Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zillow Launches Platform to Help Agents, Buyers Communicate

Online real estate marketplace Zillow (NASDAQ: Z  ) has launched a new web and mobile co-shopping platform, Agentfolio, for direct communication among agents and homebuyers, the company announced today.

The platform is the result of Zillow's October 2012 buyout of collaborative shopping company Buyfolio, which is now called Agentfolio. Zillow says Agentfolio is the only platform for real estate that provides collaborative search options for multiple people. Zillow is offering the service for free among members of its Premier Agent program, and $25 a month for agents who are not subscribers. Zillow launched Agentfolio in Chicago and plans to roll it out in New York City, Boston, and other markets across the country.

Susan Daimler, Zillow's director of Agentfolio, said she believes the service will allow for more efficient communication in the processes of searching for and selling homes. "The home search has gotten too complicated for the inbox," she was quoted as saying. "Agentfolio provides a mobile and online workspace where agents and their clients can search, share, organize and discuss listings all in one place."


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