Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anyone Feeling The Holiday Blues?

Is anyone feeling the stress, rush, lowdown, aren�t-we-supposed-to-be-happy-blues?

Family can be great. Or not.  This time of year is a mixed bag.

We�re preparing for a small Thanksgiving gathering at our house, with both our kids and some friends.  We�re rushing around, getting ready, buying food, wrapping up for the weekend with our work. This can be a really stressful time of year, but I wanted to take a minute to remember about gratitude.

We acknowledge the big things, like family and good fortune, and a chance to be together.

And for some of us, this time of year can be quite trying.  Maybe there is loss, or decline in health, or other sadness.

No matter how hard it may be with some things right now, there is always something to be grateful for in your life.

If you have a difficult aging parent, you can be grateful that you�re still standing to tell about it, and that the difficult person is not you.
You can be grateful that there is a place for you to be or to go on Thanksgiving, and it�s not a shelter.
You can be grateful that you are capable of fixing a meal or attending one, and that you can think and understand the meaning of this occasion. Some can�t.
You can be grateful for the capacity to see, smell and taste your food, or to feed yourself, as many can�t even do that much.

These are such basic things. We forget them. It�s so easy to get upset with all that might not go well or with whatever stresses you out.  We can overlook the smallest beauty in our lives.

When it�s time to reflect on Thanksgiving day, reflect on the basics, the little blessings of every day. It makes it all look so much better when we keep it in perspective. Offer a smile to the ones around you and give silent or verbal thanks for them.

If you�re with any older relative, appreciate the moment.  Our dear 89 year old friend, Albert is coming.  He�s a little frail now and we don�t know how many Thanksgivings he�s got left.  We�re just glad for this one.

Say thanks for being there to those who may share the time with you . It will do your heart good, and theirs too.

Wishing each of you a day of enjoyment and connection to someone you love.

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