Thursday, October 18, 2012

Penny Stock in Focus; Calibert Explorations Soars 25%

Calibert Explorations Ltd. (OTC: CXLT) changed its name to Net Savings Link in furtherance of its new business strategy,� which is to provide consumers with savings on everyday items through an online membership participation program. The launch of the company’s new Web site,, along with its related marketing strategy, will form the company’s new core business model.

“We are now commencing the implementation of our mission statement … linking multiple markets from individuals and families to networks and organizations … with a limitless world of savings solutions and consumer benefits,” stated David Saltrelli, president and CEO of Net Savings Link.

The customers are expected to save on an average of 50% or more on the goods and services. The company expects consumers to get motivated to share the tremendous savings they receive from being a Net Savings Link member with family and friends through their own social networks. Also, Net Savings Link memberships is expected to be mass marketed in bulk to large organizations, associations, unions, churches and networks by employing a variety of business to business strategies, each designed to benefit the organization offering the memberships, as well as the organization’s network of members, employees or customers, who receive the savings benefits through access to Net Savings Link membership base.

Calibert Explorations stock is currently trading at $0.391. The stock is up 0.26% from its previous close. Calibert Explorations shares touched the high of $0.42 and lowest price in today�s session is $0.34.

The company stock traded in the range of $0.00 and $0.42 during the past 52 weeks. The company�s market cap is $76.26 million.

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