Wednesday, March 13, 2013

McKayla Maroney Is Impressed With Her Endorsement Deal

McKayla Maroney was a member of the “Fierce Five” gymnastics team that won gold at the 2012 London Olympics, but she achieved viral fame on the internet for flashing her “not impressed” face when she had to settle for a silver medal for the vault in an event in which she was heavily favored. Her “not impressed” face became one of the memes of the year–even President Barack Obama did it in the White House–but now Maroney is putting a different spin on the look. She recently signed on to endorse a new line of 10 calorie sodas from Dr Pepper Snapple Group. So what does her new “impressed” face look like? Should athletes be drinking soda? And what’s next for the 17-year-old Olympian? Maroney stopped by the Journal to answer all these questions. But don’t try to squeeze any more memes out of her. “I’m tired of naming all my faces,” she joked. “I’m just me.”

Watch the video.

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