Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apple: Dave’s Top 10 Q’s To Ask Before Waiting In iPad Line

Here it is, from last night’s Late Show: David Letterman‘s list of the top 10 questions to ask before getting in line to buy an Apple (AAPL) iPad:

  • 10. “What the hell is it?”
  • 9. “Will this make Steve Jobs notice me?”
  • 8. “Really, what the hell is it?”
  • 7. “Is it kosher for Passover?”
  • 6. “Should I wear my Spock ears?”
  • 5. “Wasn’t I saving this money for a hot tub time machine?”
  • 4. “What? Ricky Martin’s gay?”
  • 3. “Is it a bad sign no one can explain what the hell it is?”
  • 2. “Will there be hot tattooed women in the line?” (Jesse James only)
  • 1. “Can’t Apple invent something that will wait in line for me?”

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