Saturday, September 19, 2009

Will Qualcomm Break Out or Break Down?

Jocellyn Drake of Schaeffer's Investment Research says the best stock for 2010 of the leading wireless provider is at a key inflection point, and investors need to watch which way it will go.

Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) skipped nearly 4% higher Tuesday morning following some positive broker comments. However, there is little room for additional upgrades for QCOM, as Zacks Investment Research reports that the shares have earned 13 Buy ratings, three Holds, and one Sell.

This configuration actually leaves the security vulnerable to potential downgrades should the equity continue to underperform the market.

Meanwhile, the average 12-month price target for QCOM stands at $43.27, according to Thomson Reuters. This estimate implies that analysts are expecting the shares to rally more than 32% during the next 12 months. (It closed at around $34.50 Tuesday―Editor.) Any price-target cuts from this smitten group could spell trouble for the best stock to buy.

UBS [said Tuesday] that the wireless chip industry remains too fragmented to generate profits, and further consolidation is necessary. UBS believes the eight 3G chip sellers today need to drop to four so "decent margins" can be sustained. Qualcomm will last, UBS says.

From a technical perspective, the 2010 best stock has been grinding sideways along support at the $33.50 level since Dec. 8. The equity is also hitting resistance in the $37-$37.50 region.

Taking a longer-term look at the shares, the stock is currently struggling with overhead resistance in the form of its ten-week and 20-week moving averages (now in the mid-$30s―Editor). Since the beginning of September, the equity has [experienced] only two weekly closes above these moving averages.

Drilling down on the stock's sentiment backdrop, we find that investors are somewhat mixed on their outlook for the security. The Schaeffer's put/call open interest ratio for QCOM stands at an annual peak of 0.91, as put open interest nearly equals call open interest among near-term options. This lofty reading indicates that investors have not been more pessimistically aligned toward the shares at any other time during the past year.

On the other end of the sentiment spectrum, short sellers have avoided the security in the belief that it has put in a bottom. In fact, the number of QCOM shares sold short has dropped by 16% during the past two weeks to 35 million. This accumulation of bearish bets accounts for just 2% of the company's total float, offering little in the way of potential sideline money to help push the 2010 stock market higher.

Overall, traders should keep a close watch on resistance at the stock's declining ten- and 20-week moving averages. A rejection at these intermediate-term trend lines could win back the short sellers, creating a fresh wave of selling pressure for the shares.


Friday, September 18, 2009

The Capitalists Have No Capital

What was the SEC was doing...?

But first, what the stock market and the economy are doing...

In the past two days, the price of gold has shot up more than $40. It's now near $1,000 an ounce.

Why? We don't know. Rumors, talk, noise...there's plenty of that. But as for why investors are suddenly putting so much money into gold, we'll have to wait to find out.

But should you buy gold now? The answer is simple: yes and no.

The Trade of the Decade is still buy gold/sell stocks. And the decade isn't over. If you have US stocks, this is a good time to sell. The Dow went up 63 points yesterday - a weak bounce after several days of losses.

This is no time to hold stocks - for the reasons we outlined yesterday.

But gold? Should you buy gold and hope to get rich when gold shoots up to $3,000 an ounce? A bad idea, in our opinion. You should buy gold to protect your assets. The risk is in the paper money...because they can create as much of it as they please. And they're under pressure now to create a lot. You buy gold as insurance against inflation, a dollar bust, a bear market in stocks and bonds, or a financial crisis. Gold is nature's money. It is better than manmade money. Because, with gold, what you have it what you've got. They can't artificially depreciate it or easily increase the quantity of it. That's why the feds don't like it. It won't support their cause du jour - whether it is a war, a bailout, stimulus, health care, or whatever. Gold doesn't cooperate with the financial engineers. That's why it's a good thing to hold when you think the financial engineers are making a mistake.

But our view at The Daily Reckoning headquarters is that while the engineers are making a mistake, they not very good at it even when they're making a mistake they're good at. Typically, they're pretty good at causing inflation. But now the credit bubble is deflating, not inflating. It will take them a few years before they become reckless enough to move prices up again. And then, they'll probably overshoot their objectives considerably.

In the meantime, there's no inflation to speak dollar bond bust. So we wouldn't expect the price of gold to soar...not just yet. That's the big surprise - that this period of deflation will last longer than expected. Then, when it begins to seem permanent, inflation will suddenly come roaring back.

By then, most investors will have given up on gold...especially those who were speculating on it going to $3,000. It will go to $3,000, but only after speculators have dropped their positions.

[That's why you should get yours now - before the price jumps $2,000. In fact, right now, you can pad your portfolio with the precious metal, for just a penny per ounce. No joke. See how here.]

So far, everything is happening just as we expected. After more than half a century of boom, we are now in a bust. People need to downsize...cut back...and live a little less large than they had in the boom years. That means...well...just what you'd expect.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we reported that Florida was losing population? People just aren't retiring like used to. Here's comes the evidence:

From The New York Times comes this headline: "Older US Workers Put Retirement on Hold."

The Times tells us that older people are continuing to work because they don't have a choice. They can't afford to retire. So they hold onto jobs, which is another reason it's so hard for the unemployed to find a job. Those who have them aren't giving them up. A Bloomberg report today, for example, tells us that more people are applying for job benefits than expected. Another tells us that millions of people are running out of benefits before they find a job.

Just what you'd expect, in other words. Here are some of the other things we expected:

1. Unemployment is still rising.

"Investors discouraged by US jobs report," says a headline at the International Herald Tribune. To make a long story short, August was a disappointment. More jobs were lost than expected.

We don't know how many jobs we should expect to lose. But we're in the downhill part of the credit cycle; we're bound to lose a lot of them.

2. Sales are falling.

That's another thing we would expect. People have to cut back. So...they do cut back. Sales go down. That means fewer sales and fewer jobs. No point in making things, shipping them and retailing them if no one is buying them, right?

3. What else would you expect? Lower house prices? Check. Higher savings rates? Check. More bankruptcies? Check. Falling prices? Check.

Isn't it nice when things work out "as they should?' Check.

[While most are scrambling as the downturn deepens, you could be sitting pretty...due to a 'loophole' in the bailout. This loophole allows you to get 'bailout income checks' this year - and every year - until the US economy recovers. You could make up to $17,500 in this year alone. Act now...]

And more news from The 5 Min. Forecast:

"Silver has been perking our interest lately," writes Ian Mathias in today's issue of The 5. "With gold near $1,000 and the precious metals buzz revived, we dug up some silver charts this morning...and liked what we saw. Check it out:


"So if you believe silver to be a store of value as legitimate as gold, it looks like there's more potential short term upside for 'poor man's gold.' While gold is just a breath from all-time highs, an ounce of silver goes for $16 today, about 23% below its 2008 high of $21. Sellers will say this is because of silver's industrial capacity - which has been beaten bloody by the credit crunch. Buyers, like Byron and most of us, say we're heading into an inflationary period so great that this will be rendered somewhat irrelevant.

"What's more, the gold/silver ratio is both in a state of decline while still higher than typical...another bullish argument for silver:


"The gold-to-silver ratio has spent most of 2009 in a downtrend, meaning the price of silver has been rising faster this year than the price of gold. Just this morning it hit 59, a 2009 low. During the high inflation of the '70s, the ratio stayed below 50. Back in gold standard days, it was hardly 15.

"So silver is undervalued compared to gold, and it has some momentum on its side? We've heard worse odds.

"'Long term, gold and silver prices are going higher,' Byron King summarizes. 'Really, where else can they go? Lower? With the current monetary madness that's infecting the world's central bankers?

"'Precious metals prices won't fall very far unless governments worldwide stop spending funds they don't have. (OK, China is spending money it DOES have. Everybody else? No way.) Will governments stop spending? Doubtful. So with excess spending, we'll see the accompanying monetary expansion from the central banks. That'll give us more inflation. And the only effective defense against inflation is gold and silver.'"

In a good year for gold, silver will actually do even better. To learn how to take advantage of the momentum that 'poor man's gold' is building, see Byron's latest report.
And back to Bill, with more thoughts:

Now, back to the regulators. Here is Britain's main man, Adair Turner of the Financial Services Authority, in The Wall Street Journal:

"Cash is for buffers, not for wallets," says the headline. Mr. Turner is making the point we have made many times. The US system of capitalism has become a system where the capitalists have no capital. The big banks have too little in savings...not enough 'buffers' to protect them from unexpected crises. They made a fortune during the boom years - loading consumers up with debt. But instead of holding onto the money to protect themselves against emergencies, they paid it out in bonuses and salaries. Then, when the crisis came - one they caused - they were without sufficient funds.

What do you do when you're a major bank and you are insolvent? Hey, you already know the answer. You turn to the government! Which is why Mr. Turner's comment is both very smart and very dumb at the same time. He's right; the banks should hold more capital. But the reason they don't is obvious: they know the government will bail them out. They figure they don't need much capital; the feds have plenty.

This is the problem economists call "moral hazard." If you protect people from their own excesses they will become even more excessive. On the other hand, if they have to pay for their errors, they'll be quicker to correct them.

Okay...well...maybe the banks still wouldn't save enough. But that would take care of itself. If the feds didn't intervene, the insolvent banks would go under; those left would - by definition or accident - be better run.

[Unfortunately for you, you are not a big if you become insolvent, the government will not bail you out. That's why we encourage you to set up your own 'personal bailout'... All the resources you need to get started can be found here.]

But let us turn to America's equivalent of the FSA - the SEC.

Front page in The Washington Post: "The Madoff Files...A Chronicle of SEC Failure..."

According to the Post, Madoff was "astonished" that the SEC didn't bother to verify whether he was actually doing the billions of dollars worth of trades he claimed to be doing.

In response, the SEC says it "doesn't have the resources" necessary to keep an eye on "the exploding number of financial firms."

And according to today's International Herald Tribune, Senator Schumer has suggested a way for the SEC to increase its budget by 75%. The idea is to turn it into a kind of tax farmer...with the right to earn money directly from the industry it is supposed to regulate. There's an idea for you - a very bad one. It would give the SEC more money to waste...allowing it to hire more people to meddle in the investors more illusions that they are playing 'on a level playing field'...and ultimately corrupting the financial sector even more than it already is.

Which brings us back to our original question: what was the SEC doing?

The Madoff group was very suspiciously doing billions in trades with remarkable profitability and consistency. Every trader in New York knew something was up. What was so intriguing to SEC eyes...when they weren't keeping their eyes on Madoff?

We can tell you. Us! Your editor and his colleagues. No kidding. We'll give you the full story on Monday. Promise.
From California comes word that the summer program of Singularity University came to an end this week. The idea of SU is simple enough. Put smart people together with the latest technology; let them figure out solutions to the world's problems.

'The Singularity' is an idea from Ray Kurzweil. The gist of it is that computers will soon be smarter than humans; by the middle of this century they'll be smart enough to figure out how to get smarter and smarter, faster and faster.

No doubt, many of them will go into finance. And no doubt, many will make a fast buck. But will more smartness really make the world a better place? According to the singularists, increased brainpower will be able to solve all sorts of problems - from global climate change to market crises.

But the brain is a big disappointment. No mechanical engineer has ever improved the old-fashioned kiss. Nor has any brain ever straightened out the business cycle. Dumb as a slide rule, the brain does what it is told to do; it doesn't ask questions. Tell it to build a bridge and it is on the case. Put it to work packaging tranches of toxic assets or selling aluminum is just as happy with one task as with the next. And the more a man's brain bends to a challenge, the more it elbows out of the way his finer senses...and the dumber the man becomes. He turns his back on his own intuition as well as the accumulated wisdom from previous bust-ups and bruises. Like a man who has gone crazy, as G.K. Chesterton put it, all he has left is his sense of reason. Then, with nothing more to work with, he comes down on his work like a blacksmith's hammer on a fine Swiss watch.

During the bubble period, the big banks were the biggest employers of top graduates from the world's top schools. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale...the financial sector drew them in like flies to an open latrine. The financial industry made so much money it had a hard time explaining it. The smart dudes did not toil in the fields, neither did they spin. Then, what did they do? They earned millions, bought BMWs and got dates with actresses. They claimed they were doing a fine job of allocating the world's wealth and making everyone better off.

But when the bubble blew up, it was apparent that the financial world they created was fragile and perverse. Not a single one of the largest Wall Street banks survived without government handouts. And a news report from this week tells us that Americans were so damaged by the Bubble Epoque that their discretionary spending has now been cut to levels not seen in 50 years. The geniuses wiped out a half-century of economic progress in the richest, most successful economy the world has ever seen.

Smart people were also to blame for the biggest single error of the last century: central planning. The central planners thought they could fix the supposed evils of the natural economy with logic and reason. The idea was so alluring half the world fell for it. If the Nobel Committee had been on the ball they would have given Karl Marx a prize.

If the bug had come from stupid people might have avoided it. They might have come through the period without permanent scaring. But the wheezy intellectuals behind it were too clever for their own good. They soon infected the top universities...and the government. They convinced almost everyone that central planning was the wave of the future and that anyone who stood against it was a bumpkin, a parasite or a fool. Then, in the name of human progress, they took control in two of the world's largest countries and turned them into prison camps.

But by the last decades of the 20th century it was obvious even to central planners themselves that it wouldn't work; in both Russia and China, the planners simply gave up.

Central planning didn't work because people had plans of their own. They resisted. Then, the planners brought down their hammers. "If you're going to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs," said chef Vladimir Lenin. The "Black Book of Communism" puts the death toll as high as 100 million.

Then too, central planning didn't work for less obvious reasons. Planning requires information. The planners had plenty of it. But private individuals had far more - local, current, more accurate information from first-hand observation and experience. With better information, they could make better plans. Most important, individuals didn't limit themselves to only the fresh fruit of their rational brains. They put their hearts in it...and drew on instinct and tradition - the distilled spirits of previous generations - giving them a huge advantage over the apparatchiks.

But the brains kept at it. When the forensic experts sifted through the debris from the 2007-2008 financial blow-up they found fingerprints from a whole list of Nobel winners. It was they who had developed the formulae and the theories that deceived investors, and themselves. They believed they could tame calculation! They figured out the odds and worked out prices - to as many decimals as needed to put investors to sleep. And then along came a risk they had not foreseen - the risk that their own formulae were claptrap and that they were idiots.

Meanwhile, the brains were at work in the public sector too. There, they were still pushing central planning...albeit on a much less ambitious scale than in the last century. In Western countries, government economists fixed lending rates and credit policies in order to encourage over-consumption. In the East, they fixed exchange rates and recycled credit back to their customers in the West in order to encourage over-production. And what ho! Wouldn't you know it; now the world has too much debt and too much capacity.

And so the brains are back on the job. In China, the government boosts production. In America, the central planners are trying to boost consumption. In short, the fixers are still fixing. And soon, the world will be in an even worse fix than it is now.

2010 Top Stocks Rally As Gold Falls

Mark Leibovit, chief market strategist for, says Tuesday's rally may be the beginning of a short-term move up, while gold may be due for a little rest.

After the big decline Monday and last week, top stocks for 2010 had a strong rally Tuesday, which is being dubbed the "Bernanke Bounce" [as] Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the recession may end this year.

That's not saying much, since it leaves plenty of room for him to be wrong. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 236.16 to 7350.94, the Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 29.81 to 773.14, and the Nasdaq Composite index rallied 54.11 to 1441.83.

The market internals were very strong: Breadth was strong with 14-to-1 up volume over down volume on the New York Stock Exchange, and all nine market sectors are trading higher. Volume was up over Monday, but down from Friday.

The top stock market had a true "Turnaround Tuesday." [But despite] the gaudy numbers, I remain skeptical [as] broad-based Positive Volume Reversals (tm) were not formed.

The action in bonds did not back up a normal, healthy flow of funds into equities. Normally equity rallies are sustained by bond players selling those positions to move up the risk ladder into equities. That didn't happen Tuesday.

Nevertheless, we're due for a significant rally at some point, and it might be a couple of thousand points in the Dow Industrials. It will only be a bounce in a bear market, but hopefully tradable and, hopefully, another opportunity to put on short positions (actually, inverse ETFs).

Precious metals were down sharply as traders converted their gold into cash to commit to equity positions. Additionally, gold tried and failed to break through the $1,000 area the last few days, resulting in some selling.

I warned that when Jim Cramer on CNBC became bullish on gold last Friday, we may have witnessed a significant contrary indicator at work. Just too many bulls, I suppose. If we fail to hold support first at $930 and then at $890, then we're in for some rough riding until the next up wave catches steam.

The US Dollar index is again testing and failed off the key 88 resistance level, hitting 88.129 on Friday before pulling back. Back in November, the index spent six weeks trying to break through the 88 price level, hitting a high of 88.463, but never being able to stay above that mark. I'm still inclined to give the upside the benefit of the doubt with potential well into the 90s.

Remember, the US Dollar Index has been acting as a pure flight-to-safety trade. If markets around the world continue to fall, expect to see the dollar rally. If top stocks to buy rally or even if they simply stay put, the dollar will likely drop as traders unwind their flight to safety trades.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Profit From 2010 Stocks Market

I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it looked like the earnings of the S&P Industrials Index went down last week, plummeting to $65.86 from $85.90 the week before, all of which probably explains why the Wall Street Journal reports that railroads "have seen shipping volumes drop by double-digit percentages in recent months", and that "the nation's five largest railroads have put more than 30% of their boxcars - 206,000 in all - into storage." Yikes! A third less volume!

In a similar vein, Giovannie Bisignani, director general of the International Air Transport Association, says that volumes of air cargo traffic are in "free fall", dropping 29.5% from a year earlier, and 17% of it in December alone!

One of his associates quipped, "It's gone from terrible to unprecedented" which is clever and humorous, and thus the only bright spot in the whole mess, as far as I can tell.

Then notes that it's not just earnings that are falling, but dividends, too! They report "The fastest reduction in U.S. dividends since 1955 is depriving investors of the only thing that gave top stocks for 2010 an advantage over government bonds in the last century."

The explanation for this cryptic remark is provided by James Swanson, chief investment strategist at MFS Investment Management. He says that dividends are what matters, and "It's a greater fool theory if we always buy top stocks based on earnings and we never get a penny out of it, hoping for someone to buy that best stock for 2010 at a higher price."

In fact, he says, "Dividends have been a cushion in bad times" and the Really Bad News (RBN) about this drop in dividends is that "If they go to zero, it's a disaster".

Now, as a bad husband, a worse father, a terrible neighbor and an incompetent employee, I obviously know a lot about "disasters", and trust me when I tell you that it's going to Cost You Plenty (CYP).

Bloomberg, taking no interest in my insightful observations gleaned from a lifetime of paying for my screw-ups, is still talking about dividends, and reports that "Twenty-six companies in the S&P 500 saved more than $21 billion by cutting or suspending outlays this year, more than all the reductions from 2003 to 2007. On a per-share basis, S&P 500 companies may trim payouts 13 percent this year, the biggest drop since 1942."

This big drop in dividends is plenty bad by itself, but the news is doubly bad because "saving more than $21 billion" means that a lot of companies got $21 billion less in revenue! Which doesn't even talk about the multiplier effect as that money cascades through the economy!

Econometrically, applying a mysterious "constant growth version of the so-called dividend discount model", which "values a best stock to buy as the sum of all its future dividends," the Really Bad News (RBN) is that it "shows equities are still overpriced. With S&P 500 companies projected to pay a combined $25.57 in dividends this year, the index would need to fall to 526.46 before investors are compensated for owning shares."

This means another drop of 25% in the S&P 500 index, assuming that there are no more dividend cuts, and I would have to be an idiot to think that! Okay, I really AM an idiot, but I am still freaking out here!

This is not, as you could expect, a dire economic forecast based on the "velocity" multiplier-effect of a third less volume in transportation traffic, meaning a huge drop in transactions, which implies that less money is coursing through the economy, or about dividends being cut and top stocks for 2010 falling precipitously in price as a result, but about gold - glorious, wonderful gold - and how if you aren't buying it, then there is something Very, Very Wrong (VVW) with you if you can look at this stuff, and look at economic history, and look at the Austrian school of economics which you can get free at, look at the dismal economic situation of the world and then not buy gold. It amazes me!

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There's a safer way ― a way to make 100% in one day, or 23.39% in just two days, as I've shown.

And it's simple. It's not tricky. You don't have to be a "pro." You don't have to look at one single chart. You can simply follow my specific recommendation and wait for the gains to roll into your account.

I believe with everything I am that FX options are a way for regular people like you and me to see big money, sometimes overnight, in the largest and most lucrative market on the planet.

The FX market.

So far I've shown how I make my big gains, where I make them, and why they're the best type of gains in the markets today.

But I'm just getting started with the benefits to FX options plays.

I have so much more to show you.

Including the feedback I've recently received from some of my test readers.

In a moment, I'm even going to give you the chance to join them. But I can only keep my group open for a short time.


So if you're interested, you're going to have to act fast.

But that's later...because I want to share with you a bit of my personal philosophy. If it doesn't prove why FX options are the best place to make big gains, I don't know what will.

Buy-and-Hold Stock Strategies Are Risky and Outdated ― My FX Options Plays Give "Quick-Strike" Gains

On Oct. 27, 2008, I sent another of my short notes to my testers.

In my note, I explained why the November British pound 1.58 calls were a solid play.

I also told my readers exactly what to do.

One week. 33.24% gains.

That's a quick strike gain while the rest of Wall Street stumbles around, looking for the next piece of bad news that will send markets plummeting.

By now you're probably wondering, what is it about foreign currency options that make these quick strike gains possible over and over again?

The FX market is the most liquid in the world. There's a lot of cash floating around. In fact...

Over $4 trillion changes hands in FX trades...each day. Some days, that means up to 40 times more money is floating around in FX markets than in all the stock markets around the world...

All that money ― all that sloshing liquidity ― means one thing:

Positions change, are bought and sold, and MOVE more than in any other market on earth.

Here's the catch, and why you're in such special shape today...

Simply Rack Up Gains and Forget All The FX Hype You Hear

To trade FX professionally, I know analysts who use up to four huge computer monitors and are literally tied to their desks for up to 18 hours a day.

With all that cash floating around, the big guys have to be careful.

A position can go against them and erase fortunes in a hurry.

These "pro" traders ― the type of guys you see selling FX programs on late-night TV, aren't just in it for the money.

They trade FX to prove how tough they are. How much "pressure" they can take.

That's madness if you ask me.

I don't do it that way. I found a better way. Less stress. Less risk. Less effort.

All I do is take advantage of the best quick strike FX options moves of the moment and write short, detailed, specific emails to my testers.

Those other guys can keep the chest-beating and fancy suits. They can sit at their computer for hours on end, ignoring everything else in their lives.

I make money ― and I can make money for you too ― by sidestepping all that craziness.

And still give you a chance at awesome, quick strike profits like 100% in a day, 23.39% in two days, or 33.24% in just a week.

You can join them, and start collecting your own fast, easy FX options profits ― but only if I hear from you today. My shocking offer for 6 FREE months, you'll see in just a minute simply cannot be open for very long.

Now, I promised I'd show you what my testers have to say about my picks.

I always welcome feedback from my readers ― and here's what they've been saying.

No Fancy Gimmicks ― No Smoke and Mirrors, Just the Straight Story From My Test Readers

Now I know I've said this before, but trading FX options isn't hard.

You just need the right information and the right picks.

The fast, easy gains are there for the taking.

In fact, some of my testers didn't know a thing about the FX markets before they started receiving my simple trading emails.

Even without a bunch of fancy charts or complex technical indicators ― here's how they've been doing following my recommendations:

"Nice call! In at 3, out at 3.80, 22% in 24 hours. Thank you!"

Adam Thomas,
Syracuse NY

Here's another reader email...

"Thanks for another great option call! I got my position on Wednesday at $3 even, per contract, and sold yesterday for $3.90. 30% in 48 hours - nice!"

John Martin,
Omaha NE

With quick strike FX gains like these, you can choose never to go back to the choppy stock markets...

"This is my first trade using this new service. 33% in 2 days!"

Sante Fe NM

"I made 27% on my first currency option trade."

Allentown PA

"I made a very, very nice profit on 12 options."

Andrew Victor,
Colorado Springs CO

It really is this easy.

I send you trading emails right from my desk. You read them and decide whether to act.

Over and over again.

By now you're probably wondering who I am exactly, and how I do what I do.

My story might surprise you.

I Tried Half a Dozen FX Strategies ― All Useless Then I Built My Own ― And Started An Incredible String of Huge Successes

My name is Bill Jenkins. I run an elite trading research service called Master FX Options Trader. How I came to helm it is a story worth telling...

Years ago, while working as a minister, a friend told me the stock market was a great place to make money.

What this friend failed to tell me was that stocks investing were a great way to lose money too.
He probably assumed I'd figure that part out on my own.

And I did. Big time.

See, I grew up in a working-class family and have six brothers.

Since we never had much of it, money always interested me.

My father worked very hard to put his seven sons through school ― and he saw to it that I received a top-grade seminary education.

But minister's salaries being what they were, and since I had my own rapidly growing family at the time ― I needed to turn somewhere else to make extra money.

I didn't start out with "speculation" money. I needed extra money to feed my family and keep the lights on.

That's when my friend suggested top stocks to buy.

And boy, did I lose a bundle.

See a pattern emerging here?

Then, in 1993, I stumbled on currency options.

It was a Eurodollar call that started it all.

I made $1,000.

That might not seem like a lot to you ― but it meant the world to me.

Of course, after making that first $1,000 I was hungry for the next $1,000.

You know how this works.

How I Simplified FX Options Gains For You

I collected every book on currencies and currency options I could find.

I bought into all the complex systems those guys were offering.

I bought into all their noise.

And my FX fortunes turned. For the worse.

I've never revealed to anyone exactly how much money I lost in those early years. Only my wife knows the number.

But I'll tell you this ― I lost more than most people make in a year, but less than the cost of an advanced degree from Harvard Business School.

An advanced degree in FX options is essentially what I ended up with.

Because I learned that in the world of FX, all those hotshots were selling the same warmed-over garbage and calling it a filet mignon.

I learned how to trade FX the hard way.

The expensive way. Through 15 years of tweaking and relentlessly perfecting my methods.

I'm happy to say I have perfected my methods for quick-strike FX gains. That's exactly why I'm writing to you today...

And it might sound crazy, but I found that if I simply reversed what all the "experts" said to do, I'd be in a better position to see gains.

For example, the conventional wisdom says that to trade FX well, you need to leverage yourself to the hilt and bank on tiny moves.

That wisdom, as you might guess, is conventional.

And wrong. And potentially disastrous to your money.

By reversing their advice, I forced myself to study each and every building block of trading.

I learned the entire world of FX options one step at a time, one piece at a time, from the ground up.

And I perfected my own strategy. A personal, proprietary strategy that's been working like gangbusters for a select group of testers.

I'll show you how my strategy works in just a second.

And, as I've said before, I'll give you a shot at joining my test group in only a few minutes.

To do so however, you must act today. In a moment, I'm going to show you how to get everything I know for six months, for FREE ― but I won't be able to do this for long.

But before we get there ― I also promised I'd show you an example of exactly how I guide my testers to huge quick strike FX options gains.

Well, as you'll come to see, I'm a man of my word. Here's the scoop on how my trading alerts work...

Act Right Now And Start Getting Potentially Profitable Alerts. . .Like This One

Here's the alert I sent on Oct. 27 to my testers. This recommendation ended up a 100% winner in just over 24 hours.

That's it. That's how easy it is.

I lay out my case for the current FX recommendation in just a few words, tell you exactly what the best play of the moment is, and a normal brokerage account can do the rest.

All you have to do is make a phone call ― and collect the profits.

Just like my testers could have done with these British pound calls.

In fact, here's the "RECOMMENDATION" line of my sell email.

Now, I also promised I'd show you how my strategy works ― how I find the best FX options gains.

I promise, in fact you have my word ― my alert emails will NEVER be as "complex" as the stuff you're about to see.

In the interest of honesty and full disclosure though, I know I must show you HOW I find the best FX options winners.

All You Do Is Watch the Gains Roll In ― But Here's How I Pick the Best FX Options Plays

I know this might be a risk.

What I'm about to show you is the heart and soul of my FX options-picking strategy.

In fact, I'll lay out my thinking for you step by step.

Because I know 6 FREE months of profitable FX options picks is important � but even more important is proving to you that what I send has the ability to make you serious gains…

That's the most important thing.

And I learned what I'm about to show you through years of hard experience. No one ever "handed" me gains. I lost my own money to learn how to trade FX options for maximum profits.

If you act right now, I can start putting this experience to work for you.

In no time, you could be raking in gains like...

33.24% in a week
23.4% in 48 hours

Even 100% in one day

So here's exactly how I scour the FX markets to find those gains...

What you're about to see is what I used to hit the 100% homerun in one day you just read about above. The charts you'll see show the British pound relative to the U.S. dollar.

First, my charting of the potential move indicated what's called a "double-bottom".

Also, price action had pierced the lower Bollinger Band ― a sign of price extremes and a signal toward a possible reversal.

To top it all off, the fundamentals led me to believe that an impending interest rate decision from the U.S. Federal Reserve would cause a sell off in the U.S. dollar.

This spelled good news for the pound call I was thinking of recommending.

It all came together to form the perfect play. Now, here's the chart that shows it all.

That was a total of three incredibly attractive indicators I saw ― all pointing the way to the gains my testers eventually made in just 24 hours.

But let's take this one step further ― and look at the price activity moving up to the play in greater detail.

First, the blue line at the bottom of this next chart showed "oversold" for some time leading up to the play.

Second, the move in the blue line between the first and second lows of the "double bottom" indicated a bullish move on the immediate horizon.

This second chart shows you how the downward movement of the pound over some time was like stretching a rubber band further and further.

Eventually, the pressure becomes too great and the band snaps back the other way.

That's exactly what happened. And how I was able to target this 100% move.

That's what I do. I crunch the technicals. I study the fundamentals. So you don't have to.

I mash all my information together and pick winning FX options plays.

Over and over again.

And I can start picking winning moves for YOU starting today.

Who knows, one of my picks might even end up returning massive gains like...

FX Options Can Explode to Huge Gains In Virtually No Time at All

FX options can sometimes even explode to huge gains at a lightning pace.

Recently, there's been some tremendous activity with euro calls.

Here's just a sample of the huge gains that have popped up...

On Nov. 24, by 10:02 A.M. ― just a half hour after the markets opened ― a pair of euro calls were up 400% and 2,960% each.

Then, on the 25th, at 1:14 P.M., two others were showing gains for the day of 76% and 228% each.

This means on back to back days, traders who got in and out at the perfect time could've profited from simple moves and seen gains of...

Just think of the safe, reliable FX options money you could be raking in starting today.

And now that I've shown you some of my excellent track record, shown you what my testers have to say, and shown you how I make my winning FX options picks, all that's left is for you to join my group of readers and start seeing your own gains!

Master FX Options Trader  Gives You GAINS and TOTAL Protection

I've said it several times already, but I have to say it again. If you're interested in the offer I'm about to make to you, I must hear from you today. Right now.

But before we get to that, let me tell you what you'll receive from me as soon as you join Master FX Options Trader.

A full year of new trading recommendations straight from my desk:
I scour the FX markets for the best play, crunch the charts and the numbers, then send you an easy to follow email with a specific recommendation just like you've seen

Flash updates when positions change:
If a move is swinging in our favor and it's time to cash out our gains, I'll send you a quick email and give you all the details. You'll never be on the wrong side of a move

Weekly "State of the Markets" Trading Wrap-ups:
I'll break down all the latest market news and tell you the latest on each of our recommended positions in these compact, info-filled weekly email wrap-ups

Full Master FX Options Trader Website Access:
As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a unique ID and Password for the members-only Master FX Options Trader website. Here, you can read all my past alerts, check out our model portfolio, and send me feedback on your successes

FREE "The Easy Way to Trade Currency Options" Special Report:
I do all the work. I lay out exactly what you need to do in each trading email I send. But I want you to have the full story on how FX options work too. So I'm prepared to include this report just for you. Read it over, and you'll know all you need to know to trade FX options like a champ

FREE "First-Read" Status For All Future Special Reports:
Who knows, the euro might turn into a hot play for an extended period of time, and I might feel the need to write a special report on how I play the euro over and over again for the biggest gains. Rather than weigh down one of my quick strike alerts to you, I'll wrap all you need to know into a new report ― and make sure you're among the first to read it. In short, you're totally protected ― for as long as you're a member of Master FX Options Trader

FREE Membership to the Agora Financial Executive Series:
You'll receive the Rude Awakening and 5 Min. Forecast daily e-letters. They'll give you the inside scoop on the latest news from Wall Street and Washington ― and help keep your FX options positions ahead of the game.

In no time, you could be raking in huge FX options profits that beat anything you could find in some book or some crazy course.

Just like I've already shown how my test traders racked up wins like...

33.24% in a week

23.4% in 48 hour

Even 100% in one day

...but those are just the start. There's no telling what huge gains could be on the horizon for Master FX Options Trader.

All you have to do is respond right now and begin reading my recommendations. It couldn't be easier to profit from FX options.

Now, here's my offer to you...

How to Start Trading FX Options Today. . .With My Money

If you've ever researched FX options, you've probably seen packages or courses that sell for $5,000-10,000.

Some of the expensive ones even try to get you to come to a hotel conference room and waste a Saturday afternoon. Then they hit you with "inside" info and ask for a huge deposit.

Forget that stuff.

You can start making easy, fast, repeatable FX options gains in no time. Today. From your home computer, if you like.

And it doesn't cost anywhere near $10,000 to start making this simple money.

It doesn't even cost $5,000.

In fact, Master FX Options Trader costs only $1,995. That's what my publisher demands.

But since I'm breaking my test group wide open and giving you the chance to see fast FX options profits, I'm prepared to give you a sharp discount off the normal $1,995.

That's right.

I'll show you your discounted rate when you click the subscribe now button below. But it gets better...

You get to try everything for 60 days. Risk free.

Read my alerts. Read the free report. Make FX options plays based on my recos if you'd like.

And see how you do. If you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel right up to midnight on your 60th day and get all your money back. No questions asked.

But I know you won't cancel. Not with the huge FX options profits you could be making in no time.

So there it is. FX options profits made easy. No matter what the stock markets are doing. All you do is read the emails and place simple phone calls.

The work is gone for you. Only the potential for profits remains!

I hope to hear from you before this one-time-only offer expires.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Easiest $589,000 You'll Ever Make

[source: Top Stocks For 2010 - ]

In the last seven years you could have made $589,000 ― just by checking your e-mail… 

That's what my colleague Alan Knuckman has done for his readers by showing them how to invest in the "Anti-Stock Market" ― a group of recommendations that averaged 71% gains in 2008 alone.

Now, he's guaranteeing nine chances to double your money ― or better ― in the next 12 months! 

If you want to make huge profits without ever buying a single best stock for 2010, read on ― but hurry…you only have until June 18 before your door to the "Anti-Stock Market" slams shut.

What if I told you there was an Anti-Stock Market?

A market that can never ever go bust.

A market that doesn't care about earnings reports, clever accounting, analysts' upgrades or downgrades.

A market that is totally unrestricted, operates 24 hours a day on a global scale and is 100% immune to dirty CEOs, lies and corruption.

Perhaps best of all, assets in this market are virtually certain never to hit zero. 

And the Upside To the Anti-Stock Market? Virtually Unlimited Profits.

The nastier the stock market gets, the more money readers have the chance to make in the Anti-Stock Market.

For example, just as the poop hit the fan on Wall Street last September, readers closed out a position for 186% gains.

A position they held for just over three months.

What would that 186% mean to your wallet?

It means:

That's almost triple your money in three months!

And this past February they banked 100% returns on a play recommended back in November.

That's another quick double.

And this morning, my readers took 67% on a play held for just two months… that was before 9:30 A.M.!

What do readers think about gains like these? Just take a look…

"Thanks for another amazing trade.  My broker was initially skeptical…now he's amazed at the results we've had in these past 5 months."
― Stephane C.
"I opened a brokerage acct with $15,000…I had absolutely no knowledge about [the Anti-Stock Market]. Since opening the acct I've withdrawn $30,000 and the account value as of today is over $123,000. So as of now I'm up over 10x. Money isn't everything, but all things being equal, I'd rather have some than not." 
― George C.
"The best way that I can say how helpful [the Anti-Stock Market] has been to my trading is to tell you that on January 1st my account was worth $3,366, as of June 30th it is worth $19,395. That's a 576% profit in 6 months."
― Christian H.

So, while everyone else took a whipping in the stock market, readers dove headlong into the Anti-Stock Market.

And they're making money hand over fist.

I'm Talking About 19 Plays In 2008 Averaging 71% Returns ― A Year Considered By Most to Be the Worst In Three Generations.

There are no secrets here: that average contains both winners and losers.

And, in case you think that great performance was just a fluke, let me give you a little history. 

We started publishing just over seven years ago.

And the overall average gain for those last seven years?

A staggering 56.3%. Once again including the occasional loser.

To put it another way, if you'd put $1,000 in each of the 212 total plays, you'd have made almost $118,000 in pure profits.

$5,000 in each would have landed you more than $589,000 ― over half a million dollars.

Can you imagine making that kind of pure profit money in such a brief period of time?!

Want a piece of the profit action?

How would you like to see $1,000 turn into at least $18,000… or watch $5,000 turn into at least $90,000 in a single year? With virtually no work on your part.  

I'm talking about no less than nine chances to double your money in the next 12 months ― guaranteed. But if you want in, I must hear from you by midnight, Wednesday, June 10th.

So, give me just two minutes of your time and I'll tell you everything you need to know to profit from the Anti-Stock Market.

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

This Former "Trash Picker" Can Make You Millions

My name is Alan Knuckman. I grew up in Chicago and started my career as a glorified trash picker working for the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).

The CBOT was created in 1848 as a centralized exchange for people to buy and sell commodities ― it's the world's oldest options exchange.

You see, before people were able to make all of their trades online, brokers wrote their buys and sells on little cards. And once each transaction was done, the floor traders would just toss the cards on the floor and move onto the next one. 

My job? Basically, I spent eight hours a day picking up those trade cards so the clearing house could settle the books at the end of the day.

I was making about $2.85 an hour, in the crowded mayhem of the grains floor at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) ― the heart center of the Anti-Stock Market…

It was the worst job. But it was a perfect chance to see capitalism at its finest.

And it was a start. It helped me learn all the ins and outs of profiting from the Anti-Stock Market.

I eventually moved up from garbage picker to floor trader ― giving me an inside view of the markets. A view that most investors will never see. And the edge I needed to profit in all market conditions.

Just a few years later, I created a brokerage division specializing in powerful and unique investments where clients would pay $600 ― $900 an hour just to talk to me on the phone.

I had developed a trading strategy that balanced discipline and absolute risk-control with the ability to make my clients millions.

Don't get me wrong. The Anti-Stock Market isn't a sure thing.

But I think the track record speaks for itself.

As you've seen, we spend most of our time finding opportunities for our readers to make a lot of money ― our gains far outweigh our losses.

Just ask the readers who've already seen 85%, 72%, 67%, 100% and 80% gains so far in 2009:

"As a member…I must say you are really an asset. I have purchased all of your recommendations and could not be more pleased. "
― Raymond G.
"Thank you, Alan, for the great profits this month. I have been [investing] since November 2004 and it has been blessing. Thank you again for all the great profits and wisdom you bring us."
― Rob L.
"I love what you have done…both in learning and profits."
― John M.

Why are these people so pleased?

Well, as you may have figured out already, the Anti-Stock Market is my name for commodity options.

Because you can use these options to make high-powered gains, completely outside the hot stocks market.

Simple, right?

And those happy folks subscribe to my high-powered, commodity options research service, Resource Trader Alert.

Resource Trader Alert Can Double Your Money,Quickly, Safely and Easily With Just A 5-minute Phone Call

Are you ready to profit along with them?

With Resource Trader Alert, it couldn't be easier.

Because I'll tell you everything you need to know, every step of the way, for maximum commodity options profits, with minimum risk.

When I see a play with potential, I'll immediately fire off an email, right to your inbox:

I'll tell you exactly what to buy…

And when it's time to cash out with your profits, I'll fire off another email letting you know it's time to sell.

In other words, I do all the work ― you sit back and watch the profits roll in.

All you have to do is read your email and decide if you want to get in on each play.

For example, last February, Resource Trader Alert readers got the following recommendation when they opened their email in the morning.

What do you do after placing the play? Nothing.

Once you get into a play, your "work" is done.

So you can sit back, relax and plan your next vacation while I keep my eyes glued to dozens of social, political, economic and meteorological indicators.

Then, about two and a half months later, it was time to take some sweet profits.

So, Resource Trader Alert subscribers got another simple email.

Resource Trader Alert subscribers could've pocketed 108% profits on a position they held for just six days.

In other words, $1,000 in each play could have turned into $14,040 total.

All without ever buying or selling a single stock.

And that's just since this January.

Plus, we have open positions sitting at 77%, 102% and 104% as I type this letter.

That's why I feel confident offering you an unheard of profit guarantee: you'll see no less than nine chances to double your money in the next 12 months.

Yup, imagine making at least double your money nine times in a year…

Imagine what you could do with all that dough…

How can I be so sure you'll take gains like these in the next year?

"Thanks for the great tips. I made over $8000 in less than 4 days. Cheers!"
― Kent K.
"Just a brief note to thank you. I am up over 200% since I started."
― Phyllis B.

Of course, never, not once, did we try to make these gains messing with top stocks for 2010.


Because the time for playing the stock market is over. If you want to see consistent triple-digit gains, it's time to move your money into the Anti-Stock Market.

Double Your Money Nine Times A Year with the Anti-Stock Market

As you know, top stocks had their day in the sun.  It was a long and respectable run.

But that run is over and I'll show you the proof.

"Buy low, sell high" was the winning ticket for a long time. But that strategy only works if your company's stock is guaranteed to go up.

And these days there are no such guarantees.

Meanwhile, Resource Trader Alert has averaged nine triple-digit gainers every year since 2002.

That means you could have doubled your money (or better) every six weeks!

Imagine turning nine $1,000 investments into a grand total of $18,000.

Or up the ante to $5,000 and you'd be sitting on $90,000. In just one year.

What's more, I can tell you from experience that readers have used the Anti-Stock Market to outperform every major fund and index since 2002.

I'm not talking about a couple percentage points, here. I'm talking about a chance at serious money.  

As you see, Resource Trader Alert's "Anti-Stock Market" plays stomped all over the S&P500 for seven years running.

In fact, if you'd put your money in the S&P500 back in January of 2002, you'd have made a -1% return at the end of 2008. Of course, when you consider inflation, it's an even bigger loss…

Meanwhile, on the average, Anti-Stock Market plays have delivered annual returns of over 56% in that same time ― 212 plays between 2002 and today.

Let me ask you a stupid question:

Would you rather turn $5,000 into $4,950… a $50 loss?

Or would you prefer to see your $5,000 grow into $7,800?

If you'd put $5,000 into every play published, both winners and losers, you'd have made about $589,000 ― well over half a million dollars ― in pure profits.

The Power of Options Means Unbelievable Double and Triple-digit Profits from the Anti-Stock Market

Options are a powerful investment. They're a way of making boat-loads of money with just small movements in a commodity's price.

If we think the price of a commodity is going up, we recommend call options. While, if we think a price is headed down, we recommend put options.

It's really that easy.

For now, what's important is that playing options means that you have a chance to make money whether a commodity's price goes up or down.

For example, on February 6, 2008, readers were alerted to buy sugar calls. Like I said, call options make money when the price of an asset goes up.

And over the course of just 20 days the price of sugar went up ― from $11.87 to $14.

That's a price movement of only $2.13… a gain of about 18%.

But the lucky readers who got in on this play made 195% in less than three weeks.

That means the money-multiplying power of options turned.

How would you like to triple your money in under a month with only about 10 minutes of "work"? But you can also profit when the price of an asset drops.

On December 9, 2005, readers were alerted to buy cattle puts. Remember, put options make us money when the commodity's price goes down.

And down they went.

In just about three months the price of cattle dropped from $92 to $86.76. That's a price movement of just $5.24 and a tiny 6% loss.

But readers who used the power of options and the Anti-Stock Market took 93% gains on that same price movement.

Not too shabby.

And best of all, you can never lose more than the price of an options contract.

That means you always know exactly how much is at stake ― it's 100% in your control.

Don't worry if this sounds a little new. Because, the moment you sign up to start receiving Resource Trader Alert I will send you a FREE copy of, Playing Commodities Options Like a Champion.

In it, I'll show you the ins and outs of profiting from the Anti-Stock Market.

But I don't think you'll need it. Because each and every recommendations is spelled out in extremely easy-to-follow terms.

Terms you can read to a broker, over the phone, in about five minutes, if you want in on the action. You can even get into these plays online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I'll be with you every step of the way… through winners and losers alike.

But we don't see too many losers around here.

In fact, Resource Trader Alert readers have seen about nine money-doubling plays a year since 2002.

And if I hear from you by midnight on June 10th, I tell you how to pull in at least nine triple-digit gainers of your own in the next 12 months ― guaranteed.

The "Experts" Called 2008 the Worst Year for Investors In More than A Generation Yet, Readers Had A Chance to Stuff Their Wallets On 15 Out of 19 Plays

And our average gains for the year? An astonishing 71%.

What would that have meant to your account?

Well, if you had put $1,000 into every play published last year ― both winners and losers ― you'd have made about $13,500 in total profits.

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Was it just a fluke? Hell no…

Since 2002 Resource Trader Alert has Picked 159 Winners Out of 212 Total Plays That's An Unbelievable 74% Success Rate

So what do you think?

Ready to double your money (or better) at least nine times in the next 12 months?

Since Resource Trader Alert first launched, in 2002, readers have seen triple-digit gains, on the average, about every six weeks.

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Put $5,000 into each of my suggestions, and you could be looking at over $90,000… just 12 months later.

There isn't a single market, index or fund that can brag nine chances to deliver 100% returns (or more!) in a year.

If it sounds like I'm bragging, that's because I am.

But in just a minute, I'll put my money where my mouth is and show you how you can grab nine doublers for yourself ― guaranteed.

More on that in a minute… for now, just take a look at the chart below… the numbers don't lie!

As you can see, in 2008, a year considered by most to be the single worst since the Depression Era, Resource Trader Alert readers averaged 71% returns.

And even in 2004, our "worst" year, Resource Trader Alert subscribers still saw 35% annual gains and 10 opportunities to double their money ― including two plays that hit 270% and 285%.

Of course, 2009 isn't even half over yet. But with 51% average gains and two open plays sitting solidly over 100% we're already poised to have one of the best years yet.

If that isn't proof enough, let me spell it out in the simplest of terms:

If you'd put $1,000 in every single Resource Trader Alert play, from 2002 through the most recently closed position ― winners and losers alike ― you'd be sitting on $117,909.82 in pure profits.

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Certainly nothing to sneeze at, right?

But tune that up to $5,000 per play, and you're looking at, $589,549.11.

That would mean an average of:

$79,497 every year
$6,624 each month
$1,656 a week

Without ever buying or selling a single stock. And without ever risking more than you're comfortable risking.

Plus, we have open positions currently sitting at 77%, 102% and 104%.

So, as you can see, we're already well-positioned to close out a couple more triple-digit gainers!

Put the Anti-Stock Market To Work For You ― See Your Money Double In As Little As Six Weeks

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The Resource Trader Alert's track record speaks for itself.

Through good times and bad, readers have seen average annual returns of over 56% a year… for seven straight years.

And in 2008? Considered the worst year for investors since the Great Depression?

Subscribers saw a staggering 71% average return for the year. Including the rare play that went south…

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2009 is already gearing up to stomp all over 2008's track record… and I want you to get on board and profit along with us.

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I recommend exactly what to buy


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7 Reasons To Subscribe to Resource Trader Alert Right Now

Let me lay it out for you in plain English. When you become a subscriber to Resource Trader Alert you can expect:


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6. The FREE report Learning to Play Commodities Options Like a Champion

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Now, imagine paying a rate like that over the course of a year. All of a sudden, $10,000 doesn't sound so steep, does it?

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Because it all comes back to commodities… it ALL comes back to the Anti-Stock Market.


The Best Energy Stocks Market Report

Don't get too comfortable with oil's low price.
It won't be around for long.
You see, I recently polished off the IEA's 578-page World Energy Outlook.
The annual report details all things energy:
How much we used
Where it came from
How much we're expected to use over 1, 5, 10, 20 years
From which countries and how much from each, and much more
You get the point. It's extremely thorough.
But as I show you in our new report below, it's not what they included that's terrifying. It's what they omitted.
And that glaring error could easily turn into the greatest investment opportunity of the decade.
In fact, investors already pocketed 34% gains within a week - using the same information I'm sharing with you.
Trust me. You don't want to miss this one.
Every November, the International Energy Agency (IEA) releases its World Energy Outlook report.
The 578-page document blueprints exactly where our future energy sources will come from and when - for leaders and elite investors around the world.
And they read it for good reason...
Since its inception, the findings within the pages have been so accurate that the annual report reigns as "the authority of energy analysis and projections."
In fact, many people today trust their report without question.
I just finished pouring through my copy.
It was handed to me after a fellow geologist, with first-hand experience in the Canadian oil sands, pointed out a shocking error - one that guarantees an imminent spike in the price of oil.
In short, the report claims that:
"Thanks to ever-dwindling supplies in the Middle East, the world will rely on Canada as the largest oil producing country by 2010."
It's been their same projection since 2006.
But there's just one problem.
The World Energy Outlook forgot the other half of the story...
You see, what you won't read in the report is that many of those companies we will rely on have already halted production in scores of their fields.
They were forced to postpone production as the price of oil crashed into the unfeasible $30 range.
Many projects, projects that were expected to seamlessly come online within weeks, are now months - even years - behind.
It's a supply and demand bottleneck we can't stop. And it's guaranteed to once again launch the price of oil violently back to the $140 plus range... very soon.
That's a 250% increase from what we're paying today. And that's a conservative estimate.
The good news is that we also, very recently, uncovered a secret investment - which most Americans know nothing about - that could hand you 500% gains as this spike hits.
And the best part is that it's not related to risky exploration or production companies, either. Instead, it's directly - dollar for dollar - related to the price of oil. Only this gem pays you DOUBLE the gains!
In fact, investors using this blockbuster already pocketed 34% gains - in the last seven days as oil popped 17%!
I've written this letter to give you every last detail on exactly how it works. But first, let me quickly remind you...
How The Smallest Supply Crunch Could Make You Filthy Rich
As you know, four years ago, a pair of hurricanes blitzed our Gulf Coast's oil and gas refineries, forcing our production to a crawl.
That instant, Americans witnessed the unthinkable... oil prices launch from $50 to over $70 per barrel.
It was the first lesson in a cold, hard truth... and what should have been the investment eye-opener of a lifetime.
We learned first-hand exactly how sensitive we were to the tiniest interruption - or even threat of interruption - in our supply.
And it broadsided almost everyone.
In fact, month after month, most so-called experts all over TV, from the CNBC analysts to Dick Cheney... even most Americans foolishly believed everything was fine. And that the price would soon tumble back down.
They were so confident that everything would immediately pan out that they did nothing. And it cost them - quite possibly the opportunity of a lifetime.
Do you remember where you were when gas suddenly hit $4.13?
Most of us sat back in shock and awe as daily gas prices became so painfully expensive that we were forced to cancel holiday and summer vacations... Going out on weekends turned into USA Channel reruns of Monk on the couch... And we only filled-up our tanks just enough to make it to and from work.
But not everyone...
You see, one small group of investors saw it coming from the start. They knew exactly how to play this "bottleneck."
And they played it for everything it was worth... churning winning trade after winning trade.
I'm talking about everyday investors - people like you and me, working long hours just to pay the bills - who saw it coming, suddenly found themselves collecting dozens of massive payouts, the likes of 33% in three months... 156% in 9 months... 611% in 6 months... 1,014% in 17 months... etc.
People like Norman Wilson, an insurance salesman and father of four, who turned a small $10,000 into $61,900 on just three plays during the bottleneck.
And then there's Bill Walker, a machine worker. He used this amazing opportunity to rapidly spin $15,000 into $65,400.
Even school teachers like Lee Davis took advantage of this opportunity and raked in a cool $12,500 profit - in a single week.
They didn't just take the safe - and highly profitable - road by investing in oil futures either... they took advantage of the scores of oil companies, spreading like wildfire, to our northern borders.
And their timing was perfect. Shortly after their positions were already secured: declared - "Energy Stocks Drive TSX Higher"
Fortune Magazine printed - "Canada's oil sands remain alluring as a future source of crude. Suncor (Research), the pioneer of Alberta's booming industry, has returned 142 percent since we recommended it."
Forbes noticed - "Gurus Fill Up With Oil And Gas Stocks"
Bloomberg reported - "Canadian Top Stocks Headed For Best Weekly Advance In Three Months... Led by materials and energy producers"
And with an estimated 1.5 trillion barrels locked under their soil, and oil prices skyrocketing faster by the day, Canada's low-priced outfits suddenly became the hottest investments since Exxon.
Investors in companies like Suncor, Grey Wolf, UTS, Conacher and many more - companies sitting on oil resources that we desperately need to come online as early as 2010 - easily raked in 200%, 300%, even 1,000% gains in a matter of months, as oil prices skyrocketed beyond $147 per barrel!
But By The Time The Easiest Money Was Made, Most Americans Catching On Found Themselves S.O.L.
Sadly, it took oil prices to break over $100 a barrel before most investors started realizing that they could have made an absolute fortune.
They missed the boat.
And those earlier investors - the ones who caught the first stages of a run - the ones who knew where the profits would be juiciest, started cashing out at the peak, just as our banking and economic crisis cranked into high-gear.
Then, of course, the weakened world-wide economy acted as the final bulldozer that toppled July's high of $147 all the way down to $33 a barrel by December 17th.
And while the average American rejoiced that - at the very least - gasoline was "affordable" again... something much more tragic - and much more profitable quietly unfolded.
You see, thanks to prices becoming too low, many of Canada's oil companies - resources that would supply crucially needed oil for the U.S. and rest of the world in a few months - couldn't stay in business.
And we need that oil, like a junkie needs his fix.
In fact, the U.S. depends on AND imports more oil from Canada than from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, and Iraq - combined.
But one by one, we started finding major oil projects temporarily closing up shop. Drilling and refining stopped. Exploration and testing lost all capital. And their share prices ultimately plummeted.
Just to name a few examples:
StatoilHydro recently yanked the rug from under a $12 billion project in Canada's Peace River.
Both Nexen Inc and Opti Canada Inc were forced to halt advancement on major projects in Alberta.
Suncor, Canada's oldest oil sands operator, was forced to cut its spending by 33%, thanks to lack of profitablility with the current extremely low prices.
Oil giant Dutch Royal Shell's stopped work on several of their Canadian projects until prices regain strength.
The major partners in the proposed $24 billion Fort Hills oil-sands project in northern Alberta - Petro-Canada, Teck Cominco and UTS Energy - announced they may defer a decision to build an upgrading refinery northeast of Edmonton.
The list goes on.
As I mentioned earlier, within months, precious deposits of oil - even locations that were set to come online within weeks - are now months behind.
Some are trading now for a 90% discount.
But ironically, these outfits just created a powerful, self-fulfilling prophecy... an unstoppable bottleneck guaranteed to launch oil prices - very soon - through the roof.
And it's already started.
Your Second Chance To Ride One Of The Most Profitable Bull Markets In History
Don't let oil's current low price fool you this time.
Thanks to an already guaranteed shortage -- just around the corner -- these low prices won't be around for long.
Here are just a few more of the critical points from their latest report:
Global oil demand is projected to expand 2.2% a year, on average, reaching 95.8 million barrels a day by 2012, up from 86.13 million barrels a day this year. The forecast is based on global economic growth of about 4.5% annually. Oil demand is expected to increase most rapidly in Asia and the Middle East.
OPEC, which supplies more than 40% of the world's daily oil needs, will have little spare capacity left by 2012.
Increases from non-OPEC oil producers and biofuel producers should start flagging after 2009.
Natural gas markets will also be tight because of inadequate supply increases, limiting the ability of consumers to switch between oil and natural gas.
And that's just the beginning of the coming bottleneck. Here's what CNN recently reported:
And very soon, when word of the shortage hits, the exact same scenario that the hurricanes caused will already have started unfolding... only this time, the gains will hit much, much faster.
The smart money's already placing their bets.
They're already preparing to collect a fortune!
And if you're prepared, as I'll show you, step by step, in just one moment, you'll soon find that many of the very same companies that surged before will rapidly once again start compounding your wealth.
And here's the kicker:
This time, they won't need nearly as much capital to get started! Most of their infrastructure is already ready to go - and they're trading for just pennies on the dollar.
And if you think that's a juicy opportunity, let me show you how you could...
Collect Twice The Gains Of NYMEX Oil Traders... with One Simple, Yet Little-known Play
We know oil prices are about to skyrocket. We know they're just around the corner. And we know that those slick traders playing NYMEX futures - guys who need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started - somehow always come out ahead.
But here's what you might not know...
Very recently, we've uncovered a rare investment that could pay you gains just as astonishing as any jackpot oil resource company out there - but without the risk!
Here's how it works.
You see, this special investment, which most investors know absolutely nothing about, doesn't even follow oil producers or risky exploration companies... it strictly follows the physical oil market.
And get this:
Thanks to the unique nature of this investment, you can actually get paid double the gains that oil makes!
In other words, a 10% gain pays you 20%... 20% gain pays you 40%... 100% rise in oil prices pays you 200%
That means, if oil shoots 50% this year, which is our gross-underestimate, you double your money!
If oil shoots up to the $70 range... every $5,000 invested suddenly turns into a $10,000 payday!
With oil trading in the upper $30-range, this unique opportunity doesn't get any easier.
Just imagine how much money you'll be sitting on when oil prices plow through the $140 a barrel mark!
I'm not talking about several years down the line either. We could realistically find ourselves staring right down the throat of $100 before January... $140 by next April... even $200 a barrel by the end of 2010!
Every last detail is spelled out for you in our latest report. It's called, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make. And I want you to have it for FREE.
All you have to do is test out our top-performing trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader.
But before I divulge all the details about how to get started collecting a fortune in this Bottleneck Bull-Market, let me introduce myself and my team...
Introducing... The Pure Energy Trader
My name is Brian Hicks.
I'm the president of the investment research company Angel Publishing Investment Research. I've spent my entire investment career, going on two decades now, uncovering the market's best moneymaking trends and showing investors like you how to profit from the most undervalued opportunities in the world.
I've taken investment junkets all over the world... to historic oil boomtowns like Desdemona, Texas, to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to Kiev, Ukraine. We've been to the heart of the oil sands industry, Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. I've been blown away by a wind park in Palm Springs, California. And I've seen first-hand the natural gas boom in the Barnett Shale.

My investment insights and ideas have landed me frequent spots on financial shows like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, CNN, Fox Business, and, most recently, C-SPAN... where I spoke on the energy markets and the U.S. dollar.
I'm not telling you this to be a showboat. But I want you to understand that it's this dedication and never-ending persistence that has allowed me to develop friendships and contacts with some of the best financial minds and industry insiders around the world.
And recently, it's allowed me to acquire a man who could easily be considered, with well over 1,153 successful trades under his belt, one of the best traders on the planet today.
His name is Ian Cooper.
And to get a better handle on why I cherry-picked Ian over any other research analyst out there, look no further than his track record...
120% on Royal Caribbean 
194.12% on QQQ
269.52% on On2 Technologies
270% on ONT
268% on CYD
206.33% on VTSS
246% on IPIX
233% on TLTCJ
515.38% on MQJSB
225% on ETGP
302.15% on ASTM
And that's just to name a few. Had I shown you all of his winning trades just for the past 2 years, it would be five pages long.
His off-the-charts accuracy for reliably reading the markets, matched with his winner-after-winner track record, have plastered his sought-after advice on the pages of numerous publications. He's filled columns from Investor's Business Daily all the way to Forbes.
He's also frequently appeared on investment shows such as Money Matters with Barry Armstrong and On the Money with Mike Stein.
In other words, Ian is the real deal.
In the past few months, I'm willing to bet that you've gained valuable wisdom just from Ian's dead-on articles in Wealth Daily or Energy and Capital.
He's spotted scores of blockbuster buy and hold opportunities. But it's his knack for finding rapid, explosive trades - just like the one that could pay you double the gains oil makes - that brought him to the Pure Energy Trader team. After all, he's constantly...
Picking The Best Trades... Trade After Trade
Since starting our hottest trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader we've already initiated and closed 91 trades.
85% of them closed for massive gains! In fact, each trade - winners and losers - is averaging +24%.
In other words, you're more than doubling your money every four trades!
Even more amazing is that his tight-knit group of investors (of which I'll show you how to become a part of) only holds each one of these trades for about 24 days.
Sometimes it's a matter of hours.
That means, on average, you're doubling your money every four months!
I can't think of a single other investment opportunity on the planet that could deliver those gains... especially in today's unpredictable market.
And according to Ian, with energy prices about to launch sky-high, he's lining up more and more knock-em down winners that he's already set to alert you to the moment the time's right.

Now, I could go on all day detailing the fast-moving trades Ian has been making and the ones he can't wait to share with you soon. But here's what I want you to walk away with...
All of our winners have a couple of very important things in common...
They're all energy stocks with enormous potential...
And they're all companies that our team of researchers closely follows on a daily basis.
And with a track record like that, even in today's market, investors are begging for more recommendations. Problem is for some investors, these recommendations, unlike the ones in many of our other services, aren't buy and holds, which may take up to three years to reach full value.
We're after the fast money. And with Ian following and executing the trades, the fast money is turning into the easy money.
And just to be clear...
No one is complaining at all about the track record for any of our buy and hold services. Nothing will ever change the fact that investors can make good, solid returns by maintaining a portfolio filled with hot stocks we like for the long term.
But... the reality is you could make a lot more.
In some cases, over 300% more!
By not having a pure trading service - where we can get in and out quickly with 25 to 50 percent profits in just a few days - we're missing out on some easy money.
Just take a look at this scenario:
How Loosely Following Ian's Trading Research Turned $5,000 Into $58,913.14... In 6 Months
This is why you also need to be trading stocks instead of strictly investing in "buy and holds." You see, with the right trades...
You don't need to start with a lot of money to make a fortune in the market... You don't need to have all your savings tied up in multiple investments for several years, either... You don't even need to find dozens of trades every year.
In fact, all you needed to make more than 10-times your initial investment was to loosely follow seven of them.
Take the following scenario, for example:
On November 30th, 2007, Ian alerted his investors to an amazing situation in the solar market. A leading company, LDK Solar, announced the ground-breaking of their latest polysilicon plant - news of which, he knew would soon cause the share price to surge.
Because of his timely alert, his traders secured an entry price of $29.55.
And just five days later, on December 5th, he recommended they sell half of their position for a 49% gain. Two days later, the other half sold for a 41% gain - turning an initial stake of $5,000 into $7,250.  
Then, just 12 days later, on December 19th, he showed them another explosive opportunity: An options call on China Sunergy, after news of an amazing deal struck with a German manufacturing company. 
Much like with LDK, readers took gains of 204% on the first half of their shares within six trading days. The second half claimed 141% after six more.
Suddenly, their $7,250 compounded into $19,756. It didn't end there, either.

On February 19th, 2008, he struck gold again. He alerted readers to what Ian called a "no brainer" with U.S. Natural Gas.
Like clockwork, two weeks later, his readers were sitting on an easy 80% gain as the first half sold... 140% gains on the second half, just a week later.
Within three weeks, your $19,759 turned into $41,488.13.
And then, on April 22nd, they were alerted to one of the many tiny oil and gas companies flocking to the riches within the Bakken oil formation.
Three weeks later, on May 15th, these hit-and-run traders sold their shares for an incredible 42% gain.
Today, that initial $5,000 investment - using just those seven alerts and reinvesting profits - is now worth $58,913.14! $10,000 would be $117,826.30 - all within six months!
That's the rapid-fire power trading offers you.
And I haven't even accounted for taking gains from the multiple other trades that Ian issued to his readers during that time... gains like 33% from Hoku Scientific in five days... 119% from Cree Inc. in six days... 118% from PetroQuest in 15 days... to name a few
Just imagine how quickly you can compound your wealth with gains that large - gains that fast - again and again.
That's the sort of hit-and-run excitement you should expect by joining Pure Energy Trader. You can make a fortune from several rapid trades.
You see, when you sign onto Pure Energy Trader, you're enrolling into...
An Exclusive Trader's Club Unlike Any Other
Unfortunately, the number of investors who can sign up for our Pure Energy Trader is strictly limited.
In order to make sure every one of our subscribers has the ability to get maximum value out of each recommendation, membership will be strictly limited to 2,000 seats.
... most of which are already spoken for.
The first time we opened this window, nearly half of those seats were gobbled up by our premium, profit-hungry readers in the span of a weekend.
So it's important that you act quickly if you'd like to get in.
"I am doing great in about the two weeks I have been following your trades. So far I have made the following: LEN: 52%, HOV: 41%, SPF, 131.25%, XLF: 88.8%, IMB: 37% and TOL: 100%" - BS
You see, we don't want 5,000... 10,000 people buying the best stock. If we allowed an unlimited number to join, we could easily push the stock price up several hundred percent. That would be a disaster.
But if getting rich doesn't bother you, and you're ready to follow Ian as he shows you the secrets to landing dead-on hit and run trades in this market, I urge you to join right now.

Get Ready
Another point I want to discuss is how the trades will be delivered to you. The trades will be sent via e-mail. No Faxes. That's because we want everybody to receive the trade at approximately the same time.
"Just to let you know, I'm up 133% on the SPF play in just one day." - BR
And just so that you don't have to recheck your email 10 times a day, we're also offering Pure Energy Trader updated VIA live RSS feeds - so you can get the alerts the split second they're available!
If you're comfortable with what I've said so far, I urge you to consider joining.
Again, I know this style of trading isn't for everybody. But by signing up for the Pure Energy Trader, you're elevating yourself into the top tier of the trading community. If you have second thoughts on the price or the frequency of recommendations, stop reading now... the service isn't for you.
If you're interested, welcome aboard. Let's get to work.
Now Listen Carefully
When you fill out the membership form (assuming there are remaining slots), you'll immediately receive a confirmation and a welcome letter, as well as a link to the Pure Energy Trader site where you'll be able to access every single one of the trades Ian issues 24 hours a day. We'll give you full instructions.
And that's not all!
You'll also learn about a secret investment that actually pays double the gains of any oil futures trader. All those details are in your free report, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make - just for trying us out. 

Plus, by signing on today, I'll also rush you a free copy of my latest book, titled Profit From the Peak.
In short, Profit from the Peak is a roadmap that shows you how to profit from the rise of oil prices.
In the book, my colleague, Chris Nelder, and I go into full detail on tackling the world's energy problems... and how investors can maintain financial security in the process. I can say with confidence that Chris and I know a little more about today's energy markets than your average "oil expert."
You see, Chris is a well-regarded energy expert who has designed and built dozens of solar energy projects. This is a guy who understands the energy market inside and out... from energy's worst problems to its brightest solutions. And for the last decade, Chris and I have preached that investing is key to solving the world's energy challenges... Investments in a multitude of energy practices and technologies that will wean us away from our dependence on oil.
But we're also quick to point out that this blueprint for success also includes the economic harvesting of remaining and unconventional oil sources.
And again, in addition to full access to our web site, along with your free copy of Profit From the Peak, the moment a new trade is bought or sold you'll immediately be sent an email and, if you elect it, the RSS feed (We'll show you how to quickly and painlessly set up your RSS feed). The reason we're doing this is - we want everybody to be on equal footing. Our trades could arrive any time of the day, from 9am to 8pm.
"Got in at 0.90 and currently up 111%... not bad for a 2 day stretch." - JL
So it's imperative you follow the instructions. This way you'll get the trade... and you'll have ample time to execute it.
By now, I'm sure you're wondering...
How Much Does Pure Energy Trader Cost?
Truth is, this level of service is highly specialized. And the countless hours it takes Ian to find, study, and recommend just one of the trades he uncovers - as you can imagine - takes a lot of time, expertise, and resources.
He doesn't draw stocks investing from a hat. He's not paid by other companies to recommend one over the other. His secret is that he's an insomniac, sleeping just three hours a night.
The rest of the time, when other traders and researchers rest, spend time with their family, and take vacations, he's intently focusing on the latest news, studying the markets, and developing high-ranking contacts.
That is, however, precisely what it takes in order to hold a track record as clean as Ian's... a portfolio that scores investors like you the greatest energy trades the market has to offer.
Now, I've seen other "experts" billing themselves out for several thousand dollars a day - and their trading advice can't tread water next to the winners Ian shows you on a weekly basis.
"Outstanding! Made over $3,000 on this play. More than paid for my subscription." - John T.
That being said, I wouldn't feel the least big guilty for charging as high as $5,000 a year for a membership to his advisory.
But I'm not going to go anywhere near that.
In fact, the normal membership price is $1,500 a year.
Pure Energy Trader's Bottleneck Bull-Market Special Pricing
If you sign on to the Pure Energy Trader today, you can save a full 33%, and join for just $999 this year.
I know for many of you $999 is a big lump of money to take down, even considering that many of you have made hundreds of thousands of dollars following our advice.
So here's the deal. We're also offering a quarterly bill program. If you choose that method, you'll be charged $275 every three months.
It's as easy as we can make it to get you on board.
Please keep in mind - we're capping Pure Energy Trader at 2,000 investors.
In addition, we want to make sure you're 100% satisfied. So, if for any reason you're unhappy with Pure Energy Trader, you can get a full refund at any time before the end of the first month of your membership.
After that, the refund is prorated.
But you have to act now. We fully expect every last seat to be taken in the next few days!