not trying to hide anything with double talk. When we are totally convinced that a stock is worth recommending, we say so without hesitation and we tell you when we think you should buy. It's that simple. That's because we've performed highly sophisticated computer analysis on it — scoring it for our three scientifically selected criteria that uncover true value.

We Analyze Stocks All the Time. We Know What to Look For!

The vast majority of people who subscribe to Penny Stock Fortunes — or any other financial newsletter — do not do this kind of stock analysis for a living. I'm guessing that this holds true for you, too. How can you be expected to analyze a stock using a sophisticated mathematical formula? That is what we do for you — and we do it unbelievably well. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the CXS Strategy is right 100% of the time. Nothing is guaranteed, and not every recommendation will come out a winner.

Eliminate Emotional Mistakes That Cost a Fortune!

What's the single worst mistake you can make in the stock market? Following your emotions, hunches and guesses. This may work for a while, but it's never sustainable — and at the first sign of a downturn, you can lose your shirt. The most successful investors in America follow a system they stick with. Why? It guides them through the rough spots like a radar guides a 747 jet through a bad storm. And it helps them identify the hottest and most profitable stocks to own right now. This is precisely what the CXS Strategy can do for you.

When I look for super-stocks, I look for two things. First, I look for companies about to break out and make you a quick profit. I also require that the stocks be fundamentally sound... and not the victim of funny accounting or rampant investor panic.

But what sorts of companies fall into this category of "breakout" superstars?

Home Depot (HD:NYSE) was once a languishing penny stock, just another retailer struggling to grab a regional foothold in the mid-1980s.

Fast-forward to 2009, and Home Depot is the second largest retailer in the United States. It has over 2,000 locations in the continental U.S. and has distinguished itself from Lowe's.

Home Depot focuses on the do-it-yourself weekend warrior, the do-it-for-me middle- and upper-class home renovators, as well as professional contractors and tradesmen.

Home Depot rose from the ashes of anonymity and is now one of the most successful companies in the country. It has exclusive contracts with tool companies, paint suppliers and decorating and remodeling franchises.

Home Depot, in the span of just over 20 years, eliminated the need for you to run all over town on your precious Saturday morning, visiting the window and door store, the hardware store, the paint store, the lumberyard... you get the idea. Its orange fa├žade has become a beacon of simple and helpful shopping in suburban America. And it started its journey as a penny stock.

Home Depot isn't the only example of penny stocks that made good. Penny Stock Fortunes has made some exciting mega-gains for its readers.

If You Were With Us, You Could Have Bought Coeur d'Alene Mines. We POSTED 221% GAINS on This Natural Resources Empire

Penny subscribers who followed our recommendation made 221% on this quietly booming stock that almost everyone else missed! It's a classic example of how we find value when others overlook it. We examined the properties it owned, the prices of the underlying natural resources, the company's expansion potential, the growth of its cash flow — and it all came up looking like a powerful buy.

We Weren't Afraid — We Saw Real Money in This One!

The so-called experts were running for the hills! Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp. is a silver and gold mining empire with properties in the United States — in Nevada, Idaho and Alaska — and South America — in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. The majority of its revenues comes from the sale of precious metals.

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What Would an Extra $10,000 — $25,000 — $100,000 Do for You? Discover How Superstar Penny Stocks Can Make You Richer!

Go Ahead, Close Your Eyes — Picture Yourself Without Financial Concerns Because You've Harnessed the Huge Cash-Generating Power of Scientifically Selected Penny Stocks. Our CXS Strategy Is Working Full Force for You.

1) Stop Trying to Figure Out the Stock Market. Tap the Huge Money-Earning Potential With a Financial Pro Who Knows What to Do!

A rising market can be a trap. Why? It makes investing look easy. Almost everyone investing is making money and is happy. But when top stocks to buy head down, as they have in the last few years, watch out! The financial wreckage can be disturbing. I say, play it safe. Leave the computer modeling, financial ratios, cash flow statements and return on equity analysis to Greg Guenthner.

2) Start With a Small Amount of Money and Don't Take Crazy Risks Like Some People Do.

One big benefit of this kind of investing is that you can start small. You DON'T need a lot of money. The idea is to make some money and then remove the small investment you start with — and let the profits ride. This way you've taken out what you put in — and you're using profits going forward. I will NEVER recommend you take senseless risks like others do!

3) Start Building Financial Security for the Future — and Stop Worrying Like Everyone Else! Don't Miss Your Chance for What You've Always Wanted!

How many dreams have you put on "hold" because you couldn't afford something? Imagine being in the position of being able to live debt free and buy what you want. Most people fall into the "I'll never be able to afford that" trap and give up. A few carefully chosen penny stocks can change all that. Imagine putting $1,000 into a CXS Money-Multiplier selection and walking away with tens of thousands of dollars — maybe more. It's possible!

You Can Quickly Get Rich With Penny Stocks if YOU...

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You don't buy the vast majority of penny stocks as "long-term investments." They're not. You buy them to make enormous short-term profits beginning with a very small investment. And you do this by capturing the almost predictable profit explosions — often making 2-32 times your money.

I Tell You Which Top Stocks to Buy and When — It's Easy. You Don't Do Any Work! I List My Top Choices in Every Issue!

You can take your profits and run — THAT'S how you can get rich. The key is getting on the right stocks to start off with. And I help you there, too. That's precisely the point of my CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy. Remember, I list my recommendations in each issue of Penny Stock Fortunes so you don't have to select these top stocks to buy yourself. Compare my record of finding these super-profitable stocks with ANYONE else in America!

The Safest Bet for Doubling Your Money: Get in on These Little-Known Powerhouses BEFORE They Go Through the Roof!

This Stock Could Have Handed You an Easy 667% Gain in Five Months When It Soared From $1.52 to $11.66

Here's a classic example of the profits in low-priced top stocks for 2010. On March 14, 2003, American Airlines received a boatload of bad publicity. The press was all over it. Wall Street hated American Airlines because it was worried about the company's business and all the problems that hit airlines.

Guess what? This fallen angel was fundamentally sound. Sure, it had the same problems every other airline had — but do you really think people are going to stop flying? Nope! The time to buy this gem was in March, because by Sept. 2, 2003, it had soared to $11.66. If you put in $2,500, you'd be sitting with $19,177 — almost $20,000!

This Stock Was Once $3 a Share. It Later Hit $35!

The auto company Chrysler is another classic example of a fallen angel from years gone by. Business took a downturn and Wall Street dumped it like a ton of bricks. The stock hit $3. Those smart enough to realize it would survive made over 10 times their money. My point: fallen angels can fly again — and you can ride along.

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Using My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy, I've Identified the Hottest Penny Stocks Selling for the Lowest Prices! You'll discover the ones I am convinced can make absolutely huge moves upward — and you won't have to wait very long!


You Can Invest a Tiny Amount of Money — I Mean $200 or Even LESS — to Get Going! You don't have to be rich to get rich in penny stocks. You're NOT paying $74 a share, you're paying a tiny fraction of that. Remember, when a $1 stock goes up $1, you've doubled your money.


You'll Discover Stocks You Can Put in Your Profit Chain so You Can Keep Multiplying Your Money, Fast! In every issue, I include the top stocks for 2010 I feel have the greatest potential of going the highest. They've passed my CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy with flying colors!


You Can Gain Complete Confidence in My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy Because You Can Test It on Paper First. You Won't Risk a CENT! Who else is that confident? Before you invest real money, try it out on paper and prove to yourself that it really does work! Fair enough?


Easy-to-Read Profiles of Rapidly Growing, Cheap Penny Stocks! I give you all the facts and explain my reasoning, so you can see exactly why I deeply believe in the companies I highlight.


You Won't Have to Go Through the Tons of Stocks Out There That Are Pure JUNK! The best penny stocks are exceptions to the rule. They have all the "big-company" qualities, except no one has recognized them yet. I'll steer you clear of the junk... sadly, that's about 98.2% of top stocks to buy!

Investors Ask Four Key Questions...

"I Don't Want to Invest Until I See That What You're Saying Really Works."

My Answer: "Fine. Select my top-rated CXS Strategy stocks and put them in a paper portfolio. Share it with your broker. Watch their progress. After you're 100% convinced, invest a small amount to get started. This makes perfect sense."

"How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?"

My Answer: "This is a personal decision. The beauty of penny stocks is that you could literally start with $200 or less. This also limits your risk."

"What Work Do I Have to Do to Invest in Penny Stocks?"

My Answer: "None. All most folks do is decide whether they are ready to buy the CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy stocks I write about in my publication. You don't have to know how to select penny stocks. That's what I do for you."

"Is It Really Possible to Make a Lot of Money?"

My Answer: "Absolutely. Every example you've read about in this
report is an actual verified example of the real-life gains lower-priced top stocks to buy made."

"It's the No. 1 Secret to Surefire, Slam-Dunk Profits in Today's Stock Market. I Say It's Time You Got in on the HUGE PROFITS — Like the $500 That Rocketed to Over $68,000."

It's totally new and it's extremely exciting. It's a way for you to capture the enormous earning power of the stock market — without taking crazy risks or investing large sums of money.

You Can Invest as Little as $500. One Stock Turned That Into $68,571...

My proven CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy is designed so that you can take a small sum and then use it over and over and over again to pile up gains. I always advise you to withdraw enough money so that you're playing with profits. This way, you're 100% protected against losses on the investment that got you started. Imagine being in that position. My CXS Risk Avoidance Strategy guarantees that after your first winner, you're only ever playing with house money.

When The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "There's money in penny stocks," it knew what it was talking about. Just look at Integrated BioPharma. That soared from 7 cents to $9.60 in only a few months. This is an example of a stock that went up so much, it's astonishing.

Five hundred dollars rocketed to $68,571. How many times does that have to happen to you to walk away rich? Hey, common sense tells you that someone is stashing away the cash like you can't imagine. I say, why can't that be you? Stop thinking, "It will never happen to me." It could if you joined me.

I'm NOT Asking You to Gamble in This Market — Just Buy the Scientifically Selected Stocks My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy Uncovers. It's a Safer, NEW Way of Making Money...

For every stock I recommend to you, I've easily rejected 187 others. My strategy has specific criteria that I ruthlessly apply. If top stocks of 2010 make the grade, terrific. If they don't, I move on to safer grounds. When you COMBINE this conservative approach with the potential profitability of penny stocks, you have the best of both worlds. That's why I say it's the best way for the average investor to get rich.

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