Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Decade: Buy Gold. This Decade: Buy Energy.

It's not technically a new decade yet. But if the trade of the last decade was to sell stocks and buy gold, then maybe the best trade for the next ten years is to sell bonds and buy energy. Gas, coal, oil, conventional, unconventional, renewable, alternative. You have a whole portfolio of choices.

By the way, last year at the Agora Wealth Symposium in Vancouver, one of our colleagues took the stage to point out that your editor was complete moron. In this particular case, it was for being bullish on gold.

He said that gold hadn't done much adjusted for inflation since 1980. What's more, he said that it's worth less ― adjusted for inflation ― than it was twenty years ago. How, he speculated, could anyone take the advice to buy gold seriously when it had performed so abysmally?

Well here are the facts. The gold price bottomed in October of 2000 at $263.80. At that time, the S&P 500 traded at 1,379. Since then, the S&P 500 has fallen by 31% (closing yesterday at 942.43) while the gold price is up 262% to $956.

We've asked Kris Sayce to bring this small fact to the attention of our colleague when he attends this year's Vancouver show next month. The theme of this year's show is "Ten Years of Reckoning," celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Daily Reckoning. Kris will be spearheading the Australian delegation. More details on that later this month.

In any event, it seems pretty obvious, that for the last ten years anyway, selling stocks and buying gold would have been a good trade/strategy. Stocks ended an 18-year bull market in 2000 and gold ended a 20-year bear market. One asset class was at a cyclical low. The other was at a cyclical high. In fact, you might even say that one was at a generational low and the other was at a generational high.

Gold is no longer as low as it once was. But it's still not as high as we expect it to go before it starts to look foolish. Meanwhile, today's government bond market looks an awful lot like the stock market circa 2000. You're seeing a generational high in bonds. It's another version of the "high-low" strategy.

This time around, though, we would add energy stocks to the mix, along with gold. Crude oil climbed to an eight-month high over $70 on Tuesday. Bloomberg says the weakness in the U.S. dollar is, "bolstering the appeal of energy as an alternative investment." Sell bonds, buy energy. Pretty simple.

There is probably some truth to the fact that oil's latest move is driven by investment demand more than, say, demand growth in the real economy. But investors ARE looking for ways to profit from U.S. dollar weakness. Oil is liquid and popular. In the long-run, it's the smaller-than-expected oil supply growth that will drive the market.

One thing Kris will probably be making clear to U.S. dollar-based investors is just how relatively attractive Australia's position is in the developed world. "Even as Australia's challenges increase, it will still be the envy of the developed world," writes William Pesek at Bloomberg. "Even in its worst moments... Australia is among the least unsightly economies anywhere," he adds rather optimistically. We'll see about that.

Finally, we meant to write a bit about other possibilities in China today. That is, we were going to explore collapse scenarios (financial, political, and societal). But we did not realize it would be ambitious to try that in a few hundred words. So look for something more considered later this week in the essay spot.

And there you have it, Shooters. Dan Denning is officially not going to be in Vancouver nor will he be on the Whiskey Bar panel.

We won't get to see Dan walk onstage with a bikini top this year, but I'm sure it's still going to be a hoot. Read more here.

More bad news: Patrick Cox will not be tending the bar this week…but you will learn below why my knee's perfect health is so vital to me and why I'm so willing to be a stem cell test subject.

Now to your letters! We'll start with the outpouring of response to Linda Brady Traynham's report on the coming tobacco legislation…

Hear, hear!  The federal government just increased cigarette prices here about a dollar a pack (to pay for SCHIP, do it for the children!). Now it's over $100 for 2 cartons and that's in the cheapest areas of the state. The CA state legislature is supposedly debating whether to add another $5 or another $9 to each carton.  It was worse when I visited AZ a couple months ago, over $8 a pack and that was before the fed tax kicked in.  The level of hypocrisy is astounding, what will they do when we all are forced to quit?  My wife and I were looking at over $300 a month to continue smoking so we are quitting at the moment. However we are getting crankier and crankier and purchasing loads of 12-gauge and .45 ACP ammo with the money we save. I got a ticket for a seatbelt violation the other day for pulling out from a parking lot onto the road way as I put the seatbelt on. I was wearing the seatbelt when I was pulled over.  I have just about had it with this level of crap from government. I have lived my life far more responsibly than the fed or state government, but they are determined to criminalize us all in one manner or another.

Thanks for writing.

Hi Gary and Linda,

In response to Linda's Wednesday essay on tobacco taxation and regulation, I wouldn't worry too much about the economic effects of what I agree is the true goal ― prohibition.

People are accustomed to tobacco being relatively cheap, and there will be a relatively low limit on their tolerance for tax-and-regulation driven price increases.  This will put a natural and rather low ceiling on the revenue that the Washington pirates can realize from tobacco.  No matter, because a far more lucrative prospect is on the horizon.  One which, coincidentally enough, is also consumed by smoking it.

Ounce for ounce, marijuana on the black market (and is there any other at the moment?) is far more expensive than tobacco.  Our enterprising masters in DC, in their never-ending and increasingly desperate quest for plunder, will eventually realize that they could legalize pot, establish a price significantly lower than today's and composed predominantly of taxes, and literally make out like the bandits they are.

It will start with low-key trial balloons from the government "health" establishment, calling into question through "new and more advanced research" the previous declarations from that same establishment which declared the unequivocal menace of marijuana.  A wise investment strategy might be to short tobacco companies for the immediate future, but to take said trial balloons as a sign to go long.  After all, who will be better equipped for large-scale production of cannabis for purposes other than Woody Harrelson's hemp sandals?  Note carefully that this will have exactly nothing to do with the God-given right of every competent adult human being to decide for him/herself what substances will be ingested into his/her own private and personal body.

I'm calling it:  Within 10 years, tobacco will be a prohibited substance (and for that reason a black-market bonanza) while reefer (with a government-certified THC content) will line the shelves behind the cash registers of every Quikkie Mart in America. 

BTW, I appreciate Linda's byline from "The Republic of Texas."  I hope to live long enough to earn the privilege of citizenship in said independent Republic, under the benevolent guidance of President Ron Paul.

Best regards to all of the Agora crew!

Many happy returns. And thank you for writing. See you in Texas!

Gary, as a physician, I believe that anyone who chooses to smoke is a bit addled, but as a constitutionalist I will ardently defend his choosing to do so, although I would prefer that he do it somewhere I'm not.

Sounds pretty good to me.

I agree with Linda.  But, when I first heard of this bill, I read that RJR and Altria were in favor. This seemed odd of course, so I searched it out.  The bill also proposes that cigarettes would be deemed "unmailable".  This means that folks who buy smokes online or by mail order from Native Americans or tobacco co-ops will no longer to do so.  Of course this would pretty much put them out of business and largely favor "big tobacco".  And then of course there is the loss of revenue to the Postal Service.  A legal, taxed product that cannot be mailed.  Freedom is going up in smoke.

Freedom's always going up in smoke. I have some scientific evidence that indicates that 90% of humanity is genetically inclined to hate individuality and personal liberty. A small minority of us is born with a tendency to do as much for ourselves as possible and only trade fairly for what we don't have or can't do ourselves…without the force of the state behind us.

We'll discuss the evidence I have and my conclusions another time…

I drink on a regular basis and I welcome increased taxes on alcohol and believe smoking, sugar, corn syrup, etc should be taxed more too.  These are luxuries and also lead to health problems so I have no problems with an added tax.  If the government tried to outlaw them completely that would be problematic but as long as there is choice I see no reason to complain about some people scaling back or being priced out of a luxury good.  If you believe everyone is entitled to luxuries then maybe the government should subsidize yachts, luxury cars, etc so everyone can get one. 

A better solution than higher taxes on smokes would be to ban anyone that smokes from using government assisted healthcare for any illness/condition that has a high probability of being caused by smoking.  You can get treatment if you can pay out of your pocket otherwise it's between you and God. 

The same could be done with all the illegal drugs.  Make them legal, tax them and refuse government sponsored medical care to anyone with a history of drug use that is probable in the cause of the condition.  The government could grow revenue, reduce medical, court, prison, and police expenses all at the same time.  Next stop the wars, reduce military spending and we can make a big dent in the budget shortfall.  I realize more is needed but it is a damn good start from where I sit. 

It should be pretty damned obvious to all your Shooters that in this bar we really don't care what you put in your body ― nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, crack, smack, needles, razors… We just don't think it's anybody's business but yours.

But then you have people who think like this…

I don't smoke and I resent the hell out of having smokers foul my air.  I have a right to breathe clean air and they really don't have a right to foul the air I must breathe.  Your comments are full of venum.  I hope this reaches you because with these kinds of comments, I really want to respond.  I have a lot to say.  They can tax it all they want and I could care less.  By the way, I live in North Carolina and the health benefit the state pays to care for sick smokers amounts to more than the industry pays the state.

"But your nasty smoke is fouling my air." And the nasty exhaust from millions of vehicles and industrial civilization in general are polluting my atmosphere and warming my earth (maybe…I guess…). You don't see me complaining.

When I left NYC, smoking had been illegal in bars for a couple of years. So instead of the smoke remaining in the bar (where the patrons CHOOSE to go and ingest drugs on enclosed private property), all the smokers were forced by law to spill onto the street and blow their smoke into the faces of passersby.

No big deal because Congress will soon mandate that all smokers be rounded up and shot anyway. This is Modern America, after all! No one will have the right to do anything that has the potential to annoy other people…on pain of taxes and eventually death.

Now for the final word on this in today's Shot…but first a little explanation…

Your editor recently began a competitive powerlifting career after years of trying to get bigger and stronger in the gym. He spends an inordinate amount of time actually training and posting on training forums on the Internet.

If one trains seriously with a barbell, then by now one would have heard about Mark Rippetoe. A few years ago Coach Rippetoe co-authored a book by Dr. Lon Kilgore called Starting Strength that has gone on to become THE book on the form and mechanics of the basic barbell lifts, particularly the most important lift in the universe: the barbell back squat.

Coach Rippetoe is an avowed classical liberal from the Republic of Texas with an inimitable style and a way of phrasing tings. His online forum focuses on training, but he often allows the occasional political thread to blossom. Smoking and training came up a while back.

Here were Coach Rippetoe's last words on it, edited for more delicate readers. The emphases are mine…

Just so you'll know, I hate smoking. My parents smoked and I remember being a powerless little kid in the back seat unable to breathe. It stinks, it creates trash that I seem to always have to pick up, it causes health problems (which of course are your own business unless your f*****g government makes me help pay for them), and it adversely affects performance. I grew up with people that smoked, and I think that the VAST majority of people who smoke started because "their friends were all doing it", and that the VAST majority of people who still smoke do so because they are pussies who cannot make themselves quit (I'm sure that there are ex-smokers here that will have an opinion about that). I had to watch my father die of COPD because of smoking, having been rendered rather useless for several years prior. Nobody hates it worse than I do.

The ONLY thing I hate worse than smoking is the government telling me that I can't, in whatever form this coercion may take. If you want to "enjoy" your tobacco, go ahead. "Enjoy" it wherever you want to and wherever the owner of the private property allows you to. And God Damn to Hell the busybodies who want to make laws that tell me how I have to use my property that I paid for and pay taxes to keep. The post office and the municipal building are one thing, but local bars and restaurants, and even my gym, are quite another.

I realize that this is a different discussion, or that at least it should be, but don't confuse my hatred for your bad habit with a desire to keep you from doing it. I just wish it killed you faster so I didn't have to smell it as long. But I would NEVER use the power of government to make you act like I wanted you to.

Not much more I can add to that…except this…

Whiskey tenet number four: Taxes are either theft or coercion, usually both.

We got some response to that abiotic oil issue, too, but I think we've argued enough today. We'll be returning to the topic very, very soon, however.

Byron King will be stopping by tomorrow to show us how very hard oil is to get in the first place. Hope to see you then.

Beat the Market Without Penny Stocks

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Trading in the actual underlying best stocks to buy is more risky, as more of your money is on the line when you purchase a best stock. You can buy an options contract for as little as $100 and see it double in price in a short period of time. You certainly don't see stock prices of 2010 doubling very often or witness the spectacular gains in stock prices that you do in options.

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And that's what makes option trading a real profit shield against disasters and world events...hurricanes, oil shortages, high gas prices, terror bombings, sluggish consumer sales...whatever! If the best stock market goes bearish, then I start looking for puts to recommend to take advantage of the down market.

And we've seen some pretty hefty wins on puts recently. Take a look:

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The BIG advantage to you is that you don't need to be a financial wizard or have large sums of money to participate. Remember, you can purchase an option for as little as $100!

The disadvantage is that options are wasting assets. And if the underlying security doesn't move enough to give you real value before a specified date, your options will expire worthless. It is a risk...but you're only out the price of the option.

Here's a play from 2007 I recommended that shows you the power of Super-Leverage at work:

On September 17, 2007, I recommended to my readers that they..."Buy the Johnson & Johnson January $65 call, for $200 or less, good this week".

What this means is that I'm recommending readers buy one options contract at $200 (or less) for 100 shares of Johnson and Johnson stock at $65 a share sometime before the third Friday in January. Options always expire on the third Friday of the month.

Now, if the Johnson & Johnson stock climbs higher than $65, your option starts to increase in value. Why? Because you have the option to buy them at $65 a share when others are willing to buy them at a much higher price.

Say Johnson & Johnson rises to $70...that means you can "exercise" your option and buy 100 shares at $6,500 and sell them for $7,000, for $500 in profit minus the $200 (or less) you paid for the option - or $300 net profit. Not bad - a 4% potential return on your investment!

But if you sell the $65 call option (instead of exercising it), in fact you could have sold your option outright for a maximum of $425 and pocketed a return of 112%! Since I suggest a $5,000 investment, at a 112% return, you could have sold it for $5,600 in net profits.

Now that's Super-Leverage, and why options are so profitable...and why you need to risk only $5,000 on my one weekly recommendation.

Here are a few more plays I recommended that produced the HUGE Super-Leverage gains in just a few days, like Mr. Carson's:

Coca-Cola Sept $55 calls, 206% in 8 days

FedEx October $100 puts, 52% in 1 day

Exxon Mobil May $80 calls, 107% in 4 days

UPS July $70 put, 48% in 1 day.

You see why there's no need to buy a lot of options and risk a large amount of your money and hope for one big win to make up for all the losses. I closely look for the one option to buy each week that can make you huge profits in a short time. It's my full-time job...not yours.

My dad Paul Sarnoff was one of the legends in options trading for more than 40 years. Wall Street turned to my dad for the best in options trading advice. He is to options what Warren Buffett is to best stocks to buy - a genius! In fact, it was my dad who started Options Hotline, his private options advisory service available only to a select few, back in 1989.

About 30 years ago, my dad brought me into the "family business" - sort of a Sarnoff & Son. For years, I literally soaked up every word he ever spoke about trading options for big profits. I watched him trade. I listened carefully to his reasons. I analyzed his every pick. I did what he did. It was awesome to watch a master trader at work.

As his apprentice, I saw firsthand how my dad raked in profits. And I'll always remember what my dad said to me nearly every day: "Son, options are the best...perhaps the only way to get rich very quickly."

While I was learning trading secrets from my dad, I also earned my college degree, worked on the floor of the Commodity Exchange and founded my own research company, developing my own charting and analytical techniques to build on what my father had taught me.

In 1995, Dad asked me to join him as co-editor of Options Hotline. I was proud that this options genius felt I was ready to join him as his equal. Sadly, my dad passed away in 1999, but his legacy lives on through me and the ongoing success of Options Hotline.

My first solo recommendation was Barrick Gold calls on Oct. 24, 1999. Not my best pick, with a 100% loss, but I made up for it with my next four picks ...

Home Depot calls, 289%

AMEX calls, 150%

Disney calls, 315%

Cisco calls, 386%.

In fact, my next thirteen recommendations were all double- and triple-digit winners!

As a subscriber to Options Hotline, you'll get more than 50 years of my dad's options experience...combined with my over 30 years of technical analysis...for 80 years of options experience you can depend on to give you the winning picks.

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To pick the steadily consistent winners, it takes me a week of painstaking research. I thoroughly study the market technicals, the economy and the impact of events upon the market's direction. I diligently research the companies whose underlying best stock to buy is the foundation of our options picks.

It's why I only make one solid recommendation at the end of the week. It's the one pearl among swine. And it's why my track record is so good. Quality, not quantity.

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This all-around diversity immediately minimizes your investment risk, so you're never heavily weighted in one area of the market. In other words, your investment eggs are all over the place...dodging risks and discovering profits.

And I also employ a unique charting system with a proprietary computer screening program that I personally developed that allows me to be just a little bit "prophetic" in picking the options that can return single, double and triple the gains...90-100% of the time! I am unable to reveal the details of these systems, but again, you can see that they work on my undistorted Pick-by-Pick Proof Sheet.

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The Proof Is in the NUMBERS. Take a Look at...Steve Sarnoff's Options Hotline 2006-2008 Pick-by-Pick Gain Sheet
Here's a complete list of Steve's closed picks since his last loserback in November 2006.
Gains range from 4% to 611%. Judge the six-figure results for yourself.


Date Recommended


Play Recommended


$ Risked


% Gain/Loss*


$ Gain/Loss

November 12, 2006

Plantronics February $20 call




November 19, 2006

Bristol-Myers March $25 call




December 3, 2006

American Standard April $45 call




December 3, 2006

J.C. Penny January $75 put




December 10, 2006

Alcoa January $30 call




January 8, 2007

Microsoft July $30 call




January 22, 2007

Newmont Mining June $45 call




February 2, 2007

Cameco March $40 call




February 5, 2007

Intel July $22.50 call




February 12, 2007

Allstate April $60 put




February 26, 2007

Monsanto April $55 put




March 5, 2007

TLT September $89 put




March 12, 2007

Panera May $60 call




March 19, 2007

Pan American Silver July $30 call




March 26, 2007

QQQQ June $45 call




April 2, 2007

Boeing April $90 put




April 16, 2007

Exxon Mobil May $80 call




April 23, 2007

UST October $60 put




April 30, 2007

UPS July $70 put




May 7, 2007

DIA July $130 put




May 14, 2007

Toyota July $120 call




May 21, 2007

Verizon October $45 call




June 4, 2007

Schlumberger August $80 call




June 11, 2007

3M July $85 put




June 18, 2007

Target October $65 call




June 25, 2007

Hecla January 2008 $7.50 call




July 9, 2007

General Electric December $40 call




July 16, 2007

Merrill Lynch August $90 call




August 2, 2007

Coca-Cola September $55 call




August 6, 2007

MetLife September $60 put




August 20, 2007

DIA September $130 put




August 27, 2007

Newmont Mining December $45 call




September 9, 2007

Citigroup October $45 put




September 17, 2007

Johnson & Johnson January $65 call




September 24, 2007

FedEx October $100 put




October 1, 2007

Disney January $35 call




October 8, 2007

Marathon Oil November $60 call




October 16, 2007

Amgen January $60 call




October 29, 2007

SPY November $152 put




November 12, 2007

Merrill Lynch December $55 call




November 19, 2007

Starbucks January $25 call




December 17, 2007

Walmart March $50 call




December 26, 2007

SPY January $150 call




January 14, 2008

Barrick February $50 put




January 21, 2008

Wells Fargo April $25 call




January 28, 2008

Caterpillar March $65 put




February 3, 2008

QQQQ April $47 call




February 11, 2008

Barrick Gold March $50 call




February 25, 2008

Wachovia April $35 call




March 3, 2008

Chubb March $50 put




March 11, 2008

Baxter April $57.50 put




March 30, 2008

DuPont July $50 call




April 6, 2008

Crocs June $20 call




April 13, 2008

CSX August $55 put




April 20, 2008

Qualcomm May $42.50 put




April 27, 2008

Newmont Mining June $45 put




May 11, 2008

Chevron June $95 put




May 20, 2008

Duke Realty September $25 call




May 25, 2008

Citigroup July $20 put




June 14, 2008

General Electric July $30 call




June 22, 2008

JP Morgan Sept. $40 call




June 29, 2008

Cigna August $35 call




July 13, 2008

SPY August $125 call




July 20, 2008

Coca Cola November $50 call




July 27, 2008

TLT December $88 put




August 17, 2008

SPY October $130 put




August 31, 2008

Cisco October $25 put




September 5, 2008

Exxon October $75 call




September 14, 2008

Goldcorp January $30 call




September 21, 2008

QQQQ December $43 put




October 22, 2008

QQQQ November $30 put




October 24, 2008

Intel December $15 call




November 2, 2008

General Electric December $20 call




November 2, 2008

QQQQ December $32 put




November 9, 2008

Caterpillar December $40 call




November 16, 2008

Wal-Mart December $50 put




December 7, 2008

Archer Daniel Midland March $30 call




December 14, 2008

Bristol-Myers March $25 call




December 21, 2008

TLT January $120 put




2006-2008 TOTAL GAINS: $582,275.63

If you enjoy the thought of making six-figure gains every year, then you're cordially invited to join my small, elite group of subscribers and start making gains from options trading. Just one investment a week and $5,000 per trade is all you need to trade your way to a million dollars in a few short years.

*DID NOT TRIGGER means the price I recommended buying the option at was not
reached, therefore a trade could not have been placed or triggered.

Please Note:
Gains are based on all triggered picks, assuming exit point at peak option value. Percent gain represents the percentage change at the subsequent high value, from the trigger price. Profit calculations do not factor in commissions and taxes. Any dates not mentioned in the portfolio signify weeks when the bulletin was not published. All other dates and recommendations are included.

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Introducing the Energy Internet

"$700 billion in new electricity generation will be needed over the next 20 years."

"Overall transmission modernization, including new higher capacity lines along with the communications technology, could cost as much as $1 trillion."

"A promise of $4.5 billion in economic recovery money for smart grid development, much of it going to help pay for installing new meters, has produced a rush by utilities and technology companies to start or accelerate projects."

All that came from just one Associated Press story this week.  

You think there's a bit of interest in the smart grid?

Everyone's trying to get a piece of this thing.  

For investors like me (and my readers), who have seen this coming for a while, taking profits has never been easier.  It's really been like shooting fish in a barrel.  We've had more double-digit winners in 2009 than weeks in the year.

And the media is pumping up the smart grid like crazy. . . selling it like an infomercial.

Here's how the AP categorized business interest in the opportunity:

"Hundreds of technology companies, fledgling venture capitalists, longtime corporate icons and almost every major electric utility company want to be part of [smart] grid modernization."

Given the serious implications for savvy investors, you should want to be a part of it as well.  

This Is the Energy Internet

The technology the smart grid will usher in is also making mainstream news.

Here's how the same AP article described the future you've been waiting for:

. . . Home thermostats and individual appliances that adjust automatically based on the cost of power, and water heaters that can draw power from a neighbor's rooftop solar panel. They see a time when, on a scorching hot day, a plug-in hybrid electric car charges one minute and a few moments later sends electricity back into the grid to help avert a brownout.
Also coming are utilities that get instant feedback on a transformer outage or shift easily among energy sources from wind turbines to coal-burning power plants and back to the turbines when the wind begins to blow again.

And, from miles away, power companies will peer into homes and businesses, then automatically lower thermostats or adjust power use, depending on demand and prearranged agreements.

Indeed, the technology is impressive. Bob Gilligan, a VP at GE, says, "It's the marriage of information technology and automation technology with the existing electricity network. This is the energy Internet."

And according to Michael Jung, director of the highly successful smart grid start-up Silver Spring Networks, "The hurdles are not technological. They're really policy hurdles."

But even those are being worked on as Uncle Sam shows his support for the smart grid.  

The stimulus alone dedicated $4.5 billion to the cause.  And the DoE recently opened the funding gates when they raised the individual grant limit to $200 million. . . from just $20 million.

Plus, the energy bill working its way through Congress contains a minimum nationwide efficiency standard that will bolster the effort.

Bureaucratic bigwigs are also flexing their muscle.  Obama and Biden have offered dozens of sound bites on the subject. Energy Secretary Chu has called implementing the smart grid an "urgent national priority."

That's not the only thing that's urgent— so is staking your claim.

I'm not joking when I say some of these smart grid stocks have gained 300% since Obama was elected. Take a look:

smart grid stocks

I've guided Alternative Energy Speculator readers to multiple double-digit wins in this sector.

Top Stocks Make You Ultra-Wealthy

Penny stocks are always good for drastic price movements. That's why they have the unique ability to double or triple in value within hours.

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And I'll show you my complete research. All my interviews.

First — let's be clear on something right from the start — here's what I mean when I say you could be on the verge of "ultra-wealth"…

"Ultra-wealth" is you having endless piles of cash....

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Today, I'll introduce you to the people who can make it happen — for you.

Let's get started…

You're Seconds Away From Your Shot at Life-Changing Ultra-Wealth

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It's a lot to handle. I know. So first, let me put all this in context.

Because you may be only #64 in the world to know… it's important you get this right. Why?

Time is critical here… parts of what I'll show you are extremely time-sensitive.

So critical, in fact, that your reply by Midnight on Friday, May 15 is essential.

I'll give you the details on why that date is so important in just a second. 

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But first, here's some real-world implications of what I'm about to tell you…

What you're about to read is the product of my years of research into the shocking technologies that will soon change our lives. In fact, some of what you'll read today is already changing lives… and fortunes.

My readers understand this. So when I say only "63 people in the world know why…" the six tiny companies I'll reveal will change the world, of course I'm leaving some people out. The 63 people I'm referring to are executives at each of these six companies — the ones who are in the absolute best position to know exactly how much potential their companies have.

But consider this — I've had CEOs and CFOs go on the record with me — and they've so much as admitted that they deeply understand the work their own company is doing, but they're completely in the dark as to what other companies in their field may be up to.

My job gives me unique access to talk to ALL these CEOs and CFOs — all the research people — so I can wrap up all their work in reports like this one…

So while it may be more than "63" folks currently "in-the-know" — it's no overstatement to say that only a critical few understand the full implications, and profit potential, of what you'll read today. It may actually be 100 people, or 250 people, or maybe more. Today, you can join them — and begin to build ultra-wealth from these incredible ideas.

Imagine How Different Your Life Would Be If…

Imagine how different your life would be if you could step back in time…

And take a seat alongside Thomas Edison in 1879 at his Menlo Park lab.

How your life, and fortunes would be drastically different…

Here's my point: You wouldn't have had to invent the light bulb.

It would've been enough to simply soak in the ideas. And then to take decisive action and invest as the world-changing ideas you'd learned about changed humanity…

That's exactly the power you have today — the power to make a FORTUNE.

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So why not jump on at the earliest stages and maximize your life-changing profits? It's an easy choice when you consider the potential. Potential like…

Sitting in on meetings with IBM computer brass in late 1961 — months before the company went public.

How much was their "inside" scoop worth? … Billions.

Or NASA scientists in the mid-60s. What if you knew who would supply the parts to send men to the moon, well ahead of time… how rich would that have made you?

I confess — what you're about to see today is just as shocking, and potentially more lucrative, than going to the moon.

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Yes, work that will change the world is underway — right now.

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Here's What the 63 With the Real Story Already Know — and Why It Could Make You Ultra-Wealthy

The revolutionary change you're about to see is already well under way.

It has the power to change every life on the planet — and make a select-few folks like you incredibly rich. Now here it is…

Scientists are close to figuring out how to make the body heal itself.

I'm talking about making the body heal itself quickly, painlessly, and naturally — harnessing the potential stored deep inside each of us…

It's the power to cure disease. The power to PREVENT disease. And the power to eliminate aging…

In fact, much of what I'll show you today is already in testing. Plus, six companies I'll share with you today control some of the most important breakthroughs…

Some of this work is about to hit the stocks market for 2010. Today I'll tell you all about it…

Someday very soon, if a person has a heart attack, that person could be able to receive a simple, painless shot that rebuilds his heart.

So it's good like new. Clean, YOUNG, healthy, and strong. As good as a new heart.

Now here's the shocking part…

Scientists could be able to build the shot that repairs and rebuilds hearts by taking a small blood sample.

Or lifting a few pieces of hair from a person's head. But that's still not the best part…

One day, the process could be as easy as going out to get a cup of coffee.

A machine will take a patient's small blood or hair sample.

A few seconds later, the machine could spit out a formula into a syringe — and inside the syringe could be the cellular tools to repair and rebuild any number of organs…

The liver. Kidneys. Lungs. Heart. Brain… you name it.

The science can rebuild skin. Cartilage. Tendons.

I'm talking about practical immortality. I'm talking about the potential for radically increased lifespan — making 75 the new 40.

Imagine the market… imagine the profits.

Imagine how this technology will change medicine. Forever.

It's a new frontier of cures — completely personalized to each patient. 

Keep in mind too — what I'll show you today isn't just to help repair and rebuild organs damaged by disease — it's to make the old person's body truly young again.

It isn't crazy. It isn't far-fetched. It's the stocks market story of the century…

…and it's already underway.

The implications of this science are as far-reaching as anything mankind has ever discovered.

That's because every living human could potentially take advantage of it. 

There is no one alive that this technology can't help.

That's why it's bigger than the light bulb.

It's going to be more lucrative than computers.

And it's more shocking than America placing a man on the moon… and six tiny companies are behind it all… companies I want to share with you TODAY.

True, you're going to have to move fast, because what's happening right now in "life-extension sciences" is bigger and more important that any political boundary…

…More revolutionary than any short-term market story. More life and world-changing than any story in history…

Not only can this technology cure disease — it has the potential to WIPE OUT many of the problems associated with aging… like high cholesterol, memory loss… the list is endless, inescapable… revolutionary…

The profit windup is just getting started… and it could receive a huge boost on Friday, May 15. I'll tell you all about it…

First, here's why it's so important that you're on the inside of this ticket to ultra-wealth…

Revealed: The Most Important — And Profitable  — Scientific Breakthrough In History

So how does it feel to be on the inside?

More importantly, are you ready to get rich?

The implications of what I'm describing are as huge as anything mankind has ever seen… and six tiny companies control all the most important technology…

Today, I will tell you all about these six companies. I will show you everything I know — all my research — all my interviews.

In fact, if you respond before Midnight on Friday, May 15 — I'll send you my newest report 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth where you'll learn all the details on this breakthrough — such as…

Which amazing company is led by a man who was awarded a Nobel Prize just a few years ago

Which company just received a huge, $4.7 million grant to further refine their research and testing

Plus all the details on yet another company that just signed a lucrative agreement with a big pharma firm that could be worth billions.

I'll give you all the details on why you must reply by Midnight on Friday, May 15 and how you can get your own copy of 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth in just a moment…

See… all this news is coming together so fast — I have so much more I have to show you right now…

Now here's the scientific background —

You know that our bodies are incredibly complex.

It's not an overstatement to say how our bodies work is as complex as the forces that keep the stars in the sky…

And all throughout human history, we've fought to understand more about ourselves.  About what makes our bodies work.

For millennia, progress was slow… we made breakthroughs in fits and starts.

Vaccine technology — like for Polio in 1952, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Decades later, imaging technology began to allow doctors and scientists to peer deeper and deeper into our bodies.

And what was once done by hand — such as heart surgery — only first pioneered in November 1944 — began to receive the help of technology…

Today — with ultra-advanced microscopes and what's called "molecularly precise" manufacturing, scientists are close to figuring out how to use our own cells to cure us of disease.

So rather than relying on some outside treatment — the future of medicine will be in figuring out how to make your body heal itself…

And rejuvenate itself. Without surgery or any invasive procedure… Now here's my confession…

Costs at market for what I'll show you will be incredible at first. Only rich people will be able to afford them. (I'll introduce you to some of these folks in just a minute…)

Eventually, if the technology becomes widespread, the costs will come down.

Everyone could get the cures they need.

The world will change.

People might not die from the most deadly diseases we know today…


That's how you could become rich. Because you're in on it early. Before the crowd.

You have a chance to make the bulk of your profits while margins are incredibly high…

And progress will only continue to build… FASTER and FASTER.

It's called Moore's Law. Progress accelerates. Miracles develop seemingly overnight. 

Just like you saw in that tiny, over-simplified timeline of medical advances I just showed you…

That's what's happening right now. Progress is building…faster and faster.

In fact, I'm convinced this is the most exciting time EVER to be alive.

And to get very, very rich. How?

By taking a small stake in the six companies I reveal to you in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth.

That's the full potential you have TODAY by being on the inside…

But, again — if you're interested in ultra-wealth — I must hear from you by Midnight, Friday, May 15.

There's a shocking announcement set for the night before — and it's the moment when your ultra-wealth might begin…

Before I give you those details, however, let's step back for a second and look at just one part of the body — and the enormous potential these cures have to change our world… very soon…

How One Part of the Body Dominates Medicine — And Your Chance At Ultra-Wealth

At this very moment — 30% of all worldwide deaths are because of heart attacks or some other heart problem.

The technology I'm describing could give 70-year olds strong, healthy, robust, young hearts.

Imagine being 70. And having the heart of a 29-year-old.

Yes, I'm talking about rebuilding hearts — after heart attacks.

PLUS — the power to make sure younger folk never have heart attacks in the first place.

All from a simple, painless shot.

That's the deep promise behind the science I'm revealing today…

Imagine the full potential… Children born with heart defects? Not anymore.

Young folks cut down in the prime of their life due to a heart valve malfunction. Not anymore.

Older folks living in fear of heart attacks, cholesterol, stroke… not anymore.

It's closer than you think… in fact, the hidden story is that it's coming together so fast it could change the face of investing forever…

FACT: The Birth of Computer Technology Can't Hold a Candle to This Amazing Promise…

You remember the early days of the computer. 

In the 60's and 70's, you'd see huge computers the size of an entire room, requiring entire teams of highly trained people to constantly feed them data. 

And now, the tiny computer you're using to read this letter is far more powerful than that massive hunk of metal and wires…

The technology I'm describing today will build FASTER than computers did. In fact, it's happening even today… for example…

Another company I want to tell you all about in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth has a revolutionary psoriasis drug that just hit the best stocks market in Canada.

This company has 40 other drugs currently in testing.

Another company holds all the most important patents on pill delivery for what could develop into the best way to cure the body of its most terrible diseases…

Cancer. Alzheimer's. Parkinson's. Diabetes. MS — you name it.

The potential is unlimited.

Now, I admit, I'm only giving you the quick-hit "bullet point" version of the story here.

To get ticker symbols, full details on each company's groundbreaking work — and how you could start seeing your ultra-wealth profits as early as Friday, May 15 — I want you to agree to receive 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth.

Because — when you break down the implications one-by-one — the potential is so shocking…

Imagine CURING Alzheimer's with a pill. Or DESTROYING diabetes with a pill.

Or take the example from above — just imagine the profits from a radical new way to treat psoriasis. How much does that cost each year? In creams, treatments — diagnosis costs — you name it.

Imagine it all going away. And everyone who suffers from it being totally healthy.

TENS OF BILLIONS… in profits for people just like you.

The profits for those on board from the start could be astounding. The profits could change lives…

My point is this — these 63 folks with the inside scoop…

There's amazing work going on. Life-saving potential like humankind has never seen before…

YES — we're close to eliminating almost every disease — without drugs as we know them today, without side-effects…

PLUS — reversing aging, restoring youth… lengthening life spans…

And you're in on the ground floor. Because you're reading this note from me today…

I've talked to the CEOs and the head researchers. I've cross-checked their statements with my network of industry insiders…

I've traveled thousands of miles over the past several years to get all the major players to sit down with me…

I've talked to more scientists "in-the-know" than most researchers ever meet in their life…

And I have to admit — what I'm going to show you today… it reaches to the very top.

Roche, Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline — they're all involved.

So is the White House and some of the most famous investors in the world…

And I've done the digging — inside some of the minds of the 63 with the full story — and I'm breaking it all open for you today. Plus I want you to have the full story on how your profits could begin — which I'll gladly GIVE YOU — so long as you respond to this note before Midnight on Friday, May 15… and claim your exclusive copy of 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth.

I'll tell you the profitable recipe behind that date in just a moment… but right now, there's so much more I have to show you.

Like how this amazing profit wind-up is ALREADY UNDERWAY…

At This Very Moment, the World Is Changing — So Don't Let Time Run Out on Your Huge Gains…

We could very well be 24 months (or less) away from offshore availability of some of these cures…

This could happen whether or not the FDA gets on board and pushes these cures through testing and approval.

The force that's gathering right now…

It's bigger than any government. It's stronger than any objection. It's more powerful and lucrative than any fear…

In fact, on the morning of Monday, April 27, 2009 — President Barack Obama pledged to spend fully 3% of U.S. GDP on science and innovation… he said:

The question is, will you be a part of it? Will you be in position to grab the ultra-wealth this science promises?

I've already shown that it can't be stopped. This progress is so needed, so universal, that it's only a matter of time before it sweeps over the entire world. 

So that's why it's so urgent that you get in while it's still unknown and behind the curtain. 

Acting today is the difference between buying Microsoft in 1986 and turning $5,000 into over $1 million, or buying today — when it's already a mature company. That's how important this letter is to your financial future…

Act today, and you won't miss your chance for profits. You won't miss your shot at ultra-wealth.

Because you're now on the inside — and you're reading the most important letter you've ever read. This one.

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After that, millions could know about this. It might be too late for you to get in for the largest gains. That's why you must run with it while you can…

I'll give you all the details on that date in just a second. But first…

This Story Is Bigger Than Government — But Here's How the Gov't Benefits Your Profits

Now here's your key to profits… Patents.

Patents make it possible to pursue an idea — and if it pans out, the inventor gets paid.

Patents are protection. They're security.

The six companies I want to tell you all about today — they're patent RICH.

Development. Manufacturing platforms. Cure delivery. These companies control it all.

Yes, these could be some of the strongest patent-controlling companies, ever. Which only makes the technology they control that much more important.

Someday soon, Pfizer or Roche or Merck will come calling to these tiny, unknown companies in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth and want to use their technology…

What are these tiny companies going to say?

PAY UP. Which could only make you EVEN RICHER!

Patents, patents, patents. Hundreds of patents between all the involved companies.

It's amazing. And in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth, you'll see just how big this story really is…

Then you'll grasp just how lucrative your chance is today… and why being on the inside is your key to unstoppable ultra-wealth…

Now here's exactly how you can play these patent-rich little companies to rack up huge gains… right alongside the brilliant 63 folks on the inside…

The Ultra-Wealth Preparation Pack — The Most Lucrative Reading You'll Ever Do…But You Must Respond by Midnight, Friday, May 15

I've wrapped all my research — all my interviews — every bit of information I've gathered in what I call The Ultra-Wealth Preparation Pack… it comes in two volumes…

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PLUS… I have something else you simply must read before Midnight, Friday, May 15…

Interviews With A Few of the Brilliant 63 — Where you can read a direct transcript of my most recent interviews with a few of the folks behind the revolutionary technologies I'm describing today.

The quick-hit breakdown of just SOME of the potential you get with these tickers in your hand is staggering…

Nobel prize winning minds behind these companies
Huge recent grants for key research
Potential cures in testing as I write today
Promise that could some day eliminate nearly any disease — plus essentially REVERSE aging
The potential to repair and rebuild hearts, lungs, tendons, and cartilage

There's more… there's a ton more. I'm just getting started…

See — The Ultra-Wealth Preparation Pack is more than just these two reports…

I'll reveal it all in a minute…

Right now, I have press on, and get deeper inside this story. Get to the heart of the matter… and remember —

If you're interested in what I'm revealing, you must reply by Friday, May 15 at Midnight.

There's a major event scheduled for the night before… and you can only have a shot at the biggest profits if you're on the "inside" before then…

Here's the scoop — for your eyes only — since you're on the inside…

How You Could Start Raking in Life-Changing Gains as Early as Friday, May 15…

The CEO of the company with the power to potentially rebuild hearts is giving a presentation on the evening of Thursday, May 14.

This CEO's company appears in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth…

Plus — if you respond before Midnight, Friday, May 15 — you can also read an interview I conducted with him… in Interviews With A Few of the Brilliant 63.

Now, I don't know EXACTLY what his announcement will cover. That would be "inside info." I have a few guesses though…

It could be an announcement of a partnership. Or a new breakthrough.

Or maybe details on the multi-million dollar research grant his company just received…

Now, there's a good reason his announcement is so secretive.

You see, his company, (as well as the other five in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth) is so small — these cures so new — that the entire world must be told at once. 

Otherwise, there's no doubt the press would fumble the story — folks would invest foolishly, and the companies would see improper share price inflation…

By preparing you properly with the news, implications, and potential behind this amazing technology in The Ultra-Wealth Preparation Pack — I'm taking every step possible to help you make the REAL profits — the kind of profits that deliver ultra-wealth…

Whatever news this CEO releases — I'm convinced his announcement, in front of every major player in the industry, could be enough to propel his company to new heights.

Why am I so convinced?

Well, over 60 all-stars are presenting at this conference. From major pharma players — to award-winning research facilities…

And this brilliant researcher closes out the entire conference.

Keep in mind — he's the final speaker because he's a star among stars — some call him the "father" of this industry. I'll show you how strong his work is in just a moment.

The offer to speak last — to have the "last word" in front of the entire industry — it's a sign of respect from his peers. And I think he'll use this amazing platform to break some news.

News that could light up Wall Street as early as Friday, May 15. News that could be in every major financial newspaper — on all the shows.

It's only a matter of time until the media finally does catch on to these unprecedented disease-slaying and life-extending potential cures…

Point is — it's news that could put you on your path to incredible, life-changing gains.

Fast. For the potential to see the biggest profits, I need to hear from you by Midnight, Friday, May 15… 

So you can take the weekend to read the reports — and be in position to act first thing Monday morning. So you can certainly be ready to grab the biggest early profits…

First here's just a taste of what I know about this brilliant researcher…

A History of Groundbreaking Work…The Promise of Life-Changing Ultra-Wealth

Patents turn promise into profits. You know this.

Here's some of the details on this one researcher in particular, and how strong his patent library is.

If he discusses it during his remarks at the conference on the evening of May 14, the crowd could be shocked into silence…

I estimate the value of his patents today, right now, to be worth somewhere between $200 million and $1 billion.

They could be worth many, many times $1 billion — that's just a conservative estimate.

How much did he pay to grab these patents?

$1.2 million. He personally controls a patent library so large — the sky's the limit.

The heart shots I told you about? The exclusive process by which normal cells taken from your hair or skin become cells powerful enough to potentially cure disease?

Patents are in the works for each and every one of these breakthroughs.

Patents turn promise into profits. And his remarks on the evening of May 14 could start a wave of interest that begins your incredible ultra-wealth…

That's your bottom line, right there. Just $257 today could start a stream of ultra-wealth for you and your family — wealth that lasts for decades, for generations…

To get your hands on 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth PLUS my exclusive Interviews With A Few of the Brilliant 63 and be in position to see the biggest gains before the news breaks on Friday, May 15 — I must hear from you today…

First, however… I know I have to tell you all about myself…

I've Built My Career On Being "In Front of the Story" — For Over 25 Years

My name is Patrick Cox. I'm Editor of a cutting-edge technology research service called Breakthrough Technology Alert.

Maybe you've seen me on ABC's Nightline or CNN's Crossfire. Or maybe you've read my articles in The Wall Street Journal, or The Los Angeles Times.

I'm one of the most sought-after technology writers in America.

For example, I've written over 200 editorials for USA Today.

Now, I'm not trying to brag. In fact, besides writing about "in front of the story" ideas for over 25 years, I've also been in on the ground floor of quite a few.

My results? Well... you be the judge.

As publisher and editor of PC-SIG Magazine I wrote about topics like open-source and user-supported software, in 1987.

Most people outside the industry didn't even know what "software" was at the time.

Today, Microsoft alone makes $78 billion per year selling software. The industry overall sells hundreds of billions each year.

Later, I wrote presentations and speeches for the CEO of Netscape in the mid-1990s.

This was when Netscape was revolutionizing what it meant to "search the web".

And in 2000 and 2001, I wrote for an early example of what we now call "blogs."

This was for a site called Tom's Hardware Guide — the second-most visited PC hardware review site.

In just the last eight years, blogging has become it's own billion dollar industry.

By the time I moved on, my section of Tom's Hardware Guide had over one million visitors every day.

I helped increase annual revenues for the site by 500% — more than doubling traffic during my time there.

I've also consulted for countless other companies through the years — on topics ranging from Technology Development to Public Relations and Governmental Affairs.

I've seen a lot of money change hands. I've met many interesting people.

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Now, I promised I'd get right back to explaining the hard science behind these cures…

"I told people PCs would change the world when top consultants were saying the future was room-filling mainframes — and that people would never own personal computers.

Years later, I was a consultant in Silicon Valley at the dawn of the Internet age and told people that the Web would change the way we shopped plus utterly destroy old media.

Then, I predicted that search engines were the future and that all entertainment and literature would eventually come through your computers. I even quit my research work to help Netscape make it happen.

If you'd listened to me then and invested accordingly, you could be a multimillionaire now. So… it's your choice.

I invite you to look with me into the near future where modern medical miracles are going to blow away entire industries and make dreams you've never admitted come true."
Patrick Cox,
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But before we get to the shocking offer I want to share with you today — there's one more thing I must cover…

Massive Potential — TODAY — In What Will Become the Market Story of Our Era…

One company I'll tell you about in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth is actually starting really small…

Right now, this company has a spray in a bottle that could reduce wrinkles.

Plus a potential way to help slow one of the leading causes of blindness.

This company has created a "toolbox" of cure technology with nearly limitless potential… It's shocking just how many diseases and ailments stand to fall by the wayside due to this technology…

Their "toolbox" of technology could be worth tens of billions, actually.

When you consider the current stocks market cap of this company is less than $100 million — we're talking about the potential for AT LEAST 25x gains as the company rockets into history…

And that's wildly conservative…

See, the CFO of this company is another one of the 63 people I've been telling you about…

Now, you haven't heard about this company. As of now, it's completely unknown. It's not in the news.

But you can read all about his company in 6 World-Changing Companies To Deliver Your Ultra-Wealth …


Read my direct interview with him in Interviews With A Few of the Brilliant 63…

So you can judge his work and reputation for YOURSELF. And make your own decision…

In the meantime — consider this — how big will the stocks market be for this wrinkle-destroying breakthrough?

The sky's the limit… in fact, I know a few folks (including the wife of a famous political figure)… who already use this spray.

So rather than paying thousands of dollars for painful, error-prone and scarring cosmetic surgery… a person could spend far less and get the same effect from a spray bottle…

So why's the company doing spray on face-lifts, when it's working on the technology to cure disease?

It's simple. They're demonstrating the principles behind their work. Demonstrating the stocks market. And showcasing the power of their technology.

That's the key here…

These companies are just demonstrating their potential…

That could all change with the shocking announcement I'm expecting on the evening of May 14… because on Friday — the story could start picking up serious steam.

Yes, you're in a once-in-a-lifetime position right now, because so few understand it all.

But this secrecy won't last long. It could all break wide open starting on Friday, May 15…

What I'm describing here will change the world. And so it must change the stocks markets.

The avalanche of money could change lives… especially yours, since you're one of the very few people to understand the weight of this breakthrough…

See, now you're on the inside — same as if you could step back in time and get the inside scoop on revolutionary computer technology — before it became public knowledge…

Here's just a little bit more for you… to witness how overwhelming this potential really is…

You Get LIMITLESS Profit Potential — Here's Why…

SAVING LIVES, EXTENDING LIVES… EXTENDING YOUTH — crafting a better life for each person on the planet — that's what's really potentially at work here…

Imagine if everyone was healthy… if every worker was healthier and happier…

If life after 70 was just the beginning…

Starting to see how it all comes together?

What I'm describing here today will change the world.

Just like the light bulb did. Like computers did. Like how the railroad and how automobiles changed the landscape of life, forever…

Keep in mind — only a few who are in front of the game are going to get very rich.

Folks like you could get incredibly rich if I hear from you before Midnight, Friday, May 15…

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