Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doubling Your Investments With Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock soothsayer is one of many stock programs on the market but one which only targets cheap stocks. That makes this program fascinating because cheap stocks offer up the best profit potential possibly in the market if you can identify a soon-to-be well performing stock from the rest. Whether you are a day trader whose sole focus is on inexpensive stocks or you are just looking to supplement your current income in some way, these are some things to understand about this program and whether it’s a good match for you.

This is a behaviour comparison program. What this implies is that this program reveals and makes its stock picks based primarily on similar stock behavior from history to the present. For example, if you have a stock which went on a profitable trend and you have a current stock which exhibits behaviour which is very similar to that stock of the past, this gives you a very accurate idea of how that current stock is going to act, just like that original stock.

Stock behaviour is the best tell which market analysts have at their disposal, which is why programs like Penny Stock prophet were modeled after the same practices utilized by market analysts twenty-four hours per day.

I discussed the profit potential which inexpensive stocks possess. For a better example of this volatility, I will reference my first pick which I received from this program when I was first trying it. When I first got this program, sometimes I’d get a pick each sunday. That first pick was valued at $.15 when the market opened on Monday morning. I scooped up one thousand shares were with us spending $150 with my online trading account and went off to start my own day of work.

I did not have the resources to think about checking back in on its performance till I was clocking out after the market had closed and I revealed that it had sure enough rocketed up to $.31.

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