Saturday, February 20, 2010

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While all eyes were glued to the television last night watching President Obama give his State of the Union speech, there was a little-known story quietly making its way to the mainstream media. It could be the biggest news story you'll hear this year. Not only that, but if you follow the instructions outlined in this special report, you could get handsome royalty checks mailed to you at least four times this year.

You see, the story has to do with natural gas. Turns out, Western Europe has a cornucopia of natural gas sitting right underneath its feet. Estimates show that in places like Poland, France, Austria and Hungary, there's as much as $1.6 trillion worth of natural gas. That's enough to raise reserves by over 50%... and cut Russia out of the European market once and for all.

The irony is that the Europeans have known about this gas for decades, but they haven't had the technology to get to it. Until now. One small American company has the technology to finally tap into these pockets of natural gas. In fact, researchers at Texas A&M University estimate that this breakthrough technology could multiply world reserves nine times over.

The details are in the special report. I urge you to read it as soon as possible to see how you can take advantage of this situation to collect as much as $100,000 in royalty checks.

Just weeks ago an attaché representing a consortium of European Union officials boarded a private jet bound for an undisclosed location...

You won't be able to find the details of this trip reported in the popular press...

Even the mainstream media glossed over the serious potential of the trip...

They were in a race to stop what could be a long, deadly winter in Western Europe.

After 10 hours in the air - and a tricky landing in windy Harrisburg - the grim-faced emissary traveled two more hours via limousine over winding mountain roads.

His destination: A barren, high-country valley in the shadow of northern Pennsylvania's Back Mountain.

Here, the dark-suited envoy was seen shaking hands with an American in a hard hat and muddy boots, standing on a gravel road outside a temporary trailer.

They were sealing a deal that could pay you generous royalties over the next 20 years - potentially as much as six figures every year.

Without fanfare, the courier placed a briefcase on the hood of a beat-up Chevy Suburban. From it, he withdrew a plain manila envelope...

Inside was a cashier's check for $2 billion, endorsed by a top-level EU official.

The attaché also handed the man a communiqué drafted on behalf of all the major EU heads of state. It read simply:

This $2 billion was just a good-faith deposit -- a way to buy a moment of the American's time.

It's a lot of money to pay before any work has been done.

But, it's a small thing compared to the consequences for the EU's leaders -- and its population -- if they could not make this deal.

That's because all of Europe is facing a desperate situation that could lead to their primary energy source being cut off this winter.

According to former Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, an energy crisis in the dead of winter in Europe would cause "death and economic loss on the scale of a military attack."

That's why the Europeans are in a haste to sign what those in the know refer to as the "Back Mountain Covenant."

And it's why their urgency has created a once-in-a-lifetime moneymaking opportunity for you. The chance to collect as much as $104,000 every year...

On the surface -- or at least what was reported to the public -- the deal was a general agreement to share important research and technology in the future.

But in the unreported fine print, the "Covenant" could give this American company a stake in an untapped energy discovery in Western Europe worth as much as an estimated $1.6 trillion.

It's the biggest cooperative energy agreement ever inked -- and it could change the face of global macro-politics forever.

Here's where you come in: Thanks to the EU's predicament, YOU could start collecting a share of this fortune next month...

In fact, you could collect as much as six figures a year -- for at least the next 20 years.

I'll tell you exactly how in this letter. But first, I need to reiterate how important it is to keep the fine print of this deal a secret.


Because the "Back Mountain Covenant" could cost Russia billions of dollars in yearly income. And the only way they could prevent it is to shut off the energy they provide to Europe...

In the dead of winter, that could be a death sentence for most every European.

Why does Russia care? I'll explain in a second, but first let me reassure you:

No matter what Russia does, you'll still be able to collect these checks.

Fact is, if Russia cuts off Europe's energy this winter, the urgency becomes even greater for European leaders -- and the checks could get a lot fatter.

Why Europe Is Willing to Pay ANY Price for "Back Mountain" Expertise

So what does the Euro-Russia energy tussle have to do with an American in a hard hat?

And how does it all add up to a deal that could make you a personal fortune?

Let me explain.

Since communism fell, Russia has been taken over by a cabal of spies, thugs -- and energy executives.

These guys have been getting rich over the past 15 years because they have something Europe doesn't: Large quantities of natural gas.

You see, Russian natural gas provides nearly 40% of the energy Europe relies on. In some European countries, it's as high as 100%.

Russian natural gas heats homes, schools, hospitals...

It provides energy for heavy industries crucial to their countries' economies.

Now, if Russia's state-owned energy company Gazprom operated like a normal business everything would be fine.

But, this Russian mega-corporation conducts business through coercion, paranoia and fear...

And control of the energy industry goes to the highest levels.

When Russia's informal czar Vladimir Putin was looking to nominate a president, he chose Dmitry Medvedev, the former chairman of Gazprom.

The Russian elites want to continue getting rich off Europe's reliance on their natural gas. And the money the government makes from gas helps fuel their belligerent foreign policies.

It's a vicious cycle.

At the heart of that cycle is an eagerness to take back control of satellite countries like Georgia and the Ukraine -- and strip them of their resources.

When Western Europe complains, Russia uses the threat of cutting off the gas to quiet them.

And the more Europe needs Russia's natural gas, the less they'll interfere when Russia starts expanding again...

Just like they backed off after the recent Georgian war in South Ossetia.

But the game has recently become more deadly.

Three times in the past five years Russia has literally cut off the gas to Europe -- in the middle of winter.

The main pipeline to Europe from Russia goes through the Ukraine. Using a dispute with the Ukraine over price, Russia shut off the gas for a week just last winter.

View Gateway to Europe Image

Millions of European homes went nearly a week without heat in the midst of a brutal winter. Twelve people died of hypothermia in Bulgaria.

I'm not just talking about Eastern Europeans who have relied on Mother Russia for hundreds of years.

France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece and others are all reliant to one degree or another on Russian natural gas to power their homes and industries.

American energy expert Amy Myers Jaffe said, "When the Russians are trying to claw back their power, energy is a major lever in their pursuit to do so."

Shutdowns in 2005 and 2006 were only minor annoyances to much of Europe. But, the cutoff last January seemed to finally open eyes. The European Union called it "completely unacceptable."

Even worse, the Ukraine has an election scheduled for January 2010. Russia will be keen to influence the result. Another gas shutoff is not just likely, it's expected.

The New York Times says, "Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also has no compunctions about using energy to promote his imperial ambitions."

If they find out about this deal, a shutdown could be preemptive -- an attempt to bully the Europeans into maintaining the status quo. It could last for months, perhaps all winter.

The Washington Post adds, "The real aim is to advance Russia's aggressive strategy of using its energy exports to divide Europe and undermine those states it still considers its rightful subjects, beginning with Ukraine."

Richard Lugar, former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, summed up the threat this way:

"A natural gas shutdown to a European country in the middle of winter could cause death and economic loss on the scale of a military attack."

That's why EU officials delivered $2 billion in cash to one American company.

That's also why they signed the "Back Mountain Covenant" -- providing more-than-generous terms to this company.

They're willing to pay any price for their long-term security.

And their desperation to wean themselves off Russian gas is handing you a very lucrative opportunity...

The chance to make over $100,000 every year for the next 20 years...

Enough European Gas to Freeze Russia Out Forever -- Now Accessible With New American Technology...

Europe's tried building expensive and complicated natural gas pipelines through all the hazards of Islamic-controlled territory...

They've tried to bring back coal and alternative forms of energy, but ran afoul of environmental standards...

They've even tried importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) at an expensive cost.

All of these efforts have failed for one reason or another. Barely a dent has been made in Russia's market share.

So what now?

Well, it just so happens that Western Europe has a cornucopia of natural gas sitting right underneath its feet. Estimates show that in places like Poland, France, Austria and Hungary, there's as much as $1.6 trillion worth of natural gas.

That would be enough to cut prices in half, raise reserves by over 50%... and cut Russia out of the European market once and for all.

The irony is that the Europeans have known about this gas for decades, but they haven't had the technology to get to it.

Until now.

That's where the American in the hard hat comes in. You see, his company has perfected a technique that can reach Europe's natural gas.

European leaders have seen the drastic increases to U.S. reserves this technique has created. That's why they forked over a $2 billion down payment to his American company.

And it's why they're pressing for drilling to start immediately...

So how can you make money off this situation?

You could collect as much as six-figure royalty payments dispersed to you from the profits of this cutting-edge extraction company.

I'm going to show you exactly how below. Follow my instructions and you could realistically expect to collect at least 80 checks over the next 20 years.

But it could go on even longer.

Let me show you how...

EU Officials Pay Over $2 Billion for Access to "The Biggest Energy Innovation of the Decade"

Like I mentioned before, U.S. reserves of natural gas have skyrocketed in recent years.

In fact, natural gas reserves are up 40% in the past two years alone. There's so much natural gas flowing through U.S. pipelines that there's actually a glut.

Prices have been cut in half... And large fortunes have been made by energy companies with the right technology.

The breakthrough drilling technique responsible for these amazing results is called "fracking."

It's used for drawing natural gas from large areas of solid shale.

Pulitzer Prize-winning energy author Daniel Yergin called it "the biggest energy innovation of the decade."

Previously unreachable with normal drilling techniques, shale gas has become essential to America's energy future thanks to fracking.

Here's how fracking works:

View how fracking works

Fracking was perfected in places like the Barnett Shale of Ft. Worth, Texas, the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas, and most recently, the Marcellus Shale of Pennsylvania.

The untouched gas in Western Europe is also shale gas.

"Oil companies have known about it for decades, but always dismissed it because it was too difficult to extract," said the Times of London.

Unwilling to live in fear of a Russian shutdown any more, European leaders have come to their senses and decided to pay whatever price necessary for the extraction technology needed to secure their energy future.

Again, the Times of London quoted the managing director of one international investment bank:

"There is a land grab going on in Europe. It will change the game if the big oil companies crack the geological code of unconventional gas in Europe. The resulting gas production would make Europe more self-sufficient and put the brakes on Russian gas becoming a more potent instrument of political influence."

Researchers at Texas A&M University estimate that this breakthrough technology could multiply world reserves nine times over.

It will take over 20 years to retrieve the bulk of this natural gas with a full-scale drilling effort. In fact, as technology improves, it's reasonable to expect even more gas to be discovered -- and recovered.

In the meantime, the U.S. company hired to drill will collect hefty royalties on all of the natural gas it produces.

It's all part of the fine print in the "Back Mountain Covenant." Desperate to escape Russia's clutches, they've promised generous royalties to the Americans.

That's the part where you get rich...

$104,000 a Year... For the Next 20 Years

In the era of the declining dollar, no business is eager to keep large chunks of cash on hand.

Instead, it's funneled to the shareholders...

I'm talking about potential six-figure payments every year for as long as they drill.

That's why a prominent U.K. energy consultant calls the situation, "A millionaire ticket that can be shared by everybody."

These royalty checks are being cashed by Americans right now, thanks to the U.S. natural gas explosion of the past 20 years:

  • Like Jeff Poulsen of Grand Rapids, Iowa. He cashed a check for $104,754 in royalties just this year...

  • Martin Parks of Hyattsville, Maryland, just got a $65,000 check in November. And he's scheduled to get another royalty check in February.

  • Lou Nesbit of Tacoma, Washington, has done even better. He's pulled in royalty payments of over $350,000 in each of the past two years. And he's on schedule to continue receiving those payments for the foreseeable future...

The agreement between the American and the Europeans stipulates that payments are made every fiscal quarter. And when the American company I'm about to reveal gets paid, that's when YOU get paid.

At least four times a year, you'll be getting a check in the mail...

Let's face it. For the foreseeable future the world is still going to need large quantities of oil and natural gas. And as those supplies grow more scarce, the companies involved in its production are going to make even more money.

It seems to me to be the safest and most lucrative place to put your money in the future. If you're looking for ways to make even more money for your retirement, investing in the right energy companies is the way to do it.

Right now, I believe this mammoth European gas cache -- and the American company hired to drill it -- is the best place to expect consistent, safe income for the long-term future.

In fact, I feel so strongly about it that I just finished compiling a report on the situation titled "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas."

In this report I'll tell you exactly what American company is leading the way...

How you can sign up to collect your royalties...

And how much you can reasonably expect to make in the next five, 10 and 20 years.

But that's not all...

You see, there's another way to make money off this deal.

A way to collect a fortune in a short period of time...

If you get in as soon as possible, you could make as much as 70 times your money in three years.

And that's on top of the quarterly royalty payments you could receive...

How to Make 7,000% in the Next 3 Years

New discoveries of oil and natural gas always see lucrative gains in the short term for the companies involved.

Although Europeans have known about their shale gas for decades, it's still considered a brand-new discovery.

That's because all of the gas is still in the ground. None of it has been recovered. It's a pristine fossil fuel discovery in the middle of a democratically governed union of civilized countries.

"There's a possibility that under our feet are the same kind of shale-gas deposits that you have in the United States," said a professor of organic geochemistry at the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany.

Comparable shale discoveries -- and the ensuing booms in natural gas production in the United States -- have made some companies a fortune twice over...

Look at the amazing gains that have come in similar situations -- even before fracking was perfected:

  • Range Resources Corp. saw its best stock of 2010 go up 6,687% after starting work in the Fayetteville Shale in 2000.

  • Chesapeake Energy got lucky twice. After getting involved early in the Barnett Shale in 1993 it made over 6,094% in just three years. They started drilling in the Fayetteville and Marcellus Shales in 1999 and gained another 7,202%.

  • Devon Energy was one of the leaders in the Barnett Shale and saw its best stock rise 2,590% after making a vital resource discovery in 1992.

  • EOG Resources' stock has skyrocketed 2,841% since it started getting involved in shale projects in the United States.

Just $5,000 invested in each of these companies at the time of their discoveries would've netted you $1,270,700.

Now imagine putting $20,000 into the largest of those gains, the 7,202%. That small investment would've made you an astounding $1,440,400.

This is exactly the type of gain possible with Europe's natural gas. A chance to make over 70 times your money, thanks to the urgency of Europe's desperate energy situation.

I'll show you how to cash in on this "millionaire ticket" in my special report, "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas."

Inside it tells you which exploration company gives you the best chance to make as much as 7,000% in three years' time.

I'll also show you how to sign up for your royalty checks -- and how much you can reasonably expect to make in the next 20 years.

Best of all, this report can be yours FREE right now.

Let me show you how to receive your copy...

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That's why I started writing Taipan's New Growth Investor, a monthly investment research advisory service published by the Taipan Publishing Group out of Baltimore, Maryland.

I've been following the company I'm writing to you about today since they first got into the shale gas business.

And I'm familiar with the management team.

That's how I came to find out about the fine print in the "Back Mountain Covenant." It's something 99% of the so-called "experts" missed.

I've spent almost every day of the past three months checking the numbers over and over again.

No matter how conservatively I try to slice and dice it, this opportunity seems almost guaranteed to be incredibly lucrative.

That's why I put together a detailed special report titled "How to Collect Royalties Every Year From European Natural Gas."

Inside I'll show you how to collect quarterly royalty checks for as long as gas is coming out of European shale.

I'll also show you how lucrative this opportunity could be in the next three years alone...

The Wall Street Journal says: "Preliminary estimates suggest that shale gas resources around the world could be equivalent to or even greater than current proven natural gas reserves."

This is an investment that keeps on giving.

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How You Could Make 90% in One Day

Europe's energy future is in the shale gas sitting underneath places like Poland, Hungary and Austria.

But the energy they need right away is in Texas.

Specifically in lightly populated La Salle County, an area better known for its cattle than their natural resources.

Until last fall, that is...

That's when the south Texas area not far from Mexico and the Gulf Coast caught the attention of some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

Like Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, to name a few.

View map of Texas

Their attention was grabbed by this line in the San Antonio Express-News:

"A small oil and gas company in Houston quietly announced the discovery of a mammoth natural gas field in south Texas..."

One of the first wells drilled on this company's 210,000 acres is already producing 9.1 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Eager to increase their reserves, major companies in both Europe and the United States are circling the small Houston-based company that made the discovery like vultures, ready to pay a high price for their assets.

When they make their inevitable acquisition move, you could make 90% gains in one day...

Let me back up a second.

I mentioned before that natural gas reserves in the United States have risen as much as 40% in the past two years. The price of natural gas has dropped to below half of what it was two years ago.

So why does this discovery - in the midst of an oversupplied market -- merit any attention at all? And how could it make you 90% in a single day?

Location, Location, Location...

While they are paying large fees to start fracking as soon as possible -- EU officials are also willing to pay a hefty price to bring in natural gas right now, this winter.

That's where the newest American shale discovery comes in.

Close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes transporting this gas to Europe easier than from other U.S. locations. That makes it a slightly cheaper alternative in the expensive liquid natural gas (LNG) market.

What happens is the gas is cooled and turned into liquid form before being shipped by boat to Europe where it's regasified and distributed...

The price of natural gas is still twice as high in Europe as it is in the United States. And the cost to ship LNG is even higher.

While this south Texas discovery is a cheaper alternative for Europe than other U.S. shale plays, it's still a lucrative opportunity for the company involved.

So while most U.S. natural gas companies have slowed down work, this small Houston outfit has stepped up production.

And that's why the big boys have started moving in, looking for a way to turn the south Texas shale into their own cash cow.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, "Attracted by the allure of U.S. shale gas, several major oil companies have shown interest" in this under-the-radar company.

This shale play "remains one of the hottest prospects in North America and energy companies are moving forward there even as they're pulling back elsewhere," according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum -- even ExxonMobil -- are all rumored to be preparing bids. An acquisition could come at any time.

This year has already seen $132.7 billion in oil and gas acquisitions. And that's expected to be even higher in 2010 as the major oil companies look to consolidate their reserves for the inevitable price run-up of oil and natural gas.

"Investment bankers are expecting transactions to heat up in the next year," according to The Wall Street Journal.

And that's how you can make money off the situation. The company's CEO has made it clear that any offer must include the price of all reserves in the ground -- mere chump change to the major oil companies, with gas prices so low right now.

However, if they were bought out for that price, it would be worth a 90% premium to shareholders. That could be a nice little gain for you -- in one day.

You'd be hard-pressed to find an opportunity like that in any other sector.

The catch is, you have to invest in this company right away -- while gas prices are low enough to make this acquisition super-attractive. There's no time to hesitate.

A deal could be announced any day now...

And then the stock will run up and your chance at easy 90% gains will be gone.

I've created a special report about this situation as well. It's called, "Make 90% in One Day on North America's Newest Shale Discovery."

Inside the report, I'll tell you the name of the small Houston company...

Why I think you could make up to 90% gains any day now...

And why I think a double in the next year is possible even if the company isn't bought out...

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And that includes homebuilder Hovnanian Enterprises, which saw its stock fall 62%... revenue fall 31%... and the company lost $1.1 billion overall.

However, that certainly didn't stop CEO Ara Hovnanian from pocketing a year-end bonus of $1.5 million.

You read that right.

As Mr. Hovnanian watched investors in his company lose their hard-earned cash, he was collecting a nice fat check for doing absolutely nothing.

And it was all coming straight from the company's "slush fund."

However, if you'd been watching the situation carefully -- and had known exactly what to do -- you could have swiped a total of $18,187 on just two quick strikes.

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NGAS Resources faced a similar situation in 1999. They began drilling in January and started reporting encouraging results almost immediately. The best stock price at the time was only 50 cents.

By June, the stock had already gone up to $2.93... a 486% gain.

However, investors who waited to get in until March would only have made 162%.

The investor who bought $20,000 worth of shares in January would have made over $65,000 more than the investor who bought $20,000 worth of shares in March.

It's a lesson as old as money itself: He who hesitates is lost.

Chance To Profit From Top Stocks

There's a fine line between "gathering investing intelligence" and "international market and banking espionage... "

And to be frank with you, I don't know which side of that line this bulletin falls on.

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Bigger gains than insiders have banked on the UAE's explosion since the 90s...

Larger returns than shrewd investors have hauled out of Macau in the 2000s...

So if you're ready to move fast — and have no qualms about scoring 57 times your money on information that might soon be quashed by foreign lawyers...

Then here's how you could raid "China's pantry" along with us for wealth beyond anything you've ever experienced, or even heard about.

"China's pantry" — the world's last mega-boom profit opportunity

In western slang, "outer Mongolia" is used to denote a remote or pop-culturally detached place: the middle of nowhere...

Not surprisingly, this is an apt description of the republic of Mongolia itself.

Founded in 1206 by Genghis Khan as the origin point of the Mongol Empire (the largest empire in human history to date), Mongolia boasts the lowest population density of any independent nation — less than 4.5 people per square mile...

As if that's not enough to attract tourists (and investors) in droves, capital city Ulaanbaatar boasts the lowest average temperature of any nation's official seat of government: Just over 25° Fahrenheit.

Even today, over 30% of the population in this climatically inhospitable nation is still classified as nomadic or semi-nomadic. Outside of the few urban areas, herding is the dominant business...

Mongolia's difficult to get to, as well. As the second-largest landlocked nation on Earth, it's surrounded on all sides by rugged country in Communist juggernauts China and Russia.

So yeah, it's perfectly accurate to say that Mongolia's literally as close to middle-of-nowhere primitive as can be found on planet Earth in 2010...

And that's exactly why it's one of the last mega-boom profit opportunities left.

Because it's isolated, landlocked, and harsh, Mongolia has escaped the notice of all but a few determined investors — one of whom you're about to meet...

But there are three reasons that's about to change big time (details below).

You see, Mongolia's not simply a wasteland that's home to a few hardy people and lots of camels, goats and horses...

It's also home to HUGE reserves of gold, copper, coal and uranium — plus sizable quantities of oil, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, fluorspar, and other vital raw materials.

In short, most everything factory-to-the-world China needs to sustain its own survival and ensure its even greater industrial growth...

As I'm sure you already know, China has become the 800-lb gorilla of the commodities world — and Mongolia's resource reserves are tailor-made to service Chinese growth. Consider:

  • Uranium - China is by far the most aggressively expanding nuke energy nation in the world, with 11 working reactors, 22 more coming on line by the end of 2010, and another 132 planned...
  • Coal and Oil - China is the largest consumer of coal in the world, with domestic demand outpacing production. They're also the second-largest oil consumer in the world behind the U.S., but closing fast. One recent report shows Chinese oil demand soared 18.7% in November 2009 vs. 2008...
  • Copper/Moly/Tin, etc. - As both "factory-to-the-world" and a development juggernaut in its own right, China's reputation for sucking up all commodities (especially metals) is well known. Copper's no exception. China is the "only buyer of size" on the global market currently, according to the Wall Street Journal. Their copper imports were up 32.9% year-over-year earlier in 2009. Seemingly immune to the economic doldrums that affect the rest of the world, China's own US$586 billion stimulus package continues to stir demand for all kinds of base metals...
  • Gold - China's appetite for gold has become ravenous in the last few years. They've recently eclipsed perennial world #1 gold consumer India in purchases of raw gold on the world market, and they've also overtaken South Africa as the world's biggest gold producer. Recently, China lifted a long-standing moratorium on private investment in gold and silver bullion, spurring even more demand for noble metals...

Looking at these facts, it's easy to see that Mongolia is China's one-stop-shop for just about everything they need — or lust after. And they're right next door...

Hence the nickname "China's pantry."

But as I alluded to earlier, three major catalysts are coinciding right now that will finally transform Mongolia from a place where a wealth of resources exists in the ground to a place that's booming on the real wealth created by their extraction.

I'll detail these catalysts for you in just a moment. But first, let me show you how lucrative the math is for anyone visionary enough to "raid the pantry."

How "Mongolia, Inc." would make you 86 times richer the second you bought it...

I'm going to use a simple metaphor to show you the mind-boggling truth of how resource-rich (and under-bought) Mongolia is right now.

Let's just say that Mongolia's 2009 GDP — estimated to be right around US$5 billion — were the annual earnings of a Blue Chip trading at a P/E of 20/1...

That means you could buy the whole ball of wax for US$100 billion, right?

Well, using the most conservative numbers I could find (see sidebar above) on just 5 key Mongolian resources: gold, oil, coal, copper, and uranium...

And not adding in ANY VALUE for abundant minerals tungsten, tin, fluorspar, molybdenum, and others...

Nor factoring in ANY VALUE for the Mongolian economy's agriculture, livestock, or rapidly developing services and infrastructure sectors...

I still came up with a gross raw asset value of $8.6 trillion.

Do the math and you'll see that if Mongolia were a company, it could be bought for 1/86th of the value of just SOME of its hard assets...

In other words, 1.16% of asset value.

Can you think of a stock you've ever bought in your life — or ever heard of anyone buying — that traded for just over 1% of the value of its assets?

Me neither.

And I've evaluated, rejected, recommended, bought, sold, and made small fortunes on hundreds of companies...

That's what I mean when I say that the coming raid on "China's pantry" may be your last chance on Earth to profit from a bona fide mega-boom.

Trust me: An absolute FLOOD of money is going to inundate Mongolia, starting in a matter of weeks (I'll show you the three reasons why in a second).

In fact, sources reveal at least 2 dozen multi-billion-dollar mining deals that could be ready to roll in the very near future. And as I'll prove if you keep reading...

Just the FIRST ONE of these deals — finalized last month — is positioned to at least double Mongolia's GDP.

How do I know all this?

And how can I promise that you've got a virtually guaranteed chance at 57 times your money or more? (The mathematical proof is just below.)

Well, that's where we get into that "gray area" of international commerce law I was telling you about...

You see, I basically hired a spy to obtain the inside "intel" you're learning today.

I really don't know yet whether or not I'm going to get in trouble for this — or how much longer you'll be able to download your FREE Intelligence Report on the three moves you must make now to rake in the biggest gains...

An injunction from Mongolian lawyers could end my little tea party real quick.

But before I reveal my "spy" (I'll call him The Hammer), let me show you the three unstoppable catalysts that will kick the raid on China's pantry into high gear RIGHT NOW...

August 25th, 2009 - mega-boom catalyst #1: Parliament hands mining companies 68% in extra profits

Lots of companies and commodities-starved governments have known about Mongolia's enormous mineral and fuel wealth for years...

The problem is that they've been unable to make worthwhile extraction deals.

The windfall tax laws in this formerly communist nation have been too punitive to make mining these resources cost-effective amidst fluctuating commodities prices. Until now, that is.

Let me back up for a minute and explain...

Following Russia's glasnost and perestroika under Gorbachev, Mongolia threw off the yoke of Communism and became a parliamentary republic in a bloodless 1990 democratic revolution. By 1992, the country had adapted a multi-party system and a new democratic Constitution.

But Mongolia's transition from a Soviet-modeled communist system to a free-market economy has been a somewhat erratic one.

The nation has endured its share of growing pains — which included food shortages, wildly fluctuating inflation, currency instability, and mounting debt (especially to Russia) ...

Now, however, "China's pantry" has found its feet.

After settling its enormous marker with Russia in a lump-sum payment in 2004, GDP has grown steadily. Today, both inflation and interest rates are falling, the currency is stabilizing — and it's full-speed ahead toward development.

According to my "spy," The Hammer (redacted for legal reasons).

Of course, all of this is very encouraging — and it bodes well for Mongolia's future economic development...

But here's the kick-in-the-pants catalyst that'll get everyone with a drill clamoring for Mongolian minerals NOW:

On August 25th, 2009, the Mongolian government repealed an existing 68% windfall profits tax on foreign mining ventures...

With one stroke of the pen, Mongolia's parliament more than doubled the profits of any company willing to dig for their $8 trillion worth of minerals and fossil fuels.

The move is expected to spur a rush of AT LEAST an additional $25 billion in foreign mining investment over the near term.

And like dominoes, this first bold move has spurred the second major catalyst...

October 6th, 2009 - mega-boom catalyst #2: A $50 billion deal on the world's largest copper/gold deposit

Just 50 miles from the Chinese border in Mongolia's South Gobi Desert region lies the largest untapped gold and copper resource on planet Earth...

Called the Oyu Tolgoi deposit, early projections indicate that when full production is reached, OT will yield as much as 495,000 tons of copper and 330,000 ounces of gold...

EVERY YEAR for 30 years or more.

Revenue from this one deal alone is expected to be in the neighborhood of US$5 billion a year...

Think that'll boost Mongolia's GDP a tad?

I do, too. So does the former President of Mongolia, Nambar Enkhbayar...

He was quoted several years ago in MarketWatch as saying: "If Oyu Tolgoi starts to function on schedule, it will double our GDP..."

That's probably a gross understatement.

And the best part is that it's going to start happening right away...

On October 6th of 2009, a three-way deal to exploit the Oyu Tolgoi fortune was inked between Mongolia's government and leading international mining firms Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe Mines.

This date was specifically selected for its significance on the Mongolian Buddhist calendar: It portends good luck in a new business venture.

But with this much treasure in the ground, they won't need luck.

They'll need boxcars for all the money they're going to rake in.

Now, before you rush off and buy shares of Rio Tinto (RTP) or Ivanhoe (IVN), you should know that this Oyu Tolgoi extraction deal has been well known for some time. In fact, it's been 6 years in the making...

Since the August 25th signing of the windfall profits tax repeal, RTP has jumped 64% and IVN is up more than 30%. So you're probably a bit late to that party...

However, here's what 99.9% of mainstream investors DON'T know, from The Hammer (redacted, as usual).

Yes, you read that right.

Mongolia has at least 30 mining targets worthy of major foreign extraction deals or government/private development partnerships...

More than a few of them as potentially lucrative as the Oyu Tolgoi deposit.

What's more, it's not at all a stretch to say that as many as two dozen of these deals could be inked in just the next 12-24 months...

Especially now that the windfall tax is repealed and the precedent-setting Ivanhoe/Rio Tinto deal is set in stone.

My "spy" and I aren't the only ones who think so, either. Legendary manager of the Firebird Global Fund James Passin, an old colleague of both of ours, is on record in numerous sources as saying:

"There are 24 mineral projects that have been deemed strategic by the Mongolian government and that represent potential sources of commodity exports... The Ivanhoe deal marks the beginning..."

So you see, word IS starting to get out on Mongolia...

You may only have a few precious weeks (more like days, if they hit me with an injunction for this stunt) to discover the Mongolian mega-boom plays in the FREE Intelligence Report I've had The Hammer put together for you.

Remember, I promised to prove to you how it's not only possible — but downright likely — that you'll make as much as 5,758% gains on these three plays...

And I will, in just a minute, using hard numbers and simple math.

But right now, I want to let you in on the third and final catalyst behind the Mongolian mega-boom that's already under way.

Summer 2010 (+/-) - mega-boom catalyst #3: The floodgates open on billions in institutional investment

Right now, the Mongolian stock exchange is the world's smallest, as measured by the combined market capitalization of its top stocks for 2010: Around $500 million...

Yep, Bill Gates could buy the whole thing with a decent week's wages.

There are only 45 seats on the exchange -- and only one of them is foreign-owned. The exchange itself is open for trading a whopping one hour a day...

During that hour, the 400 companies listed trade their shares at a blistering average of around US$50,000/day.

But all that's about to change, fast.

According to The Hammer, some of the biggest names in money are simply circling like sharks until the moment they can move in.

That moment is coming soon...

You see, in addition to repealing the windfall profits tax on mining companies, the Mongolian government has recently passed a law requiring all state-partnered mining concerns to list on the country's stock exchange...

This should change the Mongolian investing picture real quick — as these kinds of companies (like the Oyu Tolgoi partnership with Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe) are going to be what attracts the big fund money.

But like my "spy" said, there's a catch:

Most of this fund money can't pour in until at least one major international clearing bank gets set up to handle the transactions. Right now, there isn't one...

A Reuters article from May 26th of 2009 confirms this — and confirms that at least one of the most successful money managers on Earth (Templeton's Mobius) is ready to pounce on Mongolia.

According to the Reuters piece:

"Templeton... would currently be limited to private equity investments or buying the shares of Mongolian companies listed overseas, because current rules on setting up custodian banks would make it impossible to invest in domestically listed firms,"

Yes, Mobius' (and others') hands may be tied for now...

But once again, The Hammer comes through with some inside dope that clarifies the picture.

According to him, a seismic shift in Mongolia's banking laws will soon pave the way for a mass influx of institutional investing.

Again, there's even more inside proof of the coming Mongolia mega-boom...

After seeing all this, I'm sure it's obvious to you (as it is to me) that together, these three catalysts create a climate for medium- and long-term profits unlike any yet seen in modern history.

The kind of climate that could breed 5,758% gains. (Yes, the math is coming.)

A word of warning, however...

You can't just plunk money into Mongolian stocks and expect to make a killing

You're more likely to get killed — even if you could easily invest in Mongolian companies.

That's because Mongolia's stock exchange hasn't really found its footing in sound free-market practices yet...

It hasn't been subject to anything like the kind of oversight found in first-world stock exchanges.

That'll come along with the major custodian banks, increasing exchange listings of state/private mining partnerships, and large amounts of institutional cash and other foreign liquidity...

And believe me, we'll be there when conditions are right to recommend the killer plays to you.

As you can see from this on-the-scene e-mail, The Hammer is already primed for the day when selected Mongolian top stocks to buy themselves will be the hottest tickets for major gains.

Things are definitely looking spicy for future direct investment in Mongolian stocks...

But right now — according to my "spy" — Mongolia's market is an incestuous cowboy-zone, a treacherous and somewhat unscrupulous place.

Misinformation (and disinformation) is frequent. Rumors can send these micro stocks flying through the roof one minute, then crashing the next...

And anyone from the outside can easily be made into a mark.

So getting rich on this mega-boom isn't simply a matter of calling your broker, buying anything Mongolian you can get your hands on, then raking in the loot...

That's why I've asked The Hammer to put together a complete Intelligence Report on all the ins and outs of profiting from Mongolia at this early stage.

I want to MAKE SURE that you have all the information you need to make the most money, as safely as possible, from the beginning of this mega-boom.

According to him, this means making three early "kick-off" plays that directly key on Mongolian development — but that trade on safe, established exchanges.

Yes, I'm going to offer you his Mongol Hoards: "Kick-off" Profits from the Last Mega-boom on Earth Intelligence Report in just a moment... FREE.

In it, you'll find all the details on The Hammer's three ultra-urgent investments aimed at positioning you for the best possible start on what should prove to be the most profitable run of investment in your life.

But before I give you the FREE "spy" picks that could allow you to scoop Mobius and other wizards of finance on the biggest profits any of us will ever see...

Let me prove how they could pay you "retire now" gains of 5,758% or more.

The GDP Lever Effect: Hard-numbers PROOF that as much as 5,758% gains are waiting for you in the "pantry"

Whew. I've been so busy showing you what I truly believe is the world's last "mega-boom" profit opportunity that I've forgotten to introduce myself...

In case you didn't already know, my name is Brian Hicks.

I'm the President of Angel Publishing, a Baltimore-based consortium of world-class alternative financial minds that produce a stable of investment research advisory products with a track record that's second to none.

If you've heard my name, it's probably from my frequent appearances on TV as a money and markets commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and FoxNews...

Or maybe you've read some of my regular commentary in the Wealth Daily e-Letter. Or perhaps you've read my book, Profit From the Peak.

I mention all this not to brag, but simply to prove that I've been making a living in the financial research and commentary industry for a long time. I've been in the trenches of it for more than 15 years, actually...

And over that time, I've learned that of all the economic indicators, there's ONE that always correlates to hefty gains in properly-positioned investments.

That's simple GDP growth.

In capitalist free markets, it literally can't go up to any significant degree without pioneering companies in key industries making an absolute killing. Makes sense, right? Now stay with me here...

What I've noticed over the years is that best stock in well-positioned resource firms in countries with aggressively rising GDPs (booms) go up many times more than the corresponding increases in Gross Domestic Product.

I call this the GDP "Lever Effect."

It's how I arrived at my estimate of how much I expect you could make from The Hammer's three "kick-off" Mongolia plays: A MINIMUM of 5,758% gains.

I'll prove it to you right now, with a few historic examples...

Peru 2005-2007 - GDP Lever Effect: 1,996%

Peru's had a nice run of growth and strong economic prosperity in the mid-late 2000s, mostly on the strength of rising copper, zinc, and gold exports. A free trade agreement signed with the U.S. in 2006 hasn't hurt matters...

Over the three-year period from 2005 through 2007, Peru's sizable GDP (around US$126 billion in 2005) grew at a cumulative rate of 17.6%.

Not too shabby, right?

But take a look at the performance of one of the better Peru-focused metals companies, Southern Copper Corp. (PCU) over this exact same period...

The stock went up 369% — just under 20 times as much as the GDP number:


As you can see, PCU rose 1,996% more than Peru's GDP did over the same period.

Now, notice the similarity between this leading stock in the Peruvian metals boom, and another solid performer from an oil resource in sub-Saharan Africa...

Uganda 2006-2009 - GDP Lever Effect: 2,103%

The poor, beleaguered African nation of Uganda is rich in agricultural potential and natural resources. Political instability and poor economic management have kept this fertile region from being as prosperous as it should be...

However, oil exploration deals and a growing natural resource market has kept its GDP growing steadily at 7-8% a year since 2006, for an impressive cumulative total of 34.28% growth in the 4 years from 2006 to 2009.

Much like Mongolia, Uganda's growth numbers have been aided by a paltry starting GDP of around US$8.5 billion...

Now, take a look at how one company, Tullow Oil (TLW.L) with a focus on Ugandan oil resources has performed over the same period:


Tullow is up more than 7 times over. The similarity is striking...

A leading company with heavy interest in a developing nation's resource trove also climbs around 20 times the GDP increase: 2,103% more, to be exact.

Turkmenistan 2005-2007 - GDP Lever Effect: 2,276%

Another resource-rich Asian nation, Turkmenistan sits atop natural gas reserves that put it at least 5th in the world — with some unverified estimates placing it as high as second, behind Russia...

The rugged nation also has impressive amounts of oil, and is also a major cotton producer. Their economy as a whole — especially the resource sector — has flourished since the 2006 death of its corrupt dictator, Saparmurat Niyazov.

Turkmenistan's GDP (around US$30 billion in 2005) has posted annual growth of between 6 and 7.5% for much of the 2000s. From 2005 through 2007, Turkmenistan has enjoyed cumulative GDP growth of 20.7%...

One of the companies that has exploited Turkmenistan's gas and oil resource boom best is Dragon Oil (DGO.L). Take a look:


Dragon's 391% increase is 22.76x more than Turkmenistan's 21% GDP growth.

Once again, we see an approximate 20-fold multiple between a resource-rich nation's GDP growth, and the growth of a leading company in bringing those resources to market — a 2,276% spread, to be precise...

Now, what do you make of all this?

Three developing countries in three different parts of the world, with gross GDPs ranging from dirt-poor to relatively strong — and each with different resource profiles and export niches...

All reflecting a very similar correlation between GDP growth and the gains of dominant companies that focus on their respective resources.

That's what I mean by the "GDP Lever Effect."

Now here's the simple math that's going to fry your noodle. Consider the following factors, A and B:

A) The average "GDP Lever Effect" of the above examples (and they aren't the only examples The Hammer and I found) was 2,125%. That means the top stocks to buy outperformed their respective GDPs by an average of 21.25 times over...

B) As you've read from numerous sources now, Mongolia is estimated to sustain 30% annual growth over the next five years. This equals a cumulative growth of more than 271%...

The math is simple: 271% GDP growth x 21.25 Lever Effect = 5,758%.

Well-positioned Mongolia mega-boom plays should pay you at least 57 times your money in 5 years. And maybe a lot more...

Without anything happening that hasn't happened countless times before for resource-rich nations and the companies that develop them.

There's your proof, in black and white.

No tricks. No fuzzy math. No inflated estimates of resources or GDP (if anything, these numbers are conservative)...

Just undeniably credible information — and verified-by-recent-history evidence of not just potential, but LIKELY gains.

Oh, and don't forget:

The three plays you'll need to put yourself in the best position for a 5,758% payday are FREE, in The Hammer's Mongol Hoards: "Kick-off" Profits from the Last Mega-boom on Earth Intelligence Report...

If you're anything like me, your question is no longer "Will I move on this?"

It's "How do I move on this RIGHT NOW?"

Well, that's the easy, fast, and risk-free part. But before I give you the specifics, I want to tell you...

Why I hired a spy to find the Mongolian mega-boom plays that could pay you 57x returns or more

He'd probably prefer to be called a "profit mercenary" rather than a "spy" — but the difference is semantics...

Whatever you call him, The Hammer is still a grizzled profit veteran I hired to dig up the inside good, bad, and ugly on Mongolia in his own proven way.

The Hammer is a serious man — a U.S. military-trained fortune-seeker with a vast network of worldwide contacts in business and intelligence circles.

As his e-mails to me prove, he uses these connections to land meetings with all kinds of bigwigs and dignitaries...

Then he sniffs and claws and digs for the big money without an ounce of fear.

I've known The Hammer for more than 15 years... and I've seen first-hand how he's waded into hazardous places like Egypt, Cuba, Libya, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Tunisia in pursuit of profits...

He's made tons of cash exploiting opportunities in some of the hottest crisis zones on Earth.

Why'd I send him to Mongolia instead of going myself?

Because I'm not too proud to admit that The Hammer's got the contacts and experience at this kind of "profit mercenary" work that I don't — and never will.

That's why I shamelessly baited him away from the well-known investment research firm he's spent the last 14 years tracking down huge gains for...

And I'm not talking chicken feed, either. Some of the winners he's nailed down for his readers in the last few years include:

 162% (Markland Technologies)
178% (Grupo Simec)
192% (Hollis Eden)
235% (Fieldpoint Petroleum)
243% (Cemex)
268% (China Yuchai)
302% (Aastrom Biosciences)
362% (Evergreen Solar)
515% (Palm Resources)
558% (MBNA)
672% (Sun Microsystems)
690% (Oracle)

Not bad, huh? And these are just a few he rattled off the top of his head. Over the last 15 years, he's led his readers to dozens of triple-digit profit opportunities...

Like the four under-the-radar gold players he recommended in December 2008.

Over the last year, these could have landed those who listened to him gains of 131%, 256%, 351%, and 354%. And counting...

Oh, and here's another interesting tidbit:

The two best-performing of the "GDP Profit Effect" top stocks to buy from above — TLW's 791% and DGO's 369% — were actual recommendations The Hammer made to his former readers.

And not for nothing, the research advisory he was running before I bribed him to join me had the one of the best sustained profit records and lowest rates of reader cancellation of any service at his former publishing group.

But The Hammer's real-world gains and track record, impressive as they may be, are really kind of anti-climactic. That's because...

The Hammer and I BOTH predict that the coming Mongolian mega-boom will blow these gains out of the water

Aiming to duplicate a past track record of finding 162% — 791% gainers is really to look at the Mongolian mega-boom the wrong way. The potential for profits here is truly groundbreaking...

As I've proven, a realistic chance at 57 times your money in five years.

Or much more.

And it won't just be on resource-related plays, either.

Like Kuwait, the UAE, and countless other zones that have prospered on commodities wealth, there's just as much money to be made in the right Mongolian infrastructure development plays...

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This development is already beginning, too.

China has pledged $300 million in financing for Mongolian road, rail, and energy development — in large part to help service their own reception of these commodities, naturally...

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THE METALS PLAY is a secondary beneficiary of the Oyu Tolgoi gold/copper deal between the Mongolian government and Ivanhoe/Rio Tinto. They license all the territory surrounding the OT deposit itself — and also hold mining/exploration rights in China and other hot zones...

This firm has exploded in price exponentially compared to gold. The company leveraged a 35% up-tick in gold over calendar year 2009 into more than 316% growth: A ratio of more than nine times over. If gold goes to $1,500 per ounce (as The Hammer predicts), this company could easily multiply in value another 900%...

THE COAL PLAY is a company that currently manages to extract coal and coke from some of the highest-quality deposits on Earth for around 17.5% of its market value. They also have exclusive licenses to explore over 800,000 hectares of prime Mongolian coal land...

Located less than 30 miles from the Mongolia/China border — and ramping up to increase coal production 600% in the next 2 years — this company is strategically positioned for the lion's share of Chinese coal demand. But you'd better get in now. The way China's been buying up prime hydrocarbon assets around the world at premium prices lately, you could be passing up a fast 200 – 300% payday on a buyout.

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And their "probable" oil reserves are more than 5 times their proven assets! That means this firm is trading right now at a discount of as much as 98% to assets. But with on-site drilling at one key oil block starting the instant the ice melts this spring, that will not be the case for long. The news is going to get out on this play, and soon.

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