Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top Stocks To Buy For 3/12/2013-3

Liz Claiborne, Inc. (NYSE:LIZ) achieved its new 52 week high price of $8.80 where it was opened at $8.50 up 0.31 points or +3.75% by closing at $8.58. LIZ transacted shares during the day were over 5.95 shares however it has an average volume of 5.33 shares.

LIZ has a market capitalization $811.65 million and an enterprise value at $1.55 billion. Trailing twelve months price to sales ratio of the stock was 0.33. In profitability ratios, net profit margin in past twelve months appeared at -11.40% whereas operating profit margin for the same period at -3.28%.

The company made a return on asset of -3.93% in past twelve months. In the period of trailing 12 months it generated revenue amounted to $2.45 billion gaining $25.95 revenue per share. Its year over year, quarterly growth of revenue was 3.50%.

According to preceding quarter balance sheet results, the company had $26.68 million cash in hand making cash per share at 0.28. The total of $768.84 million debt was there putting. Moreover its current ratio according to same quarter results was 0.92 and book value per share was -2.23.

Looking at the trading information, the stock price history displayed that its S&P500 52 Week Change illustrated 3.33% where the stock current price exhibited up beat from its 50 day moving average price of $6.40 and remained above from its 200 Day Moving Average price of $5.83.

LIZ holds 94.60 million outstanding shares with 63.37 million floating shares where insider possessed 23.90% and institutions kept 94.80%.

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