Friday, January 29, 2010

My Colleague “Shares the Wealth”for the Next 30 Hours

While all eyes were glued to the television last night watching President Obama give his State of the Union speech, there was a little-known story quietly making its way to the mainstream media. It could be the biggest news story you'll hear this year. Not only that, but if you follow the instructions outlined in this special report, you could get handsome royalty checks mailed to you at least four times this year.

You see, the story has to do with natural gas. Turns out, Western Europe has a cornucopia of natural gas sitting right underneath its feet. Estimates show that in places like Poland, France, Austria and Hungary, there's as much as $1.6 trillion worth of natural gas. That's enough to raise reserves by over 50%... and cut Russia out of the European market once and for all.

The irony is that the Europeans have known about this gas for decades, but they haven't had the technology to get to it. Until now. One small American company has the technology to finally tap into these pockets of natural gas. In fact, researchers at Texas A&M University estimate that this breakthrough technology could multiply world reserves nine times over.

The details are in the special report. I urge you to read it as soon as possible to see how you can take advantage of this situation to collect as much as $100,000 in royalty checks.

Just weeks ago an attaché representing a consortium of European Union officials boarded a private jet bound for an undisclosed location...

You won't be able to find the details of this trip reported in the popular press...

Even the mainstream media glossed over the serious potential of the trip...

They were in a race to stop what could be a long, deadly winter in Western Europe.

After 10 hours in the air - and a tricky landing in windy Harrisburg - the grim-faced emissary traveled two more hours via limousine over winding mountain roads.

His destination: A barren, high-country valley in the shadow of northern Pennsylvania's Back Mountain.

Here, the dark-suited envoy was seen shaking hands with an American in a hard hat and muddy boots, standing on a gravel road outside a temporary trailer.

They were sealing a deal that could pay you generous royalties over the next 20 years - potentially as much as six figures every year.

Without fanfare, the courier placed a briefcase on the hood of a beat-up Chevy Suburban. From it, he withdrew a plain manila envelope...

Inside was a cashier's check for $2 billion, endorsed by a top-level EU official.

The attaché also handed the man a communiqué drafted on behalf of all the major EU heads of state. It read simply:

This $2 billion was just a good-faith deposit -- a way to buy a moment of the American's time.

It's a lot of money to pay before any work has been done.

But, it's a small thing compared to the consequences for the EU's leaders -- and its population -- if they could not make this deal.

That's because all of Europe is facing a desperate situation that could lead to their primary energy source being cut off this winter.

According to former Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, an energy crisis in the dead of winter in Europe would cause "death and economic loss on the scale of a military attack."

That's why the Europeans are in a haste to sign what those in the know refer to as the "Back Mountain Covenant."

And it's why their urgency has created a once-in-a-lifetime moneymaking opportunity for you. The chance to collect as much as $104,000 every year...

On the surface -- or at least what was reported to the public -- the deal was a general agreement to share important research and technology in the future.

But in the unreported fine print, the "Covenant" could give this American company a stake in an untapped energy discovery in Western Europe worth as much as an estimated $1.6 trillion.

It's the biggest cooperative energy agreement ever inked -- and it could change the face of global macro-politics forever.

Here's where you come in: Thanks to the EU's predicament, YOU could start collecting a share of this fortune next month...

In fact, you could collect as much as six figures a year -- for at least the next 20 years.

I'll tell you exactly how in this letter. But first, I need to reiterate how important it is to keep the fine print of this deal a secret.


Because the "Back Mountain Covenant" could cost Russia billions of dollars in yearly income. And the only way they could prevent it is to shut off the energy they provide to Europe...

In the dead of winter, that could be a death sentence for most every European.

Why does Russia care? I'll explain in a second, but first let me reassure you:

No matter what Russia does, you'll still be able to collect these checks.

Fact is, if Russia cuts off Europe's energy this winter, the urgency becomes even greater for European leaders -- and the checks could get a lot fatter.

Why Europe Is Willing to Pay ANY Price for "Back Mountain" Expertise

So what does the Euro-Russia energy tussle have to do with an American in a hard hat?

And how does it all add up to a deal that could make you a personal fortune?

Let me explain.

Since communism fell, Russia has been taken over by a cabal of spies, thugs -- and energy executives.

These guys have been getting rich over the past 15 years because they have something Europe doesn't: Large quantities of natural gas.

You see, Russian natural gas provides nearly 40% of the energy Europe relies on. In some European countries, it's as high as 100%.

Russian natural gas heats homes, schools, hospitals...

It provides energy for heavy industries crucial to their countries' economies.

Now, if Russia's state-owned energy company Gazprom operated like a normal business everything would be fine.

But, this Russian mega-corporation conducts business through coercion, paranoia and fear...

And control of the energy industry goes to the highest levels.

When Russia's informal czar Vladimir Putin was looking to nominate a president, he chose Dmitry Medvedev, the former chairman of Gazprom.

The Russian elites want to continue getting rich off Europe's reliance on their natural gas. And the money the government makes from gas helps fuel their belligerent foreign policies.

It's a vicious cycle.

At the heart of that cycle is an eagerness to take back control of satellite countries like Georgia and the Ukraine -- and strip them of their resources.

When Western Europe complains, Russia uses the threat of cutting off the gas to quiet them.

And the more Europe needs Russia's natural gas, the less they'll interfere when Russia starts expanding again...

Just like they backed off after the recent Georgian war in South Ossetia.

But the game has recently become more deadly.

Three times in the past five years Russia has literally cut off the gas to Europe -- in the middle of winter.

The main pipeline to Europe from Russia goes through the Ukraine. Using a dispute with the Ukraine over price, Russia shut off the gas for a week just last winter.

View Gateway to Europe Image

Millions of European homes went nearly a week without heat in the midst of a brutal winter. Twelve people died of hypothermia in Bulgaria.

I'm not just talking about Eastern Europeans who have relied on Mother Russia for hundreds of years.

France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece and others are all reliant to one degree or another on Russian natural gas to power their homes and industries.

American energy expert Amy Myers Jaffe said, "When the Russians are trying to claw back their power, energy is a major lever in their pursuit to do so."

Shutdowns in 2005 and 2006 were only minor annoyances to much of Europe. But, the cutoff last January seemed to finally open eyes. The European Union called it "completely unacceptable."

Even worse, the Ukraine has an election scheduled for January 2010. Russia will be keen to influence the result. Another gas shutoff is not just likely, it's expected.

The New York Times says, "Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also has no compunctions about using energy to promote his imperial ambitions."

If they find out about this deal, a shutdown could be preemptive -- an attempt to bully the Europeans into maintaining the status quo. It could last for months, perhaps all winter.

The Washington Post adds, "The real aim is to advance Russia's aggressive strategy of using its energy exports to divide Europe and undermine those states it still considers its rightful subjects, beginning with Ukraine."

Richard Lugar, former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, summed up the threat this way:

"A natural gas shutdown to a European country in the middle of winter could cause death and economic loss on the scale of a military attack."

That's why EU officials delivered $2 billion in cash to one American company.

That's also why they signed the "Back Mountain Covenant" -- providing more-than-generous terms to this company.

They're willing to pay any price for their long-term security.

And their desperation to wean themselves off Russian gas is handing you a very lucrative opportunity...

The chance to make over $100,000 every year for the next 20 years...

Enough European Gas to Freeze Russia Out Forever -- Now Accessible With New American Technology...

Europe's tried building expensive and complicated natural gas pipelines through all the hazards of Islamic-controlled territory...

They've tried to bring back coal and alternative forms of energy, but ran afoul of environmental standards...

They've even tried importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) at an expensive cost.

All of these efforts have failed for one reason or another. Barely a dent has been made in Russia's market share.

So what now?

Well, it just so happens that Western Europe has a cornucopia of natural gas sitting right underneath its feet. Estimates show that in places like Poland, France, Austria and Hungary, there's as much as $1.6 trillion worth of natural gas.

That would be enough to cut prices in half, raise reserves by over 50%... and cut Russia out of the European market once and for all.

The irony is that the Europeans have known about this gas for decades, but they haven't had the technology to get to it.

Until now.

That's where the American in the hard hat comes in. You see, his company has perfected a technique that can reach Europe's natural gas.

European leaders have seen the drastic increases to U.S. reserves this technique has created. That's why they forked over a $2 billion down payment to his American company.

And it's why they're pressing for drilling to start immediately...

So how can you make money off this situation?

You could collect as much as six-figure royalty payments dispersed to you from the profits of this cutting-edge extraction company.

I'm going to show you exactly how below. Follow my instructions and you could realistically expect to collect at least 80 checks over the next 20 years.

But it could go on even longer.

Let me show you how...

EU Officials Pay Over $2 Billion for Access to "The Biggest Energy Innovation of the Decade"

Like I mentioned before, U.S. reserves of natural gas have skyrocketed in recent years.

In fact, natural gas reserves are up 40% in the past two years alone. There's so much natural gas flowing through U.S. pipelines that there's actually a glut.

Prices have been cut in half... And large fortunes have been made by energy companies with the right technology.

The breakthrough drilling technique responsible for these amazing results is called "fracking."

It's used for drawing natural gas from large areas of solid shale.

Pulitzer Prize-winning energy author Daniel Yergin called it "the biggest energy innovation of the decade."

Previously unreachable with normal drilling techniques, shale gas has become essential to America's energy future thanks to fracking.

Here's how fracking works:

View how fracking works

Fracking was perfected in places like the Barnett Shale of Ft. Worth, Texas, the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas, and most recently, the Marcellus Shale of Pennsylvania.

The untouched gas in Western Europe is also shale gas.

"Oil companies have known about it for decades, but always dismissed it because it was too difficult to extract," said the Times of London.

Unwilling to live in fear of a Russian shutdown any more, European leaders have come to their senses and decided to pay whatever price necessary for the extraction technology needed to secure their energy future.

Again, the Times of London quoted the managing director of one international investment bank:

"There is a land grab going on in Europe. It will change the game if the big oil companies crack the geological code of unconventional gas in Europe. The resulting gas production would make Europe more self-sufficient and put the brakes on Russian gas becoming a more potent instrument of political influence."

Researchers at Texas A&M University estimate that this breakthrough technology could multiply world reserves nine times over.

It will take over 20 years to retrieve the bulk of this natural gas with a full-scale drilling effort. In fact, as technology improves, it's reasonable to expect even more gas to be discovered -- and recovered.

In the meantime, the U.S. company hired to drill will collect hefty royalties on all of the natural gas it produces.

It's all part of the fine print in the "Back Mountain Covenant." Desperate to escape Russia's clutches, they've promised generous royalties to the Americans.

That's the part where you get rich...

$104,000 a Year... For the Next 20 Years

In the era of the declining dollar, no business is eager to keep large chunks of cash on hand.

Instead, it's funneled to the shareholders...

I'm talking about potential six-figure payments every year for as long as they drill.

That's why a prominent U.K. energy consultant calls the situation, "A millionaire ticket that can be shared by everybody."

These royalty checks are being cashed by Americans right now, thanks to the U.S. natural gas explosion of the past 20 years:

  • Like Jeff Poulsen of Grand Rapids, Iowa. He cashed a check for $104,754 in royalties just this year...

  • Martin Parks of Hyattsville, Maryland, just got a $65,000 check in November. And he's scheduled to get another royalty check in February.

  • Lou Nesbit of Tacoma, Washington, has done even better. He's pulled in royalty payments of over $350,000 in each of the past two years. And he's on schedule to continue receiving those payments for the foreseeable future...

The agreement between the American and the Europeans stipulates that payments are made every fiscal quarter. And when the American company I'm about to reveal gets paid, that's when YOU get paid.

At least four times a year, you'll be getting a check in the mail...

Let's face it. For the foreseeable future the world is still going to need large quantities of oil and natural gas. And as those supplies grow more scarce, the companies involved in its production are going to make even more money.

It seems to me to be the safest and most lucrative place to put your money in the future. If you're looking for ways to make even more money for your retirement, investing in the right energy companies is the way to do it.

Right now, I believe this mammoth European gas cache -- and the American company hired to drill it -- is the best place to expect consistent, safe income for the long-term future.

In fact, I feel so strongly about it that I just finished compiling a report on the situation titled "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas."

In this report I'll tell you exactly what American company is leading the way...

How you can sign up to collect your royalties...

And how much you can reasonably expect to make in the next five, 10 and 20 years.

But that's not all...

You see, there's another way to make money off this deal.

A way to collect a fortune in a short period of time...

If you get in as soon as possible, you could make as much as 70 times your money in three years.

And that's on top of the quarterly royalty payments you could receive...

How to Make 7,000% in the Next 3 Years

New discoveries of oil and natural gas always see lucrative gains in the short term for the companies involved.

Although Europeans have known about their shale gas for decades, it's still considered a brand-new discovery.

That's because all of the gas is still in the ground. None of it has been recovered. It's a pristine fossil fuel discovery in the middle of a democratically governed union of civilized countries.

"There's a possibility that under our feet are the same kind of shale-gas deposits that you have in the United States," said a professor of organic geochemistry at the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany.

Comparable shale discoveries -- and the ensuing booms in natural gas production in the United States -- have made some companies a fortune twice over...

Look at the amazing gains that have come in similar situations -- even before fracking was perfected:

  • Range Resources Corp. saw its best stock of 2010 go up 6,687% after starting work in the Fayetteville Shale in 2000.

  • Chesapeake Energy got lucky twice. After getting involved early in the Barnett Shale in 1993 it made over 6,094% in just three years. They started drilling in the Fayetteville and Marcellus Shales in 1999 and gained another 7,202%.

  • Devon Energy was one of the leaders in the Barnett Shale and saw its best stock rise 2,590% after making a vital resource discovery in 1992.

  • EOG Resources' stock has skyrocketed 2,841% since it started getting involved in shale projects in the United States.

Just $5,000 invested in each of these companies at the time of their discoveries would've netted you $1,270,700.

Now imagine putting $20,000 into the largest of those gains, the 7,202%. That small investment would've made you an astounding $1,440,400.

This is exactly the type of gain possible with Europe's natural gas. A chance to make over 70 times your money, thanks to the urgency of Europe's desperate energy situation.

I'll show you how to cash in on this "millionaire ticket" in my special report, "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas."

Inside it tells you which exploration company gives you the best chance to make as much as 7,000% in three years' time.

I'll also show you how to sign up for your royalty checks -- and how much you can reasonably expect to make in the next 20 years.

Best of all, this report can be yours FREE right now.

Let me show you how to receive your copy...

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That's why I started writing Taipan's New Growth Investor, a monthly investment research advisory service published by the Taipan Publishing Group out of Baltimore, Maryland.

I've been following the company I'm writing to you about today since they first got into the shale gas business.

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That's how I came to find out about the fine print in the "Back Mountain Covenant." It's something 99% of the so-called "experts" missed.

I've spent almost every day of the past three months checking the numbers over and over again.

No matter how conservatively I try to slice and dice it, this opportunity seems almost guaranteed to be incredibly lucrative.

That's why I put together a detailed special report titled "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas."

Inside I'll show you how to collect quarterly royalty checks for as long as gas is coming out of European shale.

I'll also show you how lucrative this opportunity could be in the next three years alone...

The Wall Street Journal says: "Preliminary estimates suggest that shale gas resources around the world could be equivalent to or even greater than current proven natural gas reserves."

This is an investment that keeps on giving.

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How You Could Make 90% in One Day

Europe's energy future is in the shale gas sitting underneath places like Poland, Hungary and Austria.

But the energy they need right away is in Texas.

Specifically in lightly populated La Salle County, an area better known for its cattle than their natural resources.

Until last fall, that is...

That's when the south Texas area not far from Mexico and the Gulf Coast caught the attention of some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

Like Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, to name a few.

View map of Texas

Their attention was grabbed by this line in the San Antonio Express-News:

"A small oil and gas company in Houston quietly announced the discovery of a mammoth natural gas field in south Texas..."

One of the first wells drilled on this company's 210,000 acres is already producing 9.1 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Eager to increase their reserves, major companies in both Europe and the United States are circling the small Houston-based company that made the discovery like vultures, ready to pay a high price for their assets.

When they make their inevitable acquisition move, you could make 90% gains in one day...

Let me back up a second.

I mentioned before that natural gas reserves in the United States have risen as much as 40% in the past two years. The price of natural gas has dropped to below half of what it was two years ago.

So why does this discovery - in the midst of an oversupplied market -- merit any attention at all? And how could it make you 90% in a single day?

Location, Location, Location...

While they are paying large fees to start fracking as soon as possible -- EU officials are also willing to pay a hefty price to bring in natural gas right now, this winter.

That's where the newest American shale discovery comes in.

Close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes transporting this gas to Europe easier than from other U.S. locations. That makes it a slightly cheaper alternative in the expensive liquid natural gas (LNG) market.

What happens is the gas is cooled and turned into liquid form before being shipped by boat to Europe where it's regasified and distributed...

The price of natural gas is still twice as high in Europe as it is in the United States. And the cost to ship LNG is even higher.

While this south Texas discovery is a cheaper alternative for Europe than other U.S. shale plays, it's still a lucrative opportunity for the company involved.

So while most U.S. natural gas companies have slowed down work, this small Houston outfit has stepped up production.

And that's why the big boys have started moving in, looking for a way to turn the south Texas shale into their own cash cow.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, "Attracted by the allure of U.S. shale gas, several major oil companies have shown interest" in this under-the-radar company.

This shale play "remains one of the hottest prospects in North America and energy companies are moving forward there even as they're pulling back elsewhere," according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum -- even ExxonMobil -- are all rumored to be preparing bids. An acquisition could come at any time.

This year has already seen $132.7 billion in oil and gas acquisitions. And that's expected to be even higher in 2010 as the major oil companies look to consolidate their reserves for the inevitable price run-up of oil and natural gas.

"Investment bankers are expecting transactions to heat up in the next year," according to The Wall Street Journal.

And that's how you can make money off the situation. The company's CEO has made it clear that any offer must include the price of all reserves in the ground -- mere chump change to the major oil companies, with gas prices so low right now.

However, if they were bought out for that price, it would be worth a 90% premium to shareholders. That could be a nice little gain for you -- in one day.

You'd be hard-pressed to find an opportunity like that in any other sector.

The catch is, you have to invest in this company right away -- while gas prices are low enough to make this acquisition super-attractive. There's no time to hesitate.

A deal could be announced any day now...

And then the stock will run up and your chance at easy 90% gains will be gone.

I've created a special report about this situation as well. It's called, "Make 90% in One Day on North America's Newest Shale Discovery."

Inside the report, I'll tell you the name of the small Houston company...

Why I think you could make up to 90% gains any day now...

And why I think a double in the next year is possible even if the company isn't bought out...

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How to Become a  "Slush Fund" Millionaire

2008 was a horrific year for most companies...

And that includes homebuilder Hovnanian Enterprises, which saw its stock fall 62%... revenue fall 31%... and the company lost $1.1 billion overall.

However, that certainly didn't stop CEO Ara Hovnanian from pocketing a year-end bonus of $1.5 million.

You read that right.

As Mr. Hovnanian watched investors in his company lose their hard-earned cash, he was collecting a nice fat check for doing absolutely nothing.

And it was all coming straight from the company's "slush fund."

However, if you'd been watching the situation carefully -- and had known exactly what to do -- you could have swiped a total of $18,187 on just two quick strikes.

Instead of losing money, you'd have found yourself $18,187 richer.

Now here's the ultimate upshot for you: Right now, I've identified two other "slush funds" just like this -- ripe for the picking.

In fact, if you get into these two plays before February 10th, I'm positive you'll have the chance to easily swipe the same amount -- and probably much more -- as you could have with Hovnanian Enterprises.

So how do you know exactly when to take action?

I'll explain all the details in my special report, "How to Become a 'Slush Fund' Millionaire."

The report can be yours for FREE today, along with the other two special reports I'm sending you.

That's three unique moneymaking opportunities that could all be yours... if you decide to take a risk-free, 90-day subscription to New Growth Investor.

While some brokers and investment banks will charge you a fortune to divulge this information, New Growth Investor will cost you less than $5 a month.

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With drilling set to start early in 2010, you don't want to miss the opportunity for 7,000% gains on the "Back Mountain Covenant" company...

Nor do you want to miss out on your chance to start collecting as much as six-figure royalty checks every year -- for the next 20 years.

In just 20 minutes, you can have my special report, "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas," with all the details you need to know on your desk.

I'll also send you my other two special reports, "Make 90% in One Day on North America's Newest Shale Discovery," and "How to Become a 'Slush Fund' Millionaire," FREE of charge.

You'll have 90 days to try it out and see if these are the kind of gains you're interested in making. If within those 90 days, you're not satisfied, just let us know and we'll return your money immediately, no questions asked.

That's right. You're guaranteed a full refund. All you have to do is let us know.

And even if you cancel after the three-month period is up, you'll still get money back from the unused portion of your subscription.

Personally, I think this deal is a no-brainer, but I'd urge you to act quickly.

In each of the moneymaking situations I've told you about today, your ability to maximize your profits hinges on getting into the investment early.

NGAS Resources faced a similar situation in 1999. They began drilling in January and started reporting encouraging results almost immediately. The best stock price at the time was only 50 cents.

By June, the stock had already gone up to $2.93... a 486% gain.

However, investors who waited to get in until March would only have made 162%.

The investor who bought $20,000 worth of shares in January would have made over $65,000 more than the investor who bought $20,000 worth of shares in March.

It's a lesson as old as money itself: He who hesitates is lost.

Decisive Moves in the Stocks Market of 2011

Just as I've said, the broader U.S. equities market continues to power higher. Let's begin with this weekly chart of the S&P 500 (a good proxy for the broader U.S. stock market of 2011):

As you can see, best stocks for 2011 are on a roll. In fact, from a low of 667 in March to a recent price of 944, U.S. stocks are up a mind-blowing 41%.

That's a ton of upside action in a relatively short amount of time. And while I anticipate the typical 3-5% pullbacks along the way, there's little doubt this market is headed higher in a strong and decisive way.

In fact, while I've told you here many times that I was confident this market was going to head higher, I'm impressed by how solid and steady that uptrend has really turned out to be.

But that's not all…

The market has powered above the 930 resistance level — set during the beginning of last month — like a walk in the park. That level should now become a solid support level for more movement to the upside.

But here's where it gets tricky: If you take a long, hard look at a daily chart of the S&P 500, you'll quickly realize that the near-term 930 level actually balloons to include a range extending all the way to 944. And since that level was established on a medium-term high in January, we're really looking at resistance in the 930-944 range.

In other words, for the market's recent action to really get legs, I'm looking for a decisive move above 944, not 930. And since we just pierced 944 this week and have yet to establish support, don't be surprised if we get some lower prices in the days and weeks ahead.

Now, if you listen to the pundits and talking heads, you'll probably hear that the move in the broader markets that I've been predicting and talking about for months doesn't have any fundamental power behind it: It's all just smoke and mirrors.

I love it when I hear stuff like this.

In fact, using many of the so-called experts in the investment field as contrary indicators — in other words, buying when they say sell and selling when they say buy — has put cash in my subscribers' pockets time and time again.

You can mark my words: When everyone says it's time to get into this market for good, you can bet your bottom dollar the market's big moves will be history. It's just a fact of life that you can't wait for the herd; you have to take reasonable chances, and you have to have vision of what's going to happen, not what's already in the hopper right now.

And while there's no doubt the broader fundamentals aren't rosy, they're certainly on the mend. And the biggest one — recovery in the real estate sector — is beginning to show more life:

Existing home sales in April jumped an impressive 2.9%, to an annual rate of 4.7 million units. Plus, distressed properties — read: foreclosures — continue to be cleared from the market, a big key for price stabilization down the road

Interest rates are at record lows, home prices are super-attractive and first-time homebuyers can enjoy an $8,000 tax break. In my book, those are all positives.

And it's not just real estate fundamentals that are on the mend. I'm also seeing upticks in industrial production, consumer spending and consumer confidence

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stocks Market's Report: Oil's Violent Rally

If you haven't noticed it yet, you will.

Oil prices are "mysteriously" catching fire.

In fact, within the past month, while everyone continued ripping their hair out over the Dow, oil jumped 26%.

And this rally's just getting started.

In fact, I recently uncovered shocking evidence that virtually guarantees prices will, very shortly, surge back into the $100 plus range.

It's an imminent jump that's sure to catch most Americans off guard -- but it could make you 500% richer as it happens.

In the free report below, attached for your convenience, I spill the beans on every last detail... what I found... how it started... and, most importantly, how you can take advantage of it and start collecting massive profits -- today.

In a market this gut-wrenching, you can't afford to pass up this virtually-guaranteed money-making opportunity.

It could be the easiest moneymaking opportunity of the year. And we found it burried inside the International Energy Agency's (IEA) World Energy Outlook report...

... The annual, 578-page document blueprints exactly where our future energy sources will come from and when - for leaders and elite investors around the world.

And they read it for good reason...

Since its inception, the findings within the pages have been so accurate that the annual report reigns as "the authority of energy analysis and projections."

In fact, many people today trust their report without question.

I recently finished pouring through my copy.

It was handed to me after a fellow geologist, with first-hand experience in the Canadian oil sands, pointed out a shocking error - one that guarantees an imminent spike in the price of oil.

In short, the report claims that:

"Thanks to ever-dwindling supplies in the Middle East, the world will rely on Canada as the largest oil producing country by 2010."

It's been their same projection since 2006.

But there's just one problem.

The World Energy Outlook forgot the other half of the story...

You see, what this acclaimed report omits are the blatant details surrounding an imminent supply and demand bottleneck - one that's guaranteed to launch the price of oil violently back to the $100 plus range.

And that's a conservative estimate.

The good news is that we also, very recently, uncovered a secret investment - which most Americans know nothing about - that could hand you 500% gains as this spike hits.

And the best part is that it's not related to risky exploration or production companies, either. Instead, it's directly - dollar for dollar - related to the price of oil. Only this gem pays you DOUBLE the gains!

In fact, investors using this blockbuster already pocketed 35% gains - in the last seven days as oil popped 17%!

I've written this letter to give you every last detail on exactly how it works and how it will happen. But time to catch the most profits is rapidly running out. So let me quickly share with you what it's all about.

Cashing In On A Much Needed Break

If you're like most of us, as oil continued to plummet from July's high of $147 down to $33 in December, you were sighing in relief.

After all, just imagine the shape we'd be in if everyone still had to shell out $4+ a gallon at your local Exxon during these times.

The fact is, that massive fallout in prices was just the break we needed.


On the other hand, as oil started becoming "affordable" again - in the $30 range -  it triggered an unstoppable chain of events that is guaranteed to drive the price of oil through the ceiling... and make investors like you filthy rich on the way.

You see, thanks to prices becoming too low, many of Canada's oil companies - resources that would supply crucially needed oil for the U.S. and rest of the world in a few months - couldn't stay in business.

And we need that oil, like a junkie needs his fix.

In fact, the U.S. depends on AND imports more oil from Canada than from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, and Iraq - combined.

But one by one, we started finding major oil projects temporarily closing up shop. Drilling and refining stopped. Exploration and testing lost all capital. And their share prices ultimately plummeted.

Just to name a few examples:

StatoilHydro recently yanked the rug from under a $12 billion project in Canada's Peace River.

Both Nexen Inc and Opti Canada Inc were forced to halt advancement on major projects in Alberta.

Suncor, Canada's oldest oil sands operator, was forced to cut its spending by 33%, thanks to lack of profitablility with the current extremely low prices.

Oil giant Dutch Royal Shell's stopped work on several of their Canadian projects until prices regain strength.

The major partners in the proposed $24 billion Fort Hills oil-sands project in northern Alberta - Petro-Canada, Teck Cominco and UTS Energy - announced they may defer a decision to build an upgrading refinery northeast of Edmonton.

The list goes on.

As I mentioned earlier, within months, precious deposits of oil - even locations that were set to come online within weeks - are now months behind.

Some are trading now for a 90% discount.

But ironically, these outfits just created a powerful, self-fulfilling prophecy... an unstoppable bottleneck guaranteed to launch oil prices - very soon - through the roof.

And it's already started.

The Easy Way To Ride One Of The Most Profitable Bull Markets In History

Don't let oil's current low price fool you this time.

Thanks to an already guaranteed shortage -- just around the corner -- these low prices won't be around for long.

Here are just a few more of the critical points from their latest report:

Global oil demand is projected to expand 2.2% a year, on average, reaching 95.8 million barrels a day by 2012, up from 86.13 million barrels a day this year. The forecast is based on global economic growth of about 4.5% annually. Oil demand is expected to increase most rapidly in Asia and the Middle East.

OPEC, which supplies more than 40% of the world's daily oil needs, will have little spare capacity left by 2012.

Increases from non-OPEC oil producers and biofuel producers should start flagging after 2009.

Natural gas markets will also be tight because of inadequate supply increases, limiting the ability of consumers to switch between oil and natural gas.

And very soon, when word of the shortage hits, the exact same scenario that the hurricanes caused will already have started unfolding... only this time, the gains will hit much, much faster.

The smart money's already placing their bets.

They're already preparing to collect a fortune!

And if you're prepared, as I'll show you, step by step, in just one moment, you'll soon find that many of the very same companies that surged before will rapidly once again start compounding your wealth.

And here's the kicker:

This time, they won't need nearly as much capital to get started! Most of their infrastructure is already ready to go - and they're trading for just pennies on the dollar.

And if you think that's a juicy opportunity, let me show you how you could...

Collect Twice The Gains Of NYMEX Oil Traders... with One Simple, Yet Little-known Play


We know oil prices are about to skyrocket. We know they're just around the corner. And we know that those slick traders playing NYMEX futures - guys who need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started - somehow always come out ahead.

But here's what you might not know...

Very recently, we've uncovered a rare investment that could pay you gains just as astonishing as any jackpot oil resource company out there - but without the risk!

Here's how it works.

You see, this special investment, which most investors know absolutely nothing about, doesn't even follow oil producers or risky exploration companies... it strictly follows the physical oil market.

And get this:

Thanks to the unique nature of this investment, you can actually get paid double the gains that oil makes!

In other words, a 10% gain pays you 20%... 20% gain pays you 40%... 100% rise in oil prices pays you 200%

That means, if oil shoots 50% this year, which is our gross-underestimate, you double your money!

If oil shoots up to the $70 range... every $5,000 invested suddenly turns into a $10,000 payday!

With oil trading in the upper $40-range, this unique opportunity doesn't get any easier.

Just imagine how much money you'll be sitting on when oil prices plow through the $100 a barrel mark!

I'm not talking about several years down the line either. We could realistically find ourselves staring right down the throat of $100 before January... $140 by next April... even $200 a barrel by the end of 2010!

Every last detail is spelled out for you in our latest report. It's called, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make. And I want you to have it for FREE.

All you have to do is test out our top-performing trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader.

But before I divulge all the details about how to get started collecting a fortune in this Bottleneck Bull-Market, let me introduce myself and my team...

Introducing... The Pure Energy Trader

My name is Brian Hicks.

I'm the president of the investment research company Angel Publishing Investment Research. I've spent my entire investment career, going on two decades now, uncovering the market's best moneymaking trends and showing investors like you how to profit from the most undervalued opportunities in the world.

I've taken investment junkets all over the world... to historic oil boomtowns like Desdemona, Texas, to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to Kiev, Ukraine. We've been to the heart of the oil sands industry, Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. I've been blown away by a wind park in Palm Springs, California. And I've seen first-hand the natural gas boom in the Barnett Shale.

My investment insights and ideas have landed me frequent spots on financial shows like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, CNN, Fox Business, and, most recently, C-SPAN... where I spoke on the energy markets and the U.S. dollar.

I'm not telling you this to be a showboat. But I want you to understand that it's this dedication and never-ending persistence that has allowed me to develop friendships and contacts with some of the best financial minds and industry insiders around the world.

And recently, it's allowed me to acquire a man who could easily be considered, with well over 1,153 successful trades under his belt, one of the best traders on the planet today.

His name is Ian Cooper.

And to get a better handle on why I cherry-picked Ian over any other research analyst out there, look no further than his track record...

120% on Royal Caribbean 

194.12% on QQQ

269.52% on On2 Technologies

270% on ONT

268% on CYD

206.33% on VTSS

246% on IPIX

233% on TLTCJ

515.38% on MQJSB

225% on ETGP

302.15% on ASTM

And that's just to name a few. Had I shown you all of his winning trades just for the past 2 years, it would be five pages long.

His off-the-charts accuracy for reliably reading the markets, matched with his winner-after-winner track record, have plastered his sought-after advice on the pages of numerous publications. He's filled columns from Investor's Business Daily all the way to Forbes.

He's also frequently appeared on investment shows such as Money Matters with Barry Armstrong and On the Money with Mike Stein.

In other words, Ian is the real deal.

In the past few months, I'm willing to bet that you've gained valuable wisdom just from Ian's dead-on articles in Wealth Daily or Energy and Capital.

He's spotted scores of blockbuster buy and hold opportunities. But it's his knack for finding rapid, explosive trades - just like the one that could pay you double the gains oil makes - that brought him to the Pure Energy Trader team. After all, he's constantly...

Picking The Best Trades... Trade After Trade

Since starting our hottest trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader we've already initiated and closed 91 trades.

85% of them closed for massive gains! In fact, each trade - winners and losers - is averaging +24%.

In other words, you're more than doubling your money every four trades!

Even more amazing is that his tight-knit group of investors (of which I'll show you how to become a part of) only holds each one of these trades for about 24 days.

Sometimes it's a matter of hours.

That means, on average, you're doubling your money every four months!

I can't think of a single other investment opportunity on the planet that could deliver those gains... especially in today's unpredictable market.

And according to Ian, with energy prices about to launch sky-high, he's lining up more and more knock-em down winners that he's already set to alert you to the moment the time's right.

Now, I could go on all day detailing the fast-moving trades Ian has been making and the ones he can't wait to share with you soon. But here's what I want you to walk away with...

All of our winners have a couple of very important things in common...

They're all energy stocks for 2011 with enormous potential...

And they're all companies that our team of researchers closely follows on a daily basis.

And with a track record like that, even in today's market, investors are begging for more recommendations. Problem is for some investors, these recommendations, unlike the ones in many of our other services, aren't buy and holds, which may take up to three years to reach full value.

We're after the fast money. And with Ian following and executing the trades, the fast money is turning into the easy money.

And just to be clear...

No one is complaining at all about the track record for any of our buy and hold services. Nothing will ever change the fact that investors can make good, solid returns by maintaining a portfolio filled with top stocks to buy we like for the long term.

But... the reality is you could make a lot more.

In some cases, over 300% more!

By not having a pure trading service - where we can get in and out quickly with 25 to 50 percent profits in just a few days - we're missing out on some easy money.

Just take a look at this scenario:

How Loosely Following Ian's Trading Research Turned $5,000 Into $58,913.14... In 6 Months

This is why you also need to be trading stocks instead of strictly investing in "buy and holds." You see, with the right trades...

You don't need to start with a lot of money to make a fortune in the market... You don't need to have all your savings tied up in multiple investments for several years, either... You don't even need to find dozens of trades every year.

In fact, all you needed to make more than 10-times your initial investment was to loosely follow seven of them.

Take the following scenario, for example:

On November 30th, 2007, Ian alerted his investors to an amazing situation in the solar market. A leading company, LDK Solar, announced the ground-breaking of their latest polysilicon plant - news of which, he knew would soon cause the share price to surge.

Because of his timely alert, his traders secured an entry price of $29.55.

And just five days later, on December 5th, he recommended they sell half of their position for a 49% gain. Two days later, the other half sold for a 41% gain - turning an initial stake of $5,000 into $7,250.

Then, just 12 days later, on December 19th, he showed them another explosive opportunity: An options call on China Sunergy, after news of an amazing deal struck with a German manufacturing company. 

Much like with LDK, readers took gains of 204% on the first half of their shares within six trading days. The second half claimed 141% after six more.

Suddenly, their $7,250 compounded into $19,756. It didn't end there, either.

On February 19th, 2008, he struck gold again. He alerted readers to what Ian called a "no brainer" with U.S. Natural Gas.

Like clockwork, two weeks later, his readers were sitting on an easy 80% gain as the first half sold... 140% gains on the second half, just a week later.

Within three weeks, your $19,759 turned into $41,488.13.

And then, on April 22nd, they were alerted to one of the many tiny oil and gas companies flocking to the riches within the Bakken oil formation.

Three weeks later, on May 15th, these hit-and-run traders sold their shares for an incredible 42% gain.

Today, that initial $5,000 investment - using just those seven alerts and reinvesting profits - is now worth $58,913.14! $10,000 would be $117,826.30 - all within six months!

That's the rapid-fire power trading offers you.

And I haven't even accounted for taking gains from the multiple other trades that Ian issued to his readers during that time... gains like 33% from Hoku Scientific in five days... 119% from Cree Inc. in six days... 118% from PetroQuest in 15 days... to name a few

Just imagine how quickly you can compound your wealth with gains that large - gains that fast - again and again.

That's the sort of hit-and-run excitement you should expect by joining Pure Energy Trader. You can make a fortune from several rapid trades.

You see, when you sign onto Pure Energy Trader, you're enrolling into...

An Exclusive Trader's Club Unlike Any Other

Unfortunately, the number of investors who can sign up for our Pure Energy Trader is strictly limited.

In order to make sure every one of our subscribers has the ability to get maximum value out of each recommendation, membership will be strictly limited to 2,000 seats.

... most of which are already spoken for.

The first time we opened this window, nearly half of those seats were gobbled up by our premium, profit-hungry readers in the span of a weekend.

So it's important that you act quickly if you'd like to get in.

You see, we don't want 5,000... 10,000 people buying the same best stock for 2011. If we allowed an unlimited number to join, we could easily push the stock up several hundred percent. That would be a disaster.

But if getting rich doesn't bother you, and you're ready to follow Ian as he shows you the secrets to landing dead-on hit and run trades in this market, I urge you to join right now.

Get Ready

Another point I want to discuss is how the trades will be delivered to you. The trades will be sent via e-mail. No Faxes. That's because we want everybody to receive the trade at approximately the same time.

And just so that you don't have to recheck your email 10 times a day, we're also offering Pure Energy Trader updated VIA live RSS feeds - so you can get the alerts the split second they're available!

If you're comfortable with what I've said so far, I urge you to consider joining.

Again, I know this style of trading isn't for everybody. But by signing up for the Pure Energy Trader, you're elevating yourself into the top tier of the trading community. If you have second thoughts on the price or the frequency of recommendations, stop reading now... the service isn't for you.

If you're interested, welcome aboard. Let's get to work.

Now Listen Carefully

When you fill out the membership form (assuming there are remaining slots), you'll immediately receive a confirmation and a welcome letter, as well as a link to the Pure Energy Trader site where you'll be able to access every single one of the trades Ian issues 24 hours a day. We'll give you full instructions.

And that's not all!

You'll also learn about a secret investment that actually pays double the gains of any oil futures trader. All those details are in your free report, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make - just for trying us out. 

Plus, by signing on today, I'll also rush you a free copy of my latest book, titled Profit From the Peak.

In short, Profit from the Peak is a roadmap that shows you how to profit from the rise of oil prices.

In the book, my colleague, Chris Nelder, and I go into full detail on tackling the world's energy problems... and how investors can maintain financial security in the process. I can say with confidence that Chris and I know a little more about today's energy markets than your average "oil expert."

You see, Chris is a well-regarded energy expert who has designed and built dozens of solar energy projects. This is a guy who understands the energy market inside and out... from energy's worst problems to its brightest solutions. And for the last decade, Chris and I have preached that investing is key to solving the world's energy challenges... Investments in a multitude of energy practices and technologies that will wean us away from our dependence on oil.

But we're also quick to point out that this blueprint for success also includes the economic harvesting of remaining and unconventional oil sources.

And again, in addition to full access to our web site, along with your free copy of Profit From the Peak, the moment a new trade is bought or sold you'll immediately be sent an email and, if you elect it, the RSS feed (We'll show you how to quickly and painlessly set up your RSS feed). The reason we're doing this is - we want everybody to be on equal footing. Our trades could arrive any time of the day, from 9am to 8pm.

So it's imperative you follow the instructions. This way you'll get the trade... and you'll have ample time to execute it.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering...

How Much Does Pure Energy Trader Cost?

Truth is, this level of service is highly specialized. And the countless hours it takes Ian to find, study, and recommend just one of the trades he uncovers - as you can imagine - takes a lot of time, expertise, and resources.

He doesn't draw stocks from a hat. He's not paid by other companies to recommend one over the other. His secret is that he's an insomniac, sleeping just three hours a night.

The rest of the time, when other traders and researchers rest, spend time with their family, and take vacations, he's intently focusing on the latest news, studying the markets, and developing high-ranking contacts.

That is, however, precisely what it takes in order to hold a track record as clean as Ian's... a portfolio that scores investors like you the greatest energy trades the market has to offer.

Now, I've seen other "experts" billing themselves out for several thousand dollars a day - and their trading advice can't tread water next to the winners Ian shows you on a weekly basis.

That being said, I wouldn't feel the least big guilty for charging as high as $5,000 a year for a membership to his advisory.

But I'm not going to go anywhere near that.

In fact, the normal membership price is $1,500 a year.

Pure Energy Trader's Bottleneck Bull-Market Special Pricing

If you sign on to the Pure Energy Trader today, you can save a full 33%, and join for just $999 this year.

I know for many of you $999 is a big lump of money to take down, even considering that many of you have made hundreds of thousands of dollars following our advice.

So here's the deal. We're also offering a quarterly bill program. If you choose that method, you'll be charged $275 every three months.

It's as easy as we can make it to get you on board.

Please keep in mind - we're capping Pure Energy Trader at 2,000 investors.

In addition, we want to make sure you're 100% satisfied. So, if for any reason you're unhappy with Pure Energy Trader, you can get a full refund at any time before the end of the first month of your membership.

After that, the refund is prorated.

But you have to act now. We fully expect every last seat to be taken in the next few days!

Super Stocks For 2011

You can still make money. That's the good news.

In fact, you can still make a lot of money during the coming bust.

You could even get very rich following the seven steps I'm about to reveal.

Even after billions more in bank losses...even as foreclosures continue to soar...even as top stocks to buy on Wall Street fall apart. In fact, in spite of those things. With a lot less risk. And plenty of confidence that you're doing the right thing.


Let's get this out of the way first.

I've been in the business of financial analysis for the last 14 years. I've never seen a market more dangerous for your money than what we're looking at right now. But I've also never seen one more ripe with opportunity.

That's why I'm writing you today.

I run a team of experts — top financial writers, banking insiders, former traders and fund managers, a military resource expert, commentators who've appeared on CNNMoney, Fox, and Bloomberg TV, and in Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, and Time — and I asked them to pull together a secret "safety net" strategy you can use to survive and even thrive in the rough times ahead.

They've found at least seven ways you can do this, even if the markets continue to tank...even if top stocks for 2011 continue to fall...even if the entire world economy goes up in flames.


Two extremely low-risk plays that can easily double every dollar you put in, between now and the end of this year.

Two more "five-bagger" moves that give you the ultimate hedge against another wave of multibillion-dollar bank write-downs and worldwide blowouts in the credit market.

A shockingly reliable 15% dividend "paycheck" plan you can lock in today, without the same kind of risk so-called "AAA" bonds offer these days.

A nearly goof-proof "profit parachute" that goes up when stocks fall.

And a way for you to make as much as 10 times your money as inflation shreds the U.S. dollar and sends gold and oil prices through the ceiling.

You're going to get all seven of these steps free, in the Strategic Financial Survival Library, which you can gain exclusive access to starting on Friday, April 25.

But I'll give it to you, no questions asked.

First, though, you have to do something for me.

You have to agree to give me the next five minutes. Just so I can show you what's got me and my colleagues so worried. And then you have to let us show you how to protect yourself — and sleep better — during the devastating string of five financial "super-shocks" ahead.

It's that simple.

Here's where we'll begin...

Market Super-Shock #1:The NEXT New "Property Time Bomb"Nobody Dares to Talk About. . .

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard the sob stories.

Banks lent out money — a lot of money — to people who couldn't pay it back. And now they're in trouble. Last year, an average of 50,000 homes per month went into foreclosure.

That number could jump to 200,000 per month by this spring.

But even if you're SICK TO DEATH of hearing about "subprime," get ready.

Because there's an even bigger new property bust on the horizon that could be even worse for 2011 best stocks investment...worse for banks...and worse for the U.S. economy...than the current collapse in housing prices. I'm talking, of course, about a complete crash in...

Commercial property.

See, the banks didn't just dole out billions of dopey loans to unqualified homeowners. They also shelled out big money to build strip malls, "big box" stores, fast-food shops, movie theaters, office parks, warehouses, parking garages...and the whole network of businesses that sprung up around all those new "McMansion" boomtowns.

But with the bust, those businesses are going broke.

Applications to build new homes are off by 43%. Foreclosures hitting 37-year highs. And the glut of unsold homes has left more than 17.4 million U.S. houses completely empty.

Who's left to go to the strip malls? Nobody.

Think broke homeowners will go to more movies...or less? How about eating out at all those new chain restaurants? And with no job, who needs an office complex? Shopping? Forget about it.

And no customers means no need for the commercial businesses to support them. Apartment building sales are half what they were just since June 2007. Banks are withdrawing funding. And the cost of commercial mortgages has soared, in lock step with the rise in subprime defaults.

Bloomberg says we could see the worst drop in commercial property since the 2001 recession. Morgan Stanley is calling for a 15% drop over the next two years.

Already, real estate investment trusts (REITs) that deal in commercial property have gotten slammed. But don't mistake that for a buying opportunity. Because in this case, commercial property REITs could fall even further.

In fact, many of these commercial property REITs still have yields trading way below 10-year Treasury notes. If the yield spreads rebalance to historical averages, some of these REITs could easily fall by half or more.

Even Bloomberg has started dropping hints, saying, "U.S. commercial real estate prices may fall as much as 15% over the next year." In fact, sales in commercial property may hit their steepest decline since 2001. The current owners just can't find buyers.

"There are so many deals falling apart," says David Lichtenstein, head of a New Jersey group that manages over 20,000 apartments and 30 million square feet of retail space, "People who can get out are getting out."

Here's the big, big problem: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might be able to keep people in their houses in lieu of foreclosure by renegotiating terms down, and down again (for a while, anyway).

But getting bank funding for unneeded strip malls is a whole different story.

Put another way, if Ben Bernanke thinks he has a problem now with crashing home prices, wait and see how scared he gets when commercial real estate blows apart. How likely is this? My colleagues and I think it's pretty much a done deal. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

Especially thanks to...

Market Super-Shock #2: A New $2.48 Trillion "Black Hole" That's About to Swallow up American Borrowers

Fortune calls it the "bomb" in American wallets. It's the secret shame of millions of Americans. It's also another massive, looming market threat that's at least as big as the recent gut-wrenching housing bust...and many times bigger than the write-offs we've seen with banks.

What's this second enormous shock?

A mind blowing $2.48 TRILLION in looming consumer credit debt.

See, while houses went bust, millions of Americans could no longer draw off home equity to pay for all those flat-screen TVs, SUVs, and other toys essential to the good life. So they turned to their old friend the credit card.

Credit card debt alone has hit a record $915 billion. That's already bigger than the estimated $900 billion locked up tight in subprime loans. And remember, on credit card debt, you're talking interest rates three–five times higher.

And that's just the start.

Because after plastic, piles of other consumer installment debt have piled up. We're talking life on the layaway plan. Just how much? Total consumer debt stands at a mind-blowing $2.48 TRILLION. That's more than China makes in a year. It's more than the entire United Kingdom's GDP. And more than the GDPs of Italy, France, Canada, Spain, Brazil, or Russia.

Only they're making that money. We just owe it. And in huge numbers, millions more house-broke or unemployed Americans have stopped paying off their credit balances. Just like defaults on mortgages, defaults on other consumer credit are expected to soar.

Card issuers like American Express, Citigroup, Capital One, Bank of America and Washington Mutual are already bracing for a 20% explosion in credit card defaults over the months ahead.

Can you guess what happens next?

Explosive Credit Card Debt: Sliced and Diced for Disaster

Consumer buying drives 70% of the U.S. economy. Without it, we're toast.

Yet that's exactly where we're now headed.

In just the last five years, household debt is up 24%. Nearly half of all American households spend more than they make each year. And 60% don't even have more than three months of savings stored up. Not even fact-fakers in Washington can pretend that's good news.

No matter how you slice it, "no shopping" is a big economic problem.

But here's the thing: "Slicing" is exactly what banks and other investors have been doing.

See, just as they did with mortgage debt, banks and other credit card issuers have "sliced" up all those credit loans and sold them back to Wall Street. And then Wall Street sliced them all up again, packaging them as "safe" debt and selling them to the very people who run your retirement funds.

I'm sure you see how far and fast this can spread...

The Shell Game You Cannot Win

As more credit card carriers default, those securities plunge in value...compounding already deep bank losses...and even more losses for investors in hedge and pension funds and anybody else who happens to be elbow deep in this muck.

Yet millions of Americans will stay on the treadmill, desperately trying to keep up.

Even as dollars get weaker. Even as jobs disappear to Asia. Even as housing values reverse and Wall Street threatens to explode in fireworks unlike anything we've ever seen.

"Across the nation," says one report from The Associated Press, "Americans are increasingly unable to stretch their they juggle higher rent, food, and energy bills. It's starting to affect middle-income working families."

Paychecks are lasting half as long. Some families skip meals. Wal-Mart reports empty aisles before regular paydays. Supermarkets say more and more customers come in to buy only the bare essentials.

Sixty-five percent of Americans say a recession is likely next year, says a Bloomberg poll. Fifty-one percent say the economy is doing "poorly."

Yet on Fox, they say, "No worries." In Washington, they say, "We can fix this," and then try to buy us off with tax rebate checks that barely cover the cost of a new iPod. Everybody wants you to turn a blind eye. Everybody wants you to pretend it will all go away. But don't you believe it.

I Urge You to Not Be Fooled

In the old Soviet Union, the comrades used to say, "Nothing is ever more certain than when it has been officially denied." But you can only fool some of the people for so long.

Mall traffic is down. Last year's holiday sales were flat. Car sales are still off. Ford and GM, once the most important companies in the world, are actually flirting with bankruptcy. Even Chrysler just laid off 23,000. Meanwhile, foreign investors are running from the U.S. dollar.

How "fine" does that sound to you?

You don't need to look far for the real truth. As recently as 2000, you paid only $273 for an ounce of gold. Today, you're paying more than $900. Back then, you also paid only a little over $1 for a gallon of gas. Today, get used to paying more than $3. Back then, even a barrel of oil cost only $22. Now we pay well over $90 per barrel.

Meanwhile, in downtown Oakland, Calif., half-finished condo projects dot city streets. Builders couldn't afford to finish them. Not far away, foreclosure rates have tripled. And the number of bank-owned properties in other areas is up 10-fold. How "healthy" is that?

I'm disgusted. And you should be too. But don't let government statistics lie to you any longer. Gold, oil, and the collapsing worldwide faith in the U.S. make it plain: We are a nation in financial trouble. And we're only heading deeper.

Think the politicians can help? Don't bank on it. Brace yourself for roaring tax hikes. And forget bottom-fishing for bargains. To save us, the Fed is killing the dollar. Now everything will cost more than it ever did.

How bad could this get? Pretty bad.

Oil at $125. Gold at $1,250. Could you be paying as much as $5 per gallon for gas by the end of summer? Absolutely. We're in for rough economic seas and crushing market conditions for as far as the eye can see.

That's why I URGE you to take steps right now to protect yourself. You'll find a complete set of those must-take steps in the Strategic Financial Survival Library.

You just have to give me your permission.

Just don't wait too long...

Market Super-Shock #3: The Boneheaded "Bailouts" That Could Soon Cost You Everything

Remember Katrina? How about the war on drugs? The war on AIDS? The war on terror and the war in Iraq? Bureaucrats love to "fix" problems they can't fix and make promises they can't keep.

The latest are a string of "bailouts," tax rebates, and foreclosure "forgiveness" programs that are supposed to save America from going into a tailspin. But it's all too little, too late, and just too plain stupid to work.

These are multitrillion-dollar problems.

Families are flat broke. Jobs are gone. Stocks have tanked. Giving everyone a $600 advance on their tax rebates...or 30 extra days to come up with the mortgage money they don't have...won't do squat. Worse, the fix could even compound the problem.

Take the Fed.

Central banking is, for the most part, a fraud.

At best, it's a guessing game.

Instead of wiping out bad decisions, the Fed's radical policy of slashing rates and printing more dollars has only redistributed the losses to the most innocent bystanders — namely, the savers and dollar-earners.

Look, the Soviet Union was all about central planning. And that didn't work. Are we supposed to believe somehow that central planning will work differently here, just because it's Washington this time that's mismanaging our national wealth?

We're told we shouldn't worry. Meanwhile, total credit in the U.S. has grown from 150% percent of GDP to an eye-popping 340%! Americans carry so much debt now that if Bernanke were to raise interest rates even to 10% — which he should — people would flay him alive.

Meanwhile, the White House wants to blow $3 trillion this year. No wonder China is dumping our dollars. Even as it lures away our factories. Even as it makes new deals with Europe, leaving America in the dust.

Geez...remember when people used to take responsibility for their mistakes?

How Banks and Bureaucrats Will Try to Skip out on the Blame

When Paul Volcker stepped up to the plate in the late '70s, he had guts.

Oil prices were high then, too. So was gold. And the dollar was in deep trouble. Inflation ran as high as 13.5%. Volker, as the new chief of the Fed, roped in the money supply and cranked up interest rates, blowing a decade of monetary mismanagement out America's tailpipe.

Don't hold your breath for a hero today.

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is looking out for his banking buddies. Ben Bernanke is looking out for his buddies on Wall Street. Politicians on the campaign trail and Congress are just looking to buy the election.

The Fed has injected a combined $207 billion in bailout cash so far. With more on the docket. That's four times the pile of cash unleashed just after Sept. 11, 2001. And guess what. It hasn't helped.

The big banks keep on revealing even bigger losses. Remember the knockout punch delivered by the S&L crisis in the 1980s? This is bigger. More than 2,500 banks, thrifts, credit unions and mortgage companies wrote a combined $1.5 trillion in subprime loans during the peak of the boom.

When George W. Bush's dad threw $150 billion at the S&Ls, it helped spark a three-year recession. What happens when Washington tries to defuse a multitrillion dollar time bomb?

I urge you not to count on anyone else to save you. You need your own sort of private, personal protection. The Strategic Financial Survival Library will protect and grow your wealth during the hard times ahead. But first...

I Should Introduce Myself

My name is Addison Wiggin.

For nearly 15 years, I've studied markets, economies, and opportunities just like the ones we're talking about right now. I take today's debt crisis so seriously, I've co-written a book about it — Empire of Debt, which became a No. 1 New York Times best-seller.

I also helped write another book you might have heard of, Financial Reckoning Day. That one also topped the best-seller list. And then there's my third book, The Demise of the Dollar...and Why It's Great for Your Investments.

I've even just helped put the wraps on our feature-length documentary on this, I.O.U.S.A. Look for it coming soon to a theater near you. I'm telling you this because I want you to realize these are informed predictions.

And I've had the chance to spread my message in interviews on Forbes, ABC Money Matters, CBS Sunday Morning, Fox, Bloomberg, CNNMoney,,, Money, The New York Times another 350 different local and national radio programs across the U.S...

But today, I want to share it with you in a different way.

One I've never tried anywhere else ever before.

See, I've made lots of connections over the years. And with the help of those connections, I've pulled together a huge global network of some of the smartest and most prophetic market analysts working today.

Bankers and business owners, former analysts and corporate insiders, other best-selling financial writers, a top military expert and petroleum geologist, fund costs nearly $30 million per year to keep this group running, but it's worth every penny.

These are the kinds of people who can help you make a fortune, even during the rough-and-tumble markets ahead. In fact, among them, they're already piling up a stunning track record.

For instance, one of my guys — Dan Amoss — has made some market picks that as of right now are up 130%...246%...117%...even 529%. Another member of our little alliance, Byron King, runs the research service that The Hulbert Financial Digest ranked the "No. 1 Performer of the Last Five Years" in 2005 and again in 2006.

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My point is this.

There's money out there to be made. But in times like these, all the headlines and the opportunities have a way of getting jumbled. Overwhelming.

That's why, for the first time ever, my circle of colleagues and I have decided to join forces and share with you what – up until now — we've only talked about behind closed doors....

What You'll See and Hear From Behind Closed Doors

Maybe you've heard the name of our special service Strategic Investment before.

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Strategic Investment, well known as one of the longest-running and most respected market research resources in the industry, has grown with the times.

Today, what you'll discover is not at all a conventional newsletter. It's not a conventional trading service. Instead, it's the market research resource in which we lift the veil on what we're thinking and talking about with each other behind closed doors.

Things we've never revealed before that represent our thinking on dozens of trends and hundreds of opportunities you'll want to know about.

In every monthly report, you get the best new moneymaking ideas from the best analysts in my group. I'll give you the big-picture breakdown. And then my team will tell you what it's looking at right now.

When I talk about my team, I mean the names of greats you might know already, like Chris Mayer and Dan Amoss...Byron King...Eric Fry...Greg "Gunner" Guenthner...Christopher Hancock...and others.

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Think of it as a way to both get to know what our insiders talk about behind closed doors...and get a quick overall picture of what our whole network sees taking shape in the world of making money in the markets.

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Market Super-Shock #4: The Secret Embarrassment That " FAS 157" Will Force Wall Street to Reveal

Last year, banks admitted losing billions.

But if you think we've seen the last of it, you'd better brace yourself for U.S. general accounting rule "FAS 157." This is the regulation that now says banks can no longer hide what are called "level three" assets.

What's a "level three" asset?

Stocks, bonds and all the investments you've already heard of are what are called "level one" investments. "Level two" includes some of the less-traded mortgage-backed investments that started blowing up late last year.

The five biggest brokerage houses and the biggest universal banks — Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America — have over $4.1 trillion of these level two assets alone.

That's almost 10 times the combined share value of all five of these huge firms. Imagine how much money vaporizes if these tricky level two assets fall even 5% in value.

But here's the biggest risk.

At the top tier — "level three" — you've got the hidden investments that almost never trade. These are the huge derivative positions, the private equity investments and enormous slices of the mortgage market. Banks don't talk about them. The market doesn't put a price on them.

So the only way for accountants to figure out what they're worth guess.

It's called "mark to model" pricing. It means each firm can basically set the value of its own assets, using its own formula. Kind of like "deciding" how much your bank account, your car or your house is worth, but without asking anybody to check your math.

And that's exactly the problem.

Until recently, financial firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch...could pretend those hidden assets were worth plenty. But with law "FAS 157" cracking down, that's getting harder.

Especially since many of these hidden "level three" assets are based on failing subprimes, collapsing lenders and defaulting consumer debt.

So what happens when the real truth comes to light?

Like Enron, but With Parting Gifts

When the public finds out just how many hidden "level three" investments are worth nothing close to what the banks have said they're worth, brace yourself. Because the bank losses that have rattled Wall Street already will feel like a day in the park.

Here's the worst part. Remember when Enron's bosses hid $2.7 billion in losses and people went to jail? That won't be what happens here. Just look at what happened, for instance, back when Merrill Lynch revealed a $7.9 billion loss on subprime bets in 2007.

It fired its CEO, Stanley O'Neal, but not without giving him a hefty $161.5 million parting gift first. The same happened for ex-Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince, who walked with $140 million. Even as $17.5 billion disappeared from Citigroup's books in just six months. And $34.6 billion vaporized from Citigroup's outstanding shares.

What if you were an investor? With Merrill Lynch, for example, every $10,000 invested as recently as last January is now worth only $6,100. Does that sound fair? And as I said, there's more in the pipeline. Citigroup alone is posting $2.227 trillion in liabilities. This is more debt than any other bank in the U.S. It could be more debt than any bank in the world.

If the stated value of Citigroup's assets drops just 5.4%, that would make Citigroup — the world's largest bank — insolvent. How well would that play on Wall Street? Not very.

Nobody is sure how much more of this gunk is stuck in the gears. It's all still hidden. But it won't be for long. Get ready for LOTS more eye-popping "confessions" just like these, all headed our way over the next few months...

Deutsche Bank has announced that it, too, will pay for stupid subprime bets — including up to $3.1 billion on leveraged loans, structured credit products and mortgage-backed securities
Both Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse announced layoffs within their home loan divisions. Together, the firms will fire about 1,000 employees
Bank of America has not only shut down its wholesale mortgage business — it's also watched its investment bank profit fall 93%, to $1.33 billion, in the third quarter
Bear Stearns saw profits sink 61%. Two of its big hedge funds blew up. And now, of course, the rest of Bear Stearns has 'blown up' too — now that it's been liquidated for $2 per share and soaked up by competitor J.P. Morgan
Lehman Brothers shut down its subprime mortgage unit BNC Mortgage in August. It'll slash 1,200 jobs as part of that move. And it, too, has also quietly taken several mega-million-dollar write-downs.

Morgan Stanley also just cut 600 jobs.

These aren't strip mall savings and loans we're talking about. These are the world's biggest financial institutions. And they're claiming they have no idea what to expect over the months ahead!

How confident does that make you feel?

The Slow-Motion "Black Monday" Ahead

Here's a picture for you: If the market today falls as fast and as far as it did in 1987, you'll see more than 3,000 points erased from the Dow alone. In a single day.

Could it happen?

Banks hold the same blue chip shares you'll find parked in your retirement fund. When the "level three" losses get declared, those same banks might have to start dumping those shares to raise cash. And that could send these blue chips...along with most of the rest of the best stock market...into full-scale collapse.

I urge you to take the seven steps outlined for you in your free Strategic Financial Survival Library. You can send for it as early as tonight, using the link I'll give you in just a moment.

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These time-sensitive reports are getting the finishing touches right now. You'll be able to read them starting Friday, April 25th.

Plus, I'll rush you a private password right now. This password will give you full access to our Strategic Investment members-only Web site. And then we'll start sending you our revealing Strategic Investment issues and updates.

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I'll show you how, just minutes from now. As you'll see, I'm so convinced this special seven-step library of reports offers you the best way available anywhere to strip risk from your portfolio...I'm even willing to stake my reputation on it.

But first, let me share just one more reason why I'm urging you to get ready...

Market Super-Shock #5: How at LEAST $4 Trillion More in Worldwide Wealth Could Be About to Disappear

How far could all this really go?

How deep will the final damage be, thanks to this "perfect storm"?

The feds say the investment banks alone could lose $100 billion. Even an economist for Moody's says losses could reach $225 billion. And one of Goldman Sachs' own economists says that's too conservative still, with the tally rallying up to a $400 billion blow.

Well, gee, a few hundred billion here...a few hundred billion there...and now you're talking some real money! But did we mention? The hedge fund industry alone has ballooned to over $1 trillion. Plenty of that is tied up in these mortgage-backed securities, too.

And what happens if total housing wealth — $21 trillion and falling — drops another 15%, to 20%? Now you're talking as much as $4 trillion in housing "wealth," gone just like that. Vanished. At a time when 70% of boomers say they're counting on their homes as their key "retirement asset." Ouch!

If the stock market or bond market slips another 10%, that's another $5.1 trillion or $4.5 trillion, respectively...also gone. Plus losses in the value of the dollar itself. Total stocks, property and other wealth of Americans — priced in dollars — is about $50 trillion. If the dollar drops just 10% more, as it did in 2007, that's another $5 trillion up in smoke!

At $10 trillion down and sinking, I haven't even mentioned what a crash in the $480 trillion derivatives market could do. Let alone the fact that an estimated $200 trillion of that is parked with major U.S. banks!

I say "estimated" because nobody knows how many derivatives anybody owns, let alone how much of those are deeply tangled up in the subprime affair. It's unregulated, burbling below the poisoned groundwater.

Computers manage it because the sums are too big...and the money relationships too complicated...for any one human to track. What happens if the computers make a mistake?

That's exactly what happened with Long-Term Capital Management. I'm sure you remember. It had "perfect" computer models. But when interest rates swerved, the computer didn't anticipate it. Like the Titanic, which nobody thought could sink, the hedge fund collided with a $4.6 billion loss in less than four months.

Remember, that was a $4.6 billion problem. Still, seven months of stock market for 2011 turmoil followed. Financial stocks plunged 34%. Other sectors lost 20–30%. What happens with today's hedge fund and derivatives market, cresting as high as $480 trillion?

As I said, some of the world's biggest financial firms — Citibank, Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan, USB, Goldman Sachs, the Bank of China and HSBC — have huge exposure to the world derivatives market.

And remember, these are often the "Enron" type of investments — hidden off the books where you can't see them. These toxic leveraged instruments could easily be sharing shelf space with your own capital, right now!

Recently, Goldman Sachs lost 30% in a single week in its global equity fund, thanks to confounded computer "quant" programming. Morgan Stanley traders lost $390 million in a single day for the same reason. The computers couldn't compute the level of panic selling in the market.

Wouldn't you rather trust a much safer, more predictable, guaranteed approach? That's exactly what I hope you'll let me give you in the free Strategic Financial Survival Library...where you'll find seven powerful solutions like these inside...

Financial Survival Strategy #1: The Money "Hedge" That Could Yield 400% as the Economy Slows Down

You don't have to go broke during a recession. In fact, you can make a fortune. Especially if you're "hedged" directly against the one kind of company that gets hit hardest in a slowdown.

No, not the retailers. Or the builders or restaurants or even manufacturers. They all suffer, but the one kind of company that really the same one that does most of its work unseen, while you sleep.

I'm talking, of course, about trucking and transport.

That's right. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Specifically, the ones that keep our food shelves full, supply parts to our factories and keep the clothes racks jammed at your local shopping mall.

Think about it.

Almost every business you can think of feeds off this network. But when demand dries up, the network dries up too. Like an artery drained of blood. How can you turn that downturn into profit? Well, you could easily short many of these companies individually for gains.

But we've come up with an even better way.

It's a single simple move that you can make with one five-minute phone call. Once it's in place, it's like having a proxy hedge against the entire recessionary collapse. As the economy falls, your holdings should go up in value. And doing it the way I'll show you, you can make multiplied gains of as much as 400% or higher...even on a small downward move.


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Here's something else you'll find inside...

Financial Survival Strategy #2: A Second Special "Hedge" That Should Take off as Junk Bonds Blow Apart

Where do companies with "junk" credit ratings go to borrow cash?

To the "junk" bond market, of course. And as credit gets lenders go bust...and as the market runs from corporate debt, never knowing when it could blow up...

You'll also see huge pressure on the downside against junk bonds. And remember, these days, even companies like General Motors and Ford can get demoted to "junk" status.

Here's a way to own a kind of bond market bust "insurance" for when they go up in flames. And by the way, this next move is a totally new kind of investment opportunity — specifically designed to take off like a rocket should bonds collapse.

And here's more good news. On this second money survival strategy, risk is especially low, compared with the potentially high rewards.

You can also read all about this second wealth-hedging move in your free copy of The Triple-Edged Housing Hedge: Three Solid Layers of Protection Against the Next Wave of Falling Property Prices, the first of five free reports I'll give you in your Strategic Financial Survival Library.

In this same free report, you'll also get...

Financial Survival Strategy #3: Five Times Every Dollar Invested as Commercial Property Goes Bust

Imagine if you could have seen the bust coming in crashing housing top stocks to buy.

Crashing builders...self-destructing mortgage lenders...imploding banks. Not only could you have quickly pulled your money out of harm's way, you also could have made a mint playing with a short or put option against those crashing shares.

Some of these stocks fell by as much as half or more.

How much could you have made on those falling shares? A well-placed put option could have given you as much as four or even five times your money.

Of course, housing has already tanked. That opportunity is long gone.

But here's your second chance. An even bigger bubble has shaped up in commercial property...and much of it was financed with the same kinds of dopey loans that brought the housing market crashing back to Earth.

What happens when heavily borrowing businesses start defaulting on their loan payments, too? We'll most likely see another wave of wipeouts. But we'll also see another chance for you to get rich on more collapsing shares.

My colleagues and I have a perfect play lined up. It's another "five-minute" move that takes almost no time to set up, very little upfront to get started, but possibly five times every dollar invested for anybody who gets in now.

You can read all about this third move in your free copy of The Triple-Edged Housing Hedge: Three Solid Layers of Protection Against the Next Wave of Falling Property Prices, the first special report I've included in the Strategic Financial Survival Library I'll send on Friday, April 25th.

Here's another move you can make very easily...

Financial Survival Strategy #4: Lock in a 15% Dividend "Paycheck" as Markets Fall and Energy Prices Soar

Your next FREE report in the Strategic Financial Survival Library is called The Dividend "Paycheck" Strategy: How to Lock in Yields Income as High as 15% or Higher.

This second powerful report shows you how to lock in a steady flow of passive dividend income, even as banks go belly up and the market collapses...while hedging your wealth against falling dollars and soaring energy prices.

I call it our dividend "paycheck" strategy, because this money-growing move pays you steady yields running as high as 15%. And since it's hinged on rising oil and gas, the share values themselves should also go up.

You couldn't even get this on the U.S. market until 2005. Before that, the share values alone had already shot up 250%. Meanwhile, just holding this would have cut your losses against the falling dollar by 45% — meaning the real gain is even higher.

My colleagues and I are convinced it's just starting its run.

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Financial Survival Strategy #5: The Single Best "Profit Parachute" Play to Make as Financial Stocks Hit Bottom

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Here's a bonus: To "save" the markets — and especially his old friends at the financial companies — Fed Chief Ben Bernanke will have no choice but to kill the market for U.S. Treasuries.

That's why, inside your free copy of The Single Best "Profit-Parachute" Play to Own as Financial Stocks Fall Apart, we've also included a second "parachute" move specially designed to take off as Treasuries go bust.

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Financial Survival Strategies #6 and #7:  Double-Barreled Protection — and up to 900% Returns — As the U.S. Dollar Gasps Its Last

Look, even the lunkheads in Washington know they can't destroy the dollar forever.

But that doesn't mean they're not going to try — after all, throwing piles of cash onto the bonfire is the only way they figure they can prop up the markets and economy.

It's inflate or deflate...and given the choice, they've picked inflation.

That means every dollar you hold gets weaker. But what if you could make as much as 10 times your money as the value of the U.S. dollar falls apart?

You can find out how in the fourth free report I want to send, called simply The "Dying Dollar" Protection Strategy. Inside, you'll find two classic hedges against the plunging purchasing power of U.S. cash. As cash gets weaker, these two moves go up. That's how it should work if my colleagues and I are right about the shocking facts we show you inside.

Both these hedges have climbed since last July. So this is something you'll want to move on sooner, rather than later. But here's the real bonus: There's a third crashing dollar" play you'll find inside.

If the dollar dips as low as we expect it to...and gold hits the heights it could easily hit...this third special hedge could soar to as much as 10 times today's current value.

Could it happen?

Keep in mind that while greenbacks have plunged in value by almost half since 2000, gold has tripled already. But there's plenty more move left.

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Everything You Get With Your Emergency Financial Survival Kit

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Strategic Survival Tool #1: The Triple-Edged Housing Hedge: Three Solid Layers of Protection Against the Next Wave of Falling Property Prices to make up to 400% gains on the coming commercial property to multiply money during an economic slowdown...and the one fund to own as junk bonds go bust.

Strategic Survival Tool #2: The Dividend "Paycheck" Strategy: How to Lock in Yields Income as High as 15% or Higher Lock in dividend "paychecks" that regularly return as much as 15% on your money...with potential to soar higher as energy prices go up. Added bonus: The shares can also soar — by as much as 250% in the recent past.

Strategic Survival Tool #3: The Single Best "Profit-Parachute" Play to Own as Financial Stocks Fall Apart As already-battered financial stocks race to the bottom, this one play could skyrocket. And here's an extra: As a desperate Fed kills the Treasury market, own this "inverse mirror" fund and watch it go up.

Strategic Survival Tool #4: The "Dying Dollar" Protection Strategy Inflation eats savings, but these three moves could rebuild them again, many times over — including one move that could give back as much as 10 times every dollar invested.

And then, there's one more bonus report...

Bonus Strategic Survival Tool #5: The Ultimate Safety Net: Cashing in on the New Nikkei Boom Ahead. If you feel as if today's gloom will never end, don't give up yet. See, what we're going through now...Japan went through almost 17 years ago. Property prices fell as much as 90%. Japanese shares went up in flames. Even pushing interest rates to zero made no difference.

But Japan is finally on the brink of recovery. Japanese consumers have started spending again. They're borrowing and rebuilding the economy, too. Getting back in now could be like getting into U.S. shares just before the recovery in the 1980s.

In this fifth free bonus report, The Ultimate Safety Net: Cashing in on the New Nikkei Boom Ahead, you can read all the details. How good could it get? If my team is right, this could be an easy double for anybody invested.

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